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  1. I'd come out for an Austin gathering...how old is this thread?
  2. When is the next shape up contest? I want in on the next one. The first one, I got mono and couldn't work out. The second one, I was already in the middle of a ten week thing. I want to start at the same time as everyone else. Let me know!!! Thanks
  3. Hey Flare, So sorry for your loss. Looks like you were an exceptional mama and your bunnies have had a wonderful life. Hang in there and reflect on all the great memories when sadness hits. Yours, Evan
  4. Unfortunately, John has a Board to answer to, and its a very profitable business, the most profitable of all grocery store chains in fact. Right now, the health conscious consumers probably don't spend as much as the "foodies" who buy pricey cuts of meat. I think over time, great change will occur, but it will have to be gradual. I was amazed, for one, that they stopped selling live lobster. I've heard customers at the seafood area complaining, and the employees stand up for Whole Foods' decision and the more humane treatment of the lobsters. The best thing we can do is continue to let our voices be heard and spend money with companies that do the right things! Let's not forget the tremendous pressure that Whole Foods can put on companies like Pom, who changed their animal testing policy immediately after Whole Foods threatened to stop carrying their product! I didn't know about the lobsters or POM. Very encouraging
  5. Whole Foods has a butcher block, how vegan can it be? I mean, I'm glad they offer vegan food and it's a great place for vegans to go shopping but I don't think they will ever be a vegan store as much as they will be vegan-friendly (assuming you don't have to see or smell the meat section)
  6. I don't remember the brand but it says on label that it comes from Houston's municipal source. Houston tap water in pretty bottle. Be aware of what you drink. I didn't know that about Evian...sucks that the one that is almost my name isn't vegan. My tap water is very decent. It comes straight from the Edward's Aquifer. The tap water in my old neighborhood was so nasty. It was grey. We drank as much bottled or filtered as possible but every now and then we had to drink grey tap water. It's awful. It's a nice switch having crystal clear water come from the tap.
  7. I also did the master cleanse. It was great. It was a very successful cleanse. It is not a weight loss solution so I hope no one out there attempts it for that purpose. Having said that, however, it did jump start my own weight loss. I was about 25 lbs over my comfort level when I started and I dropped 16 lbs during the cleanse. I know that sounds extreme but if you are very toxic, as I'm sure I was at the time, 16 lbs of crud loss is not a bad thing. I gained back about 6 lbs after I started eating again, which is normal/good. The Master Cleanser is also what convinced me that I could go vegan. I figured if I could go 11 days without eating a single morsel of solid food, then going vegan should be a snap and guess what...I was right! To answer the question, I weight trained and ran the whole time I was on the cleanse even on the second day when I was experiencing withdrawl syptoms (mostly headache). I think it's possible but I think it's also dependent on the individual, how toxic you were to begin with and how your body reacts to the detox. I think the biggest benefit to the detox is not the wieght loss or the detoxification. The best benefit was completely unexpected and that is how self-empowering it is. It shows you what you are capable of. The oddest psychological effect for me was that I was absolutly obsessed with cooking while I was cleansing. I wasn't hungry, I just missed going through the motions of the cooking and food prep process. I think my Dad must have been pretty happy during my cleanse because I was watching Food Network for hours everyday and preparing gourmet meals 2 to 3 times per day.
  8. Just felt like expressing my gratitude for this bb. I think about the forums several times per day when I am thinking about question I have about working out, fitness activities, cooking, veganism, etc. I know that if I need any support, I can find it here and that is INVALUABLE. So everybody keep up the good work and sustain the best site I have found for vegan weight training.
  9. Canola is a healthy oil...sure it is, that's what they want you to think. In my opinion, it is not fit for human consumption although for several years now it has been tauted as a "wonder oil" because of it's perceived health benefits (in reality there are no actual benefits to it, only it is considered a less unhealthy substitution) and it's low cost. It might be better for you than eating lard, but no one here has to worry about that anyway.
  10. Anyone ever eat the veggie Jungle Burger at the Rainforest Cafe? That is scrumptious. Hope to God that it's vegan cuz I ate one a few weeks ago.
  11. Geez, what caused your allergies? Sounds horrible! The Lone Star State caused my allergies. Mold, pollen, etc. Just seasonal allergies not to mention that I live in the middle of a cedar forest. It's just part of life in Texas. It's usually not too bad but when we get sudden switches in the weather like we've had recently, the allergens get rough. A lot of people who have never had allergies in their lives develope them when they are in Texas. Don't fret though, it doesn't last long, usually.
  12. I had a major allergy attack on Superbowl Sunday. I spent the whole day sleeping, waking up, sleeping, putting in eye drops, sleeping, etc...I finally got dressed and left the house for a few hours to snap myself out of it. But yeah, didn't watch the Superbowl. It's interesting that so many vegans don't watch foot ball, or at least the superbowl. I wonder why.
  13. oh yeah, I haven't started reading and writing in the symbols (for lack of a better word). I just study it in the roman alphabet. That other stuff will come later. All I really know how to say right now is "credijito cado doko desu ka?" which actually works for me because I have misplaced my wallet.
  14. yeah those are some good alternatives but some people are allergic to avocado. I was looking into agave nectar because it resembles honey and that seems to be the rage right now. Go figure. I'm gonna do some more digging and thanks for the suggestions.
  15. Bread doesn't affect me that way but because of the fact that vegan breads are either hard to find or expensive or unhealthy (high fructose corn syrup added) I always make my own breads which means I don't eat bread very often because I don't have that much time for cooking and baking. Going vegan has resulted in me eating less bread but I was never a big bread eater anyway, unless it was garlic bread. Yays for the IBS going away. That's killer.
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