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  1. Awesome, Offense! Great,isn't it? So far, anyway. This would make a great book to sit down with others and discuss, don't you think? I find myself talking to myself about it Forgot to add that I am also reading, "Virginity or Death!" by Katha Politt...as usual, I've got too much reading going on at once!
  2. Yea, an animal byproduct. Poor birds : Well, there are the Breathatarians From what I understand, DHEA should only be considered in rare cases and under the advice of a physician. (There are risks associated with it, namely, cancer) I think just lifting weights will give you size; your diet will aid in definition -- ripped .
  3. No. Your body manufactures the EPA from the efa's consumed; there is no vegan EPA. HOWEVER , there are attempts right now being made to make available a vegan EPA. One called V-PURE (a.k.a. "Algae Pure"is the first and only supposedly vegan EPA; but they have not released their formula, citing "patent pending." So, I would wait for the science before pinning any hope on its efficacy or authenticity . There is controversy as to whether EPA can truly be extracted from Algae. Not sure if it is available at all yet; but it would only be in certain parts of Europe (if I remember correctly a reference to same..) There is a NON-Vegan EPA (fish).
  4. If I get a better answer on specifically aminos, I'll post it: Excerption from Eat To Live: "Additionally, raw foods contain enzymes, some of which can survive the digestive process in the stomach and pass into the small intestines. These heat-sensitive elements may add significant nutritional advantages to protect against disease, according to investigators from the Department of Biochemistry at Wright State University School of Medicine. These researchers concluded that "most foods undergo a decrease in nutritive value in addition to the well-known loss of vitamins when cooked and /or processed." Most vitamins are heat sensitive, for example 20 to 60 percent of Vitamin C is lost when food is cooked, depending on the cooking method. Thirty to forty percent of minerals are lost in cooking vegetables as well. Consuming a significant quantity of raw foods is essential for superior health. For the best results, your diet should contain a huge amount of raw foods, a large amount of the lower caloric density cooked vegetation and a lesser amount of the more caloric rich cooked starchy vegetables and grains." Q&A,Interview: Fuhrman on a high-raw diet
  5. This site has a lot of good info on all kinds of stuff in very short paragraphs. Here is one which describes Adding weight How to get a 'six pack' abs One about using a balance ball and adding hand weights Another for using weights and some on a medicine ball. And, my personal opinion is that Breathing correctly is sooo essential. So don't forget to Hope this is helpful.
  6. Aw, it's too early in hte morning to cry, Crash. Just the other day there was a news story about a dog who began to vigorously nudge her human companion's right breast. After a few days of constantly doing this, the woman made an appointment to get checked and a lump was discovered The dog saved her life.
  7. Offense, perhaps they are just born that way, and merely Psychopaths instead?. Just finished, What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You and the Health Store Clerk Doesn't Know, the truth about alternative treatments and what works. Pretty good. Still reading "Alanya to Alanya"; I've just been sidetracked with other stuff. Just picked up John Robbins's new book, Healthy at 100,which looks wonderful. Just read the intro and I'm loving it already. I bought it hoping it would also emphasize how important having love, positive relationships, and happiness in one's life is also part of total true health. I think emotional and mental health is just as important as eating correctly. Looks like he goes into it quite a bit Here is an interview with Robbins. Ordered, Take This Job and Ship It! and also, Excitotoxins, the Taste That Kills
  8. Yes, I'm being sarcastic . But, at the same time, really, it can mean the other too: While I'm still hating over the Diebold b.s., I would never encourage anyone not to vote (or not to protest, or not to be politically active) because of bitterness or anger or hopelessness. It just contributes to the problems. It's super complicated... The American voting system is screwed up, in my opinion. Our representatives are not directly chosen by the People anyway -- heck, the people chosen to run aren't either, really. We are presented with two contenders and then told we have "choice." There is very little true representation of the Peoples' interest, in my jaded, "bitter-liberal" opinion .
  9. Mine varies. I don't think there is a recommendation, per se; but, for example, I don't think stuffing oneself twice a day is good, but if two meals a day suits you, that's fine, if that makes sense. I go anywhere from 2 to 5 meals a day, and once-in-a-rare-while a snack or two. It just depends on how I feel; my true hunger oscillates. I think, on average, I like 3 to 4 meals a day.
  10. Do what works best for you . I'm a morning person: If I don't do it early, I won't do it. It actually seems to set my day; I'm "off" when I don't.
  11. Yes. The WSJ reported than more women filed for bankruptcy last year than graduated college. Is it your initial post causing this or WillPeavy's link? Maybe, if it is yours, Willpeavy, you can bracket it -- .
  12. I really like newstarget. Good info there. It's got a raw slant, but it's still pretty reliable They are more science oriented; so more credible.
  13. Mmmmmm, Brazil nuts! For veg vitamin D, "Country Life" has one -- do you have that brand where you are? Which DHA are you taking? I've tried the OmegaZen3 and Dr.F.'s DHA Purity. Are you getting iodine? Ggreen, Nutritional yeast is not considered a reliable source of B-12 and it is recommended you not forgo this very important vitamin -- it's just too essential to mess with. By the time you are deficient, it can be too late. Not trying to be an alarmist; that's just what the docs say. Also, on nutritional yeast, you should limit the amounts to 2 TB per day or the equivalent -- in other words, if you have a lot of it one day that's okay as long as you don't consume a lot every day. Joanne Stepaniak, who wrote the Nutritional Yeast Book, warns against too much
  14. Oh, yea, I was surprised Houghton was on the "Is God Green" special; I wasn't expecting to see him there . But, yes, watch/listen to his interview when you can; I'm sure the link will be up for a long time. The other interviews are good too, by the way. About w making fun of evangelicals, it doesn't surprise me. I had not heard that he did that, but I do know that many of the others who are in office because of kowtowing to the RR, do so. Sick. Doesn't it bother you how all this shit comes out now? It does me. It's like suddenly no one wants to admit having voted for/supported the duffer...irritating. Where were all these brave "journalists" and authors when it counted? That's why I have little respect for their "revelations" now; it's not like We didn't know this stuff a long time ago -- and in fact, were protesting, writing, and blogging about it. (I do admire some publications, of course, like Mother Jones, The Nation; and bloggers like David Corn, Arianna Huffington, etc., who had journalistic integrity in this era of journalistic failings to tragic, tragic consequences...) I hate when People act like they were blindsided by w or this admin...I don't buy it. There's no excuse -- at least for many of them. I still do believe, though, that the majority did not want w and the "polling" and the voting results were skewed. Too many shenanigans to believe otherwise -- way too many. You're working so much I'm actually working less lately... Make sure to get enough sleep I didn't know you bought a house! I thought you were in an apartment. Well, good luck with it . If you can do it yourself, that's great; working with contractors is such a p.i.a.
  15. Yes, ginger is very warming! It makes me sweat. plc3,you can make a ginger tea to warm you up when it gets cold. If you're a purist, just grate the ginger into warm or room temp water, let it soak and strain it. If not a purist, then use hot water . Eating food at room temperature helps a lot. Take your food out of the fridge an hour or so before you intend to eat it, if you can. Keep as many fruits out of the fridge as you can, for as long as possible. I actually hate cold fruit. The flavors are dulled. You can also choose to lightly warm your foods if you wish. If you use a dehydrator, you can use that, but it will take a while; but since it's just for warming something,you can crank it up to 'high' and that'll speed it up a bit. You can also just makeshift a double boiler and let some steam warm it on the stove. All this is unnecessary, in my unsolicited opinion ; but I dont' think 100% pure RAW is necessary... And, yes, a bowl of brown rice won't kill you . I think potatoes -- or better, sweet potatoes -- would be even better Honey, good luck! I can't really know what going through and entire season in that kind of weather is like, but one thing that has happened to me, is that I have gone from one of those cold-limbed persons to a person who is rarely cold when everyone else seems to be. I think it's just being very healthy and having everything running smoothly. I love that I've gotten to this healthful stage! But my coldness issue wasn't about the weather. I have read, though that some folks improve in this area and don't suffer as much when it is the weather; so maybe there's hope!
  16. Oh, hey, thank you, LL . It would be a pleasure to meet you. No. No general fun for me... I've not been to Portland since I was too young to remember it Have a great time, All
  17. It's not just ground seeds; the fat (most of it) is removed by cold pressing, yielding a concentrated protein. Offense seems very much the fashionista to me... Just got an answer from Dr. F.: He agrees that the hemp, and rice are better than the animal protein powders if one chooses to use them, "in reasonable amounts." So, no excess (which makes sense since you'll be out of balance) or protein stuffing. He doesn't know of any studies, I assume. The focus should be more on micronutrients -- vitamins, minerals, etc. -- rather than on macronutrients -- fat, carbs, protein. If you follow basic guidelines, it all seems to fall into place nicely. I stay within 10-15% naturally by focusing on eating nutrient dense foods as recommended, occasionally having a bit more carbs, or fat, protein on any given day. I think obsessing on percentages is a losing situation, but it's good to find out what your percentages are when first figuring out what works best for you. Anyone use a database? I found NutriData helpful to give me a general idea of what I'm eating how many calories, the macronutrients, etc., and how much nutrition I'm getting (those ideals are not based on vegan nutrition or vegan recommendations, but it's still good as a guide). Just enter your food and it gives you all kinds of good info. I used this for about a week and was done with it. Good if you want to tweak your diet or are curious about the fat content of x-amount of y. For example, I now know 1/2 an ounce of Brazil nuts is 9.7 g fat. I weighed it and that's about 5 Brazil nuts. This info on nuts has made it easy for me. Bologna is one of the most vile things on this planet! That said, I used to eat it fried
  18. Yes, but, from what I gather, it maintains much more of its nutrients than other isolates -- chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, etc. It's mostly the oil which is removed from raw, organic hemp powders, anyway. It is still isolated protein. This is why I like to think it's not as bad...but the question of whether the excess protein is problematic still stand
  19. They are available via distributors; I've seen them here, in Los Angeles. Aren't walnuts, nuts? I still think making your own would be better -- you can control the contents. Yea...that's the question...or how bad is it? rather. It's pretty much void of nutrition in isolated form; I would like to think raw organic hemp protein powder is -- at least -- more nutritious, or the lesser of evils...would like to... Btw, fruit -- especially dried -- is high in concentrated calories.
  20. The only ones I know of are Bumble Bars; but not sure how you feel about the sugars. You could also try making your own. Bean-based would be good.
  21. Hey, Jay, I know you're busy, but you can see/hear/read the interviews online: Here is the Houghton interview You can click on "the forgotten classic flatland" for a quickie, if you don't have time right now, to give you a little preview. By the way, what do you think should be China's next move? They're in a tough spot...Dealing with Kim Jong-il seems to have landed in their lap again. Military response, I'm assuming is out of the question... You know, it doesn't seem to matter -- the proposal to impose sanctions is only going to piss off J-il and, really, I don't think he gives a damn. He is already starving the People (in more ways than one); so I see him not allowing the aid -- food, services -- in to the country just to show his defiance. He just seems that kinda guy to me.
  22. Ick...there's that acid word again. That word has become a trigger for me It's almost as bad as "meat." That's one reason why plant protein isn't as bad as animal protein; but I'd still like to know what issues are caused by excessive plant protein isolates besides the obvious of being out of nutritional balance...like does it also burden the kidneys, leach calcium from the acid, etc.? I'm guessing it does; but just not as much and doesn't have all the other negatives linked to animal proteins. That reminds me: when I was experimenting checking my PH, when I took rice protein (alone) right before bed, I awoke acidic; when I had my green smoothie (leafy greens) before bed, I awoke alkaline. But, again, I don't know if this really means anything in regard to kidneys, calcium-leaching, etc.
  23. BennyBoy, I do know that the doctors familiar with and who have studied vegan nutrition do not advise protein powders and supplements, as michael stated. Soy isolate seems to be one of the worst. However, Dr. Fuhrman has some professional and Olympic athletes under his care and mentions that for them, when caloric needs increase, his favorite nuts and seeds to add to their diets are pine nuts and sunflower seeds for their high-protein content. This, with the nutrient dense foods like leafy greens, supply a lot of protein. Their muscle size comes from weightlifting and not food. Protein stuffing, some believe, may make them bigger or more cut or whatever, but it is not health promoting; and going on and off, on and off -- yo-yo'ing, basically -- is also not healthful. In terms of studies on whether equal amounts of plant protein and animal causing the same damage, I'm not aware (like the kidney damage and calcium leaching, etc.) Plant protein is absorbed differently from animal, so that's one problem I can see already! I recall reading that plant protein is not as bad as animal protein; but we all know that already, and it did not mention isolated protein sources and intake. That blog has great stuff in it. I read it almost every day
  24. 'Cause ... *Tom Feeney denies ever meeting Curtis.
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