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  1. Aww, thanks, Honey! http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/Reg%202/Grouphug.gifI need one this time of year. The "holidays" can be so overwhelming, being a vegan... ( )
  2. Another one of w's "midnight signings" -- perfect for Halloween, I guess. Scroll down to (or do a "find") SEC. 1076 (3/4 way down the page) in H.R. 5122 to read the specific text. w signs legislation moving toward martial law It's a lot of legalese, but to nutshell it: w has broad power to define (make up) when martial law is necessary. All he needs to do is determine a "public emergency," state and local government be-damned -- w needs not their consent or input. Also, if you remember a couple years ago when the "conspiracy theorists" were rambling on and on with the nonsense about detention camps, then it will surely surprise you to know that folks determined to be worthy of detention -- "illegal" aliens, "terrorists," etc. -- will find the accomodations at the high-end Halliburton Resort, where, no doubt, the lodgings bring out the best in detainees (such as provided by the complementary Military Commissions Act of 2006 (torture Act), I posted above the other day) quite the respite from their dogdays of conspiring and evil-doing. Democracy, w-style.
  3. Check out this take on where we're headed: The New World Order. It's over an hour, but good. Okay, not too many people visit this thread; so I imagine not many are going to watch the video So, I've got a question about one of the many things discussed in the documentary, which one doesn't have to watch to answer: Would you, for any reason, consent to or get the human implant chip?
  4. Be aware, that for a lot of mate drinkers, it was an acquired taste! At first it didn't taste good, but eventually, one loves it. Sort of like beer -- so they say . I thought it was interesting and not bad; but I too learned to love the taste pretty quickly. It also doesn't give the crash one gets from coffee. Supposedly, the stimulating properties of mate are not caffeine, but mateine; and it's still being studied as to whether mate actually has caffeine in it at all. It reportedly doesn't give headaches, etc., when one goes off it (this is true for me), and it has nutritional benefits to it. A lot of athletes are promoting it now too. Your body must have just decided to be done with the coffee! How interesting. That's great you don't have to struggle with it, isn't it? It can one of the most addicting and hard-to-give up things. I have days where I don't feel like having any tea at all and others where I do. But, yes, coffee is really hard on the body. Mostly, as i stated before, it was the sugar that got to me. Carbs were my issue. I could eat bread all day or potatoes all day and love it And to segue into your new book purchase, I will add that it was E.T.L. that balanced me. Enjoy the book! Let me know if you have any questions or challenges with it. Here to help Potter, I meant growing tea, in general, oneself would be better; I hadn't thought of mate. I don't think it would grow just anywhere, and, I think I'm correct that it would not taste the same if it were not grown where it originates. Although, who knows? Perhaps a tasty American mate could be grown, even if different. I'm sure someone is trying to grow it and capitalize on it as its popularity grows here. jonzen, I'm not looking to grow mate any time soon My dad had some herbals in his yard for tea. When I was a child my mom grew fresh mint; so we used to have mint tea. For me, plain mate is still just "okay"; I like combos for intensity
  5. And how about all the species unique to and indigenous to the Rainforest which are being destroyed as we speak which will never be seen/known/or studied? I think that is one of the most devastating things happening right now. From the -- what? one percent? -- of what we've studied from it, we've learned so much. It's a shame. I love that. I love trees! I believe they do have a strong life force. In fact one of the incidents I was going to relay about my own experiences was about my interaction with two trees. Okay, sounds wacky, but... last year I had these two gorgeous, very fragrant mini trees (like little potted Christmas trees). They needed watering, but since they were on the balcony, I brought them inside to water. I put them in the tub, watered and let them drain. I kinda forgot about them and left them there overnight. So in the morning, I go into the bathroom and greet them, "Oh, Good morning little Trees." And, I swear both bowed their tops toward eachother. And not a little move; it was like they both tipped the top 1/3 of their bodies. I was freaked! Not scared, but just in shock. And, there was no open window to have cause a rush of air or anything -- from a standstill, they bowed, right as I greeted them. Okay, so that's one of "unexplained" thingys I couldn't have imagined it, damnit. Well, it's real for them . Ever wonder if you are the one who can't see it? I wonder if it's from stress ? I have always dreamt, but when things were hectic for me, I slept like a log once I fell asleep and rarely remembered my dreams. As I've gotten older, and things are generally less hectic, I dream more often -- or at least, I recall more often -- and they are vivid and rich dreams; lots of symbolism and obvious references. Still some confusing, seemingly random strangeness, though . And I hate when I have good or really interesting dreams and then they slip away as the day goes on till I don't remember it at all or only fragments. I envy people who have the ability to make themselves dream certain dreams or get back to an unfinished dream: I'd *love* to be able to do that! I should start a dream thread again
  6. Clint has a new WWII movie coming out; not particularly interested in seeing it, though. I'll end up renting the dvd, though. I saw David Mamet's play translated to film, Edmond. Interesting film and not easily forgettable. Mostly, that is due to William H. Macy, who I love. He's the only reason I watched it, really; since I had not heard of this film or play at all. He gave a great performance, whatever one thinks of the film; so it's recommended on that, if one loves to watch great acting. And an interesting script. I really didn't like the performance of Julia Stiles who is always so flat. She's like a stone, even when emoting. I don't know; I just don't like her, I guess. I would have loved to see someone stronger in her role. Looking forward to the controversial, Death of a President -- anyone see it? It starts in a couple days here.
  7. Oh yeah. I loved that one. I really like to think all these sorts of things are based on actual creatures that really did exist at one time. I think that humans (and others) really like to kill things that are different and for every existing species today they are probably oh, 100 (well it's a lot worse than that actually) at least that were killed off. So there certainly could have been all kinds of intelligent species that were killed off. It's fun to think Middle Earth type creatures maybe are based on some reality that has been (somehow) passed down across many thousands of years. So giants, hobbits, trolls, etc. Some may have even survived to fairly recently, who knows? Maybe back during Stonehenge being built even. Hm, good point: an early systematic killing? A genocide -- that isn't farfetched: May not have been that they just died off, though some may have. I suppose it's human and non-human animal behavior to kill off those who threaten us... I suppose, though, that it depends for us non-human animals: If a group is threatening, kill them; if they are easily dominated or defeated, enslave them or do like the Spaniards and forge a scare campaign (against native Peoples) to get the People behind a genocide. It is fun to think that some did exist, even if not exactly like we wanted them to have with castles and so forth I love fantasy. When I was a child I used to pray for magical things, like talking animals and being able to communicate with the great walnut tree in our backyard. I thought if I prayed enough, it would be revealed to me . Ahh, to be that innocent again So what about my question of your uberhearing incident? By the way, you were in a dream I had a couple weeks ago. Trippy
  8. ljk11, plain mate has no calories; if you get a combo, it may. For example, one with chocolate might have a few; but I would think it would be fairly insignificant in so small amount. One with sugar, milk, etc., would have some. Some of the bottle kind have calories because of additives. Yes, that's the one sold on raw sites. The ecotea brand claims theirs is air dried without smoke. But that does not mean it's technically "raw"; that would depend on temperature. I contacted one company (can't remember which, it was a while back) and was told that no tea is 100% raw because, even if only dried or even sun-dried, it must undergo a certain amount of heat by law in order to be packaged and sold to the public; this also guarantees it won't mold and will prolong shelf life. That makes sense to me. Of course, if you grow your own, that would be great. So, as far as raw foodists are concerned, there are so many types...I mean, there are some purists who claim if you take anything which cannot be eaten as a meal, you shouldn't eat it; so no garlic, roots, teas, herbals -- nada -- otherwise you are not "raw." Depends on your definition . The herbals and teas may be heated to an acceptable temperature for some and not for others. This is one reason why I don't call myself a "raw foodist" I just eat raw; I don't want the label. Another company I contacted told me their processing is not roasted, but only smoked by the traditional methods, underground, and far from the heat source; this, apparently, keeps it from becoming hot, and losing nutrients, but gives the smokey flavor. Anyway! Potter, I've made my own chocolate mate with the plain yerba mate: All you do is crush some raw cacao with it. I also love vanilla flavored teas so I put crushed vanilla bean too. Then, you can add a teeny pinch of cinnamon, cloves, or cardamon, etc., if you want.
  9. I don't know much about him.... but I hear he's the anti-christ. Well, I remember when Reagan was the anti-Christ -- will the real anti-Christ please stand up? Every year evangelicals claim "Armageddon." The Second Coming of Christ is supposed be "as a thief in the night"; which, has been said to mean, no one will be expecting it. So if all this is said to be occuring, it seems unlikely it is. But who knows? I guess Obama could be the anti-Christ. He would have to fulfill a lot of prophecy... and the world is pretty much exploding, with the Middle East increasingly at the center of it all. But, from what I remember, there will be 1000 years of peace -- is it before or after he comes? Geesh, I've forgotten a lot of this! I should brush up on it. If Obama is the anti-Christ, he won't get my vote
  10. Crash, You know, thinking on this, I do recall now, that life on other planets was something of a hot topic at one time when I was a child. I mostly remember the conclusion arrived at, which was, basically, of the nature of all answers given the inexplicable by some religions -- the "We'll know when we get to Heaven" answer It was more like,"...Well, if there is life on other planets, Jesus (must have? or probably?) died for them too." End of conversation. The lesson being that we are not charged with understanding and explaining All; we do not and will not ever have complete understanding because that is the nature of being "Man" ("Man," another term I hate). And enlightenment comes after this life, or more, when we enter Heaven; so just do not dwell on "wordly things." This only leads to temptations, loss of faith, loss of spiritual connection to God, and ultimately, loss of salvation. This is what I find most people to cite as a main objection to religion -- this "blind" faith (a term which is, in my opinion, well, stupid, for lack of better syntax) or acceptance without question (which makes more sense). Of course there are many reasons to object to religions; but this one is a biggie. Well, one thing I can agree with her is frustration with the scientific community . I think her interpretations are too random. Right off the bat she asks, "Is there any proof of ancient extraterrestrial visitation?" Then goes on to cite amalgams of myths Just a couple things from the pages: She offers no explanation for how these aliens, which came to Earth and created man, obtained their education in "...space flight, astronomy, agriculture, architecture, medicine"... engineering"... much less how they were created (unless she does so in other writings). Her cite source for an evidentiary photograph of a "giant" is from a 19th Century fiction magazine (The Strand) -- that pretty much speaks for itself And then she describes 8-foot persons as "gigantic." (The Lakers might want to look into this genetic manipulation further ) Richard Kiel (over 7-feet) always plays a freak or "giant"; There is an actor who is also very big and of course is cast as a giant...saw him in a fantasy film recently, but can't remember it (hmmm...what's his name?) Anyway, I just don't think 8-or-9-feet qualifies as "giant," in today's meaning. As well, I think it's probable that exaggerations are what evolved from encounters with a tall People. It just got expounded and added to like well-oiled rumor or gossip. When we hear the word, "hobbit," we think of funny little creatures in blockbuster films, and fairy tales, and the same for "giants." It could have merely meant shorter or taller (than the average) at the beginning. The 2004 discovery is a great example. These small People did exist, but somewhere along the line were turned into folklore, and therefore dismissed as silliness -- myths. They became "hobbits" instead of just small humans, Homo floresiensis. So I suppose at one time there could have been extremely tall people just like today dwarves, now called, "little persons" are with us. None of this, though, has to be congruent with her theories. She, in my opinion, cherry picks from various myths to form a theory -- I could do that and come up with millions. Ironically, this is also the charge of many atheists about Christianity/religions, because of the similarities amongst various origins of beliefs, myths, and roots of paganism. I try to respect folks of all beliefs, but I just do not think these (her extrapolations) make any sense. I'm not ready to equate angels = spacemen -- I can barely understand angels as spiritual entities, much less aliens Wow, it's difficult to get across what I'm meaning in type Am I makin' sense? Hopefully more than Ms. Lloyd
  11. Yes, I'm a fan of vascularity . However not on myself No info on this, just wanted to give a to all you men now "suffering" with those little suckers.
  12. Soy is not the evil it's being reported. Many of the sources are from anti-vegetarian "folks." Bryanna Clark Grogan has a an entire page dedicated to it. As well, I'm currently reading John Robbins's new book, Healthy at 100, and it cites the diet of one group of centenarians who consume an average of two servings of soy -- whole food soy; not protein powders and isolates in fake meats -- a day. I think a level-headedness needs to prevail in these cases. Soy is still being studied and excess is not recommended; but that's pretty much anything. Soy occasionally is fine within a well-balanced, whole-foods diet. I think isolated soy would be the thing to avoid.
  13. Oh, that's just fab! Yes, according to Native American Folklore, the Raven fits quite well ; however, I'm also very much the Strix (owl) . And, of course, the Crow, which is related to the Raven... Now, if only I could harness the magick associated with it all Then I might be able to reconcile the various woman-on-broomstick "nicknames" I'm often referred What is your totem animal? E.T.A: Oh, wait, it's also Raven??! I didn't catch that, How awesome are you?! That is so sweet and generous.
  14. Ah, so that explains quite a bit. As a card-carrying member of the ACLH (American Civil Liberities for Hobbits), I resem -- resent that remark. Do you make any sense in that language?
  15. This time I will beat _raVen_ ... You beat moi? Ya sure? Oh, oh, I see... You meant you beat me "to it" Okay. Ahem... but, yes, yes, of course, "Eat to Beat" -- err, "Live" is optimal! ~ What is it with Offense and beatings??? ~
  16. Well, I can confess to being a coffee-head in the past Major... I was a pots-a-day person rather than a cups-a-day But it was easy to give up once I realized it was the sugar I was actually addicted. I can take or leave coffee without much trouble -- any caffeine, for that matter. I did love the flavor, the aroma especially, and the rituals surrounding it. But once one stays away from something long enough, the cravings go away. Potter, chocolate one is there -- fifth one down. Cycling effecting your vision, too, aye? I'm sure it's not raw cacao. Most mate, itself, is roasted anyway. You have to buy raw mate at rawfood.com or naturalzing.com. Or you can call/email to ask if any company's plain mate is raw or not. I love tisanes! My favorite is the Honeybush, but I like combos too. Tisanes are herbal and non-caffeinated and contain a lot of nutritional benefits (read about them in the link), similar to, but sometimes exceeding those found in green and white teas (caffeinated).
  17. I'll be back after I read what you posted and comment further, but, just reading the first couple paragraphs of the link page you posted, brought to mind the "myths" of hobbits and "leprechans" which in 2004 were proved to have a factual existence -- do you recall that? It was in 2004. This further cemented my own beliefs that "science" itself is a belief system which changes continously and is by no means perfect or even factual. That is not to say I don't rely heavily on science; I just find that it is incomplete and oftentimes, as we know, it is wrong. It evolves and at any time can become something completely different from what we know to be true at any given time. I question science as much as I do religions . Thanks for your comments, I'll get back to this soon!
  18. Oh, heck yea! I love my mate. I also love white, green, and oolong teas. Black teas occasionally. How about rooibos or honeybush tisanes? I actually like mates that are combinations. I buy Guayaki brand which has great combos -- chocolate, rooibos, mint, green tea, mocha-maca, vanilla...Super good. That is neat! In a similar vein, I've tried to convince a few of my artist friends to paint my walls; but, so far, no go I would give them an entire wall, whatever they care to do -- what kind of artist would turn that down??? Mate-colored walls...that's nice.
  19. Wow, Jonzen, you are very talented. I felt a bit of Dada too, but the Renaissance came through pretty strong I don't know if I'm correct in assuming you have various influences coming together, though. I think I spent most time on the last -- tell me, are these collages or individual paintings? Masterful, either way. I'm fascinated by your themes. The Cardinal is my favorite. I love the cardinal painted in the fashion of cardinals -- the side view, the red hat, the -- is that Italy? -- background. The Dominican Cigar papers are interesting. Your religious theme is most interesting, especially since I see (in your profile) you are a Buddhist It's very Catholic. The cardinals, the halos over the woman-dog, and the bird enveloping the planet -- and is that a reference to Saint Perfecto in the last? I see you have the painting under "Almost Perfecto," but I cannot tell. And there is a bit of an Egyptian connotation to the dog, the cat, and the haloed bird... They are all just beautiful. Oh, to post as a pic, put your link between these two:
  20. When I do decide to go off raw, sweet pots will be my first target. If left unrestrained, I will commit suicide by sweet potato Great carb for distance running. Be careful with those! (Be sure to wait for the theme song): Eighties aficionados will recognize the tune
  21. Yes a few. I'll come back and relay them later . Have you any opinion on THIS, Crash? (It's five pages, but good reading) I'm fascinated, I was reared in religion, but never heard anything to this effect. If/when you get a chance, I'd like your take on it; or, if you have heard of this before. How do you easily explain that? Those, for me, are terrifying. I know it manifests differently for people, but mine have always been very scary. Don't have them often, but had one a few weeks ago I think that's true in some cases.
  22. I agree. I mean, we cannot get rid of people with whom we disagree (well, wait. Yea, We -- pick-a-gov't-"agency" -- can; but you know what I mean) as much as we may hate what they espouse. Asswipes are free to be asswipes. Goes to "freedom" at its core. Good point about the refutations; but, then again, one has to pick their battles. A la Bush Sr. to the Shi'ites. Funny how it was apparently okay to "cut and run" back in the "good war" in the Gulf, isn't it? We wouldn't want anyone to get slaughtered if we did something as monstrous as that, now would we? The press had a lot to do with the propoganda for that war too. What's that quote... "Truth is the first casualty of war"? Unacceptable. They will not go bad if you make it in the morning and drink it later in the day. It will lose some nutrition, but no where near enough to justify abandoning them. In fact, those blueberries, stored, may have lost more. Trying is not doing. Shape up! Is it not an eerie film? Everyone needs to see it. No, I didn't! I actually like the way that sounds ------- From finbarrio's blog (may as well post it here since this seems to be the makeshift political board ) Obama gave a great interview on Oprah yesterday -- anyone see it? If anyone is interested on why I think the above, he's also on the cover of Men's Vogue and on TIME currently. He is also appearing on PBS's "Tavis Smiley Show," here in L.A. this Monday, October 23, which should be good; Tavis is a good interviewer. Check your local PBS listings. Again, he's not ideal, not perfect, but as close as We are gonna get as long as he stays "green" (though certainly not naive). My guess is a run in 2012 for sure, in '08 possible.
  23. Hey, jonzen, here is the Animal-Free Shopper, for which you will have to create an account to access; but it may have some info, or you may be able to contact them and ask if they know of any resources for what you specifically want. Looks like someone has already asked similar questions; you may like to check back Here at Veganica's Art Supplies Forum You may also try searches for "natural art supplies" or "green" or "environmentally friendly." You may have a better chance at finding some vegan options. I remember doing a similar search for an artist friend (can't find the sites, if I saved them, dag-nabit!) and found a lot of things labeled "natural" and "environmentally friendly" and they contained animal products -- like milk paint So, to be safe, if something appeared vegan, I always emailed or called to confirm. Oh, and please, don't be shy, and post some samples of your work for us! I'm sure there are other art lovers like me who would also love to see it -- Maybe in the Photos Forum?
  24. Looks like we all agree on the sanctions resulting in more harm (or doing nothing) than good -- who'd-a-thunk? Speaking of genocide, France seems to want to outlaw the denial of the Armenian Genocide While this has been an issue with me (the denial), I certainly don't believe in squashing free speech...sad, though -- sometimes the sacrifices necessary for the greater good seem too much. It peeves me, to put it mildly, that Turkey continues to maintain their rewrite of history. It's tragic for All, really, including other Peoples whose systematic executions have been denied (or just ignored, like in Darfur ); but obviously, most painful for the Armenians. At the same time I can understand the preposterousness of such denials...but legislation is not the answer. I prefer education: we, in the U.S. are lacking in it in regard to the Armenian Holocaust as well. Some might "know" it; but it would go a long way if the government would officially acknowledge it, wouldn't one think? Shameful, shameful, shameful. And on another dis.gusting note (Jay, I'm sure you will be quite impressed), Bush Gets An Early Holiday Gift --Hurray for "Democracy" and "Liberty and Justice For All! Jay, are you consuming greens in those blueberry smoothies? Don't worry about depending on them -- you cannot overdo blueberries. In fact, they are considered among the top five in antioxidants. Recently, pomegranates have been shown to be up there as well; especially good for men in regard to the devastating prostate cancer epidemic. Women are being advised to consume it as well, as it is hopeful that its preventative properties will be effective against breast cancer. Pomegranate juice -- pure, no additives -- is best. Only a cup a day is necessary, I believe. Extracts are now becoming more readily available and would probably be cheaper.
  25. Well, the hypocrisy knows no bounds If it did, UN resolutions against Israel would not have been vetoed.
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