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  1. Yes, you can put your mind at ease... In the navy
  2. On PBS, most likely tonight or tomorrow, explores Christian (far) Right moving toward environmentalism. Funny -- a ranch-owning, horseback-riding, hunter-pastor feels it's God's will to "take care" of the planet LOL. Even seemingly good news has a hypocritical ridiculousness to it. I've always maintained, if any group should be concerned about nature, it should be those who call themselves Christian. In that segment of the report on youtube, they somehow needed "permission" to be. I won't hold my breath that there will even be a mention of animals having the right to exist unmolested, much less not consumed; but wouldn't it be nice, if at least, the mention of the devastating environmental destruction directly caused by factory farming made it into this report. It's on tomorrow night, Wednesday, October 11, here in Los Angeles; check your local listings.
  3. Good information on it especially since the "P" question is so ubiquitous.
  4. "...Every other advanced economy -- certainly, those of the Europeans and the Japanese -- has a conscious strategy to keep its most highly skilled jobs at home. We have none; American capitalism, dominated by our financial sector, is uniquely wedded to disaggregating companies, thwarting unionization campaigns and offshoring work in a ceaseless campaign to impress investors that it has found the cheapest labor imaginable." But even so, keeing an underpaid, abused/slave labor force is essential to our brand of Capitalistic system "working." There really is no other way in which everyone will be/is "equal" in this society -- it just can't happen. And the continuous influx of "immigrants" and the bipolar nature of its tolerance/acceptance is just one reflection of this. We need them; this is how it works here: We always have had slave labor, which is what built this country and what makes it "work" now; it has just evolved, of course, but it's basically the same. I suppose some could argue, in context, it's even worse now. It's the keeping of this "American Dream" alive in the folks who will never achieve it and their belief in it that keeps them continually voting/existing/hoping against their own interests. I don't see everyone becoming equal, educated and the extinction of classes; it would no longer benefit those who hold the power now. There really aren't any ideas I've read or heard about that sound good to me -- even Meyerson's suggestions don't do it for me. Of course, I cannot think of anything, myself, that would work in the context of our system the way it is right now, either... Perhaps it really would take a revolution of extreme change. But, again, it won't happen, failing We blow up the planet and start over on Pluto, maybe. I'm guessing we'll be traveling from planet -- or non-planet -- to planet looking for good real estate to exploit soon anyway after we're done decimating this one (or isn't that what we are doing?). Maybe not a bad idea...I think I'd like the idea of starting a brand new way...we could have a solar system of planets with varying ways of life from which to choose -- kinda like that idea . I'd like a vegan planet, myself. Do you have any ideas of your own, or have you read about any that sound workable within our system as it is now? "...Overall, there has been no job growth in three years... The few areas of job growth are concentrated in lowly paid nontradable services." This is a good place for a spin -- "There is growth!" There was a good exchange last week on "The NewsHour" between William Rodgers and Diana Furchtgott-Roth; needless to say, the spinning and numbers juggling has been mastered so well, you can make anything sound like improvement. I agree more with Professor Rodgers. Speaking of spin, I just saw "Thank You For Smoking" (film -- parody -- of the cigarette lobby) and it shows how blatant and absurd spinning is; yet, it's acceptable and employed with great "success." Money wasted on studies, hearings, etc., -- on such nonsense. ..."At a Brookings Institution conference in Washington, D.C., in January 2004, I predicted that if the pace of jobs outsourcing and occupational destruction continued, the U.S. would be a third world country in 20 years." That's so true. I remember my dad always saying that -- that eventually, that is what we would become for various reasons -- and he also would say that we would end up with a society/similar situation (bombings, etc.) like the Middle East.
  5. . True, you are a bit "enthusiastic" about it . But, hey, at least you aren't on the verge of stalker status with Dr. Fuhrman _raVen_ <--- NOT in jeopardy of becoming a certifiable "Fuhrbie" Hey, ChestyLeroux, I just read something that made me think of you. Apparently, amongst the other horrid things soda does for you, it is linked to messing with singers' voices! It's the carbonation. That alone might be a good thing to think about to keep you from it. I guess it makes sense,though, since it is linked to acid reflux* and esophageal cancer*... Here is the page I read about singing and other things it damages - good info! In your blog, you mentioned symptoms which could come from a million things, but I think maybe starting with trying to alkalinize the body is a good place to start -- could only help,anyway . Soda, alcohol, and tobacco are in the top 5 of most acidic products! You giving them up is really great. I think if you up your greens and eat lots of alkaline fruit, that will help alot. I've learned being alkaline is really important, having experimented a lot, been on many food programs, and checked my PH, etc. It's actually very simple . *Cancer and Acid Reflux info pages. P.S. If you ever want to test your PH, let me know and I'll go into it a bit more, if you'd like. It's not difficult to do the home testing, even if it's not the optimal way to check, it will give you an idea of how acidic your body may be.
  6. Hey, PrincessBee, you're a sweetie, thank you, it's truly appreciated. No worries, though, this kind of stuff is sort of self evident, you know? . lmmy (with an "L" -- interesting, I also thought it was "I"!), since PrincessBee ordered the "Eat to Live" book I lend out, if you'd like to read it, I can send you my copy. Just send it back in about a week or so. Afterall, your veganity may be at steak
  7. That's usually the case; but it's nice to see someone who actually admits it! Ooh, ooh, good, good! If your cravings are lessening, then you are doing well. Just try to be naughty with fruit Awesome! It will! I shocked myself when I did my first pullup! It's such a high Yep! You seem to really know yourself well; that's good. It is most likely psychological, and if you know that now, it's easier to get through it. The best part is when you get to the point where you have no cravings for the naughty stuff. It just isn't there. It's not like even a choice -- you actually want the good stuff and the bad just starts looking bad to you. It's really miraculous. Ah! You did? You already ordered it? If not, I can send you my "lender" copy; all you have to do is send it back in a week or so "Eat to Live," right? After I read it, I went out and bought some copies to give away to loved ones! I also bought a "lender" to lend/send out to people really serious about it; when they are done, they either send it back to me or I have them send it out to the next person Let me know! I can send it out to you right away, if you want.
  8. Hey, thanks, fin...sometimes people don't read posts...much less mine or the links I post! By the way, I read in the nickname thread about the origins of your screen name and I was suprised; I thought for sure "fin" was short for something or maybe a fish reference, and "barrio" related to your 'hood Hey, I always find your posts thoughtful and intelligent, even when I don't agree with them What??! Someone doesn't agree with me? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked! I'm used to being in the minority especially with my opinions anyway . With the exception of Jay -- and even with him it's rare -- I don't think anyone here agrees with me But thanks Hey, cow dung is pretty dang tough in my book.
  9. Oh, wow, Congratulations! Any soda can be really tough to get off. For me, it was coffe ; but I learned it was the sugar and not the caffeine I was addicted! Anyway, just want to give support and tell you to keep going. That aspartime and all those artificial thingys are poisonous! I've read that it is linked to Alzheimers I cringe when I see my grandma douse her drinks with the stuff . I can't help thinking this has contributed to the Alzheimer and dementia she is now enveloped And one of the things that angers me so much is the f'ing "doctors" don't even BOTHER with her diet at all. I tried and tried, but nothing made her change. Anyway, glad you're off of it! Are you interested in another natural sweetener or do you want to just go off any and all? There is stevia... I recently found a vegan sugar-free gum! The Fruity one is excellent! It uses Xylitol, which isn't ideal, but better than sugar . I also read a few years ago that Xylitol is actually good for the teeth; but I was wary. This gum also makes such claims. I do have to admit it helps with tooth aches or pain! Especially if I'm out and can't brush after a fruit meal (which I try to always do for good oral hygeine), I chew this and it prevents pain and sorta cleans my teeth till I can get home to a brush -- excellent! I have also started started using it in my homemade tooth powder and it's great. I had some problems with tooth pain when I was on a poor diet (I thought it was a good diet ) for years and years...anyway, it did a number on my teeth . But this allows me to eat my fruit without pain if I indulge a bit much. It really does seem to do a bit of repairing. Iwould recommend it to anyone (like some raw foodists who eventually experience tooth decay) who has tooth probs from too much sugar or other poor diets But I wouldn't use this stuff in recipes and such...I'm not convinced it's "healthy" or at the level of stevia; but I'd use it for others on occasion if they are diabetic or something; I'm raw at the moment anyway (except for this gum now!) I think Michael might have some info on this...Michael? Whew, I ramble when I have time, don't I?
  10. Oh, that sounds great. I remember Fredrik from VF; he was always one of my favorite posters -- very intelligent too. Hope he has a great time in the U.S.
  11. Aww, well don't let it get you down. Just start fresh; the past is done and guilting only serves to perpetuate it and keep your mind from being as clear as it can be to get back on track You're doing fine. Sometimes people understand and don't take it as hard as you think. Depending on the situation, you can tell them limited information, like, "Oh, thanks, but I'm staying away from sugar right now!" and you're not being deceptive or elaborating at an inappropriate time. Yes, that can happen. I wonder if the headache is an allergy? Maybe a gluten or dairy allergy. Might be good, actually: nothing like an allergy to keep you away from cake Ugh...I'm sorry. That's tough. I used to feel that when experiencing bloating. Definitely sucks. So is sugar your poison? It could just be you need more fruit in your diet so that's good you are reaching for it. I used to keep portable-type fruit with me all day when I was running around. Bananas, apples, grapes are good and not too messy and travel well. Dried fruit is a good one, but it's too concentrated for me and hard on the teeth; but in small amounts and in situations like being stuck with nothing, it's definitely good to have a some in your bag or car! How about some nuts? Those keep well too. Keep up the good work. You seem very motivated :^)
  12. That's pathetic! Cheaters! Cheaters! Ugh...didn't end in a fight, I hope. I hear ya. I hate phonies too. Your log reads like you're making great progress; keep it up!
  13. I don't see any ducks! Gorgeous pictures! My favorites are the two of Yogita and yourself on the trails with the dogs (ducks??) Definitely a romantic place for a proposal or a wedding. It must have been beautiful. Butterfly wings are so interesting too. They have such mesmerizing patterns sometimes. I've observed some keen behavior of butterflies a few times and I wonder if they are not more intelligent than we think; probably so, since we always seem to underestimate animals or judge them based upon our own barometers of what constitutes "intelligence." There's one movie shot that always fascinated me, but I don't know if it's real or some good computer graphics: In one of my favorite docs, My Best Fiend, featuring Klaus Kinski (one of my faves) and Werner Herzog and their tumultuous (and hilarious) relationship (a MUST SEE for any Kinski fan!) there is a scene where a butterfly mysteriously floats around Kinski and lands on his shoulders. One has to see the movie to appreciate this, though Anyway, thanks for sharing :^)
  14. Awwww...count me in I'd love to support this. Post the info for us . Great pictures!
  15. My goodness, are you serious? You brought up gorging and eating disorders. The best thing for anyone is to be in balance whether you have an eating disorder or not, whether you've conquered it or not -- the highest state of health, would/should be the goal, in my opinion, thus my post. Why the flax and nuts? Because I was just illustrating the best program for health for you almost in its entirety. If you read the link and read what the program is about it is about nutritional "excellence" as it's called in the book; weight goals will eventually follow. It is the way to reach an ultimate state of health. It is also a basic format from which to tweak to your own needs, athletes are a good example -- if someone needs a bit more fat, they can add a bit; if they need more carbs, they add a bit, etc. This is a discussion board to post opinions, suggestions, experiences, especially when someone asks for them. So take or try the advice you want or that sounds good; that's what I do when I get a variety of opinions.
  16. I said in my post that I am trying to get more calories -- not less. I can't possibly see how loading up on low-calorie foods would help this goal. And I already try to take 2 tablespoons ground flax a day. Here is what my post should do for you: One, it's a post in which effort was put in which would normally render a response of gratitude or acknowledgement. As well, my references about cravings and bingeing were just two examples of being out of balance -- that's all; nothing more. Two, it covers your nutritional needs in order to be healthiest. Three, loading up on low-calorie foods is not just for those to lose weight; it is because they are the most nutrient dense. Four, if you need to add calories, I covered that as well -- consume more good fats, according to your individual needs; it doesn't take that much. A second handful of nuts will supply a lot of calories if you are already full, and if it's simply more calories you need. If you don't want more fat, add a cup or two more of beans, which are calorically dense. That's too bad; sorry to read it.
  17. Since good fats are essential to proper brain function and optimal health, I suggest you cut down to 1 ounce of added whole-food fats per day such as seeds, nuts, or 1/2 an avocado plus 1 TB ground flax seeds. Rest of the day, consume by volume, low-calorie high-nutrient foods, such as greens and vegetables, beans; followed by fruits, then some whole grains, if needed for additional satiety, lastly, as grains and starches are acidic, amongst other reasons, and not optimal foods for the base of a diet. I highly recommend Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live program, not only for weightloss, but for the healthiest way to eat. You will be truly healthy once you make this your lifestyle. And those ravenous carb cravings dissipate when properly nourished, and so do those fat cravings, if that's your issue. By not denying you additional, realistic, necessary fats, in moderation, you lose that urgency for them and thus avert the bingeing. It's truly all about balance. You will experience what being in nutritional balance really is and it's SO freeing! Best thing that ever happened to me dietarily after going vegan; done all the other styles and was always out of balance. A lot of programs "work"; but to be truly nourished -- every cell of your body -- and to be in balance is completely different. Some only work for a while...a couple years -- off-on-off-on, etc. You may also find that your particular needs require more fat! That was the case for me, which was amazing...I mean, I was a fat-phobe, bigtime -- everything fatfree was what I thought was optimal or that I got all the fat I needed naturally from the small amounts occurring in fatfree foods - I was totally wrong. When I increased my fat (good fats, of course) on Eat to Live, I actually lost fat! Not a ton, obviously, as that is not good either and will lead to imbalance just like overloading on starches; can't eat too many greens though I found my particular balance It depends on the individual's history, genetics, and athletic level. They all play a role in how much each person will require. But to lose weight, Fuhrman's frame is to start with the 1 ounce added whole-food fats (no oils!) plus the 1 TB ground flax. One tip: Consume your fats with greens; not grains or starches. Good luck!
  18. Hey, thanks, fin...sometimes people don't read posts...much less mine or the links I post! By the way, I read in the nickname thread about the origins of your screen name and I was suprised; I thought for sure "fin" was short for something or maybe a fish reference, and "barrio" related to your 'hood
  19. Hey, Congratulations, Dude If that's you in your avatar, I'd say you're making awesome progress; nice back
  20. I agree with Offense: Violence rarely "works," and often serves to achieve the opposite of the intention. Case and Point: What good is his "brilliance" now? By the way, VegaNick I don't think you're an ass . It's always good to discuss things intelligently; quashing speech isn't what we should be doing, especially nowadays
  21. Fatigue is very, very common when switching diet! It's not necessarily a "vegan" thing, either: it happens whenever one makes such a drastic change. The body is in transition. Use a simple example ... say, coffee: When one stops drinking coffee they experience some terrible withdrawals, some even developing the flu. But it passes; and they get off of the addiction: it's the same with foods or any other addiction. One just has to go through it. Or how about exercise? When you start, it's killer; but after a while, one adapts. ~Read this quick link: When people say, "I don't feel well when I eat this way", this is one of the best explanations I've found because it is so true. It not only makes sense to my ears, but it is factual. I've heard and read Dr. Fuhrman say this over and over when people say they can't do a vegan diet. It also follows for other bodily functions and changes. Your organs have to adjust to these changes, bigtime He may need some higher carbs right now, which are what give us energy. Tell him to eat a lot beans and fruit. Eat some potatoes, if he feels he needs more carbs. What he needs: He definitely needs e.f.a.'s: Tell him to get 1 TB of ground flax seeds every day. Eat a couple ounces of whole-food source of fats like nuts and seeds,whatever kind he likes. Make sure to get sunshine every day -- at least 15 minutes, unprotected; if he can't, he needs a vitamin D supplement, asap. A multi will with B-12 will probably be best. Make sure it has Vitamin D2 (which is vegan), and iodine too. And make sure it has no Vitamin A. consume leafy greens -- tell him to make green smoothies (Go to my intro post where I explain about them -- they are miraculous! P.S. If after this, he still wants meat, tell him to have some faux meats, found in the refrigerated and frozen section of markets. It's not optimal nutrition, but it's okay for a transition period. But try the above first, lots of beans, greens, and fruit! All veggies, especially green ones are good, of course.
  22. Hey, jjaj2022, you've lost more weight and gained more muscle since your last pics Awesome You look so healthy, wow! Raw is really workin' for you What did you eat there?
  23. Hmmm...I don't think there's enough difference between a monarch and a dictator . Kuci, or not; I'd rather not live under a monarchy or grant that much power...but come to think of it, the NeoCon junta we have now is probably worse. finbarrio, I agree somethings gonna happen; it always does, doesn't it? Even last-minute "good acts" seem to occur right around voting time. Even ing slime, like Arnold Schwarzenegger pulls a few out of his a -- I mean -- hat. So Osama on a stick wouldn't surprise me, but he's sorta lost his significance. With w's eye on Iran and no world support, the conflagration in Iraq, a new British PM coming soon...I think (hope) the repugs are goin' down the next few years. People just need to vote, damnit...though it better be in big numbers; I personally can't stomach another fraudulent selection. I doubt we'll see anyone who would be up to our standards, run. Barring Al Gore (who, certainly isn't perfect and nowhere near ideal), I can't see anyone right now I'd like...perhaps Barack Obama...
  24. Wow, you got Howard Lyman. That's awesome. I love him. He is so kind too, and takes the time to talk to folks. His testimony is incredible force for the case to go vegan because his touches on what should be concerns of everyone, animal lovers or not. The damn cattle industry/lobby is too damn powerful and we need more Howards who aren't afraid. Sounds like a good event.
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