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  1. Anything with Daffy Duck

    Yogi Bear


    Batman, with Adam West; and most of the animated, into the 90's); I hate the newer stuff)


    Foghorn Leghorn

    Oggie Doggie



    Speed Racer

    Super Chicken

    H.R. Puffin' Stuff


    New Zoo Review

    Electro Woman and Dyna Girl

    Captain Kool and the Kongs (I think that's the right name)

    Dr. Shrinker

    Original spiderman cartoon

    Davey and Goliath

    Soul Train

    American Bandstand


    Wow, lots more, but that's all that comes to mind.

    I watched old series re-runs throughout my childhood; so know all the oldies too.

    I like the old Popeye, for example, and most of the Sid and Marty Krofft stuff.


    How fun

  2. Oh, zinzen, you asked for something we do or happy thoughts. One thing that helps me is to sing (but I sound horrible, which is always funny) to some good music. Sounds stupid, but I sometimes get up and dance by myself, of course, and it's fun.


    Oh, and stay away from negative, toxic people! That's a big one; especially important when feeling blue.


    If someoone is around, instead of overtalking whatever the issue is, playing a game is fun. Can be a board game or active game. Strip poker never fails (kidding!)


    If you have a non-human animal friend, spending time with them is always therapeutic .


    I see you feeling better and better every day.


    Cheers and hugs

  3. Hi, zinzen,


    Seems you're going through a rough period, and believe me, we ALL have them about something, sometime. One thought to hold on to is that the worst of the feelings will pass.


    You could not control the situation with the deer. There was no intent on your part. I won't tell you to just forget about it, but maybe start to accept that it happened and fault and blame have no relation to it.


    One thing that can help is to be active in volunteer work. It's very satisfying to the self, so it's uplifting; but it also makes someone else happy and effects a difference. Nothing is too small.

    In fact some of the smallest acts are the most profound. Sometimes, just smiling not only can help someone else, but just the act of physically smiling can affect the person doing it. Some people actually practice it


    Obviously you work out, but a great mood booster is an exercise of greater movement, such as running, basketball, jumping, etc. Weightlifting gives its own boost, but the cardio has a lot to offer as an alternative, and has a more "playing" aspect to it, or competitive spirit such as in a sport with others.


    And don't forget nutrition's role. When feeling the worst, eating super-nutritious foods is most critical, even when it's the time we're most vulnerable to junk eating and "comfort" foods.


    It may seem trite, but if you're feeling like you need something to smile or laugh about, maybe something like a movie or dvd will get the ball rolling. Get something shallow and stupid Not too hard to find!


    Things will look better soon, you'll see. And remember that every single day YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE as a vegan. You have saved the lives of many sentient innocent beings, the ones you know of and more that you don't.

    Focus on the future

  4. That sucks. Kudos to you for keeping your cool. You're much stronger than anyone in a state like that . Very classy, too. I think you did the right thing. I want to say, don't let it bother you, but it's not always possible.

    sometimes, I like to think of people like this as "going through something" and so try to be more compassionate and let that lead my mood rather than anger or upset. It's not the easiest thing to do, but it can help me when I feel like crap afterward.


    But I'll say it anyway, don't let anyone bring you down

  5. Thanks for this. I really want to understand it, though! Any chance to get a transcript or voice-over translation, maybe?

    Looks good.


    I don't think I could make it through that slaughterhouse the way you did.


    What were your feelings as you stood there before those dead bodies? I would imagine, anger, pain, deep sadness... Or were you able to separate yourself in your mind somehow? That would be very hard for me to do with something like this.

  6. Bale was accused of "assault"; since charges were not filed nor an ensuing trial, there is no proof he did anything.


    I think he's an intense person, takes his craft very seriously; and I have some degree of understanding of similar outbursts. I do think it was extraordinarily over the top, and, ironically very unprofessional, which is what he accuses his victim of being. That type of overreaction sounds like a person with a lot of pent-up and displaced rage.

    I'm just glad vegans don't have to claim him anymore. Maybe that's what happens when you start consuming violence again.


    I'mYourMan, you can't post that and not give even an idea of what that rant's about! Sounds like a doozie.

  7. Thanks, dropsoul. I'd like to know what you think when you try it. Also, when you say you are going to alternate it, do you mean you are going to use this and Vega at the same time? How will you know which is better?


    Gregg, thanks. Any noticeable difference? Like, have you become leaner, more strong, less hungry, or a muscle he-man ?

    And how sweet is it? I think that turns me off. You said it's good, but then that it's gritty

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