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  1. Heyyyy, I could... Me thinks I've just been insulted ...(Meanie ) Only way to see me on that thing would probably be some fancy photoshoppery Potter, I think you would do fine; in fact, perhaps, even with a slice of raw pie in one hand and a vega bar in the other. Hey, maybe it'd work my abs.
  2. I wonder if it hurts?! Toooo fun - video Remember "Alien"? http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/Powerisers.jpg Price and available at Hmm...could I get cardio from this? Looks like it!
  3. I've always had that inhalation thing too but for other stuff as well. For me, it is the smell of raw meat that nauseates. I've been vegan about 12 years, I think, and cooked, meat-based dishes still smell good to me; but it's mostly the combination with vegetables and other aromatics -- meat doesn't have much of a smell of its own, and it's not "good" on its own. The combination of flavors is what allures. Vegan versions supply this; so there is no reason to be "deprived" of one's favorite tastes. Asian dishes especially smell good. The most ing smell has to be lamb. When I see a piece of meat now, I don't see it like I used to (I always say to myself, "Was I blind?"); now I see it as a cut out piece of body with blood all over it. I even hate the word "meat" because it diminishes the reality of what it is. It's purely psychological: Notice people who are revolted when looking at fleshy parts on television that aren't even that gross, but the idea that it's a human body part makes them squeamish Meanwhile, they are chomping on a chicken leg... NOTHING could ever make me choose to eat an animal's body again I feel so awful that I ever did
  4. I don't know if this goes around the country, but the "dah-eery" is another milk campaign here in California, just like the "Happy Cows Come from California" campaign They are really annoying. Then there are the disturbing commercials about milk shakes, where some guys are gyrating at cows while slapping them...it's really creepy and perverted. oh, wait...Good Lord is there nothing not on youtube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5NhT7v77Z0&mode=related&search=
  5. Hey, Good Luck, Heather! You looked so great last pictures, I'm sure you'll do it! Now, get those pics up for us
  6. Barb, Skin elasticity just depends on the individual, really. Plus, your dieting history (yo-yo dieting causes skin stretching which will not bounce back, eventually), and age can be factors. Best thing you can do is lose weight methodically; not radically, meaning, choose an eating plan for life instead of "going on a diet to lose weight" plan. You should lose about 2 lbs. a week; a bit more is okay, especially at first; but a fast drop can contribute to skin sagging. So, lose weight; BUT exercise and weight train to build muscle too. As always , I recommend Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman for permanent weightloss, and the best, most nutritionally dense eating plan for life. Here is a Theory I agree partially. I think the bottom line is as I stated above: Lose weight at a realistic pace by eating nutritious food, which, will give your skin all the nutrition it needs, by the way; exercise, weight train. MSM is a great overall beauty supplement for skin, if you're interested, as well as silicon. Here are two sources: BIOSIL and MSM, powder Some folks advise skin brushing as well. To sum it up, if you "Eat to Live," you will be eating the foods best for your skin as well as *every*thing else! Leafy greens are fab for this, which is delivered via this diet.
  7. Wow, really? I find raw foods the most delicious foods I've ever eaten. Of course many of the gourmet raw concoctions aren't exactly healthy either; but to me, nothing tastes better than a sweet, juicy, sun-flavored fruit. Anyway, what you desire is what you have learned and your body acclimated. some call it addiction; some foods are addicting, as Dr. -- was it Barnard? or Ornish? -- discovered about cheese. We really are NOT slaves to these foods; they are merely habits needed to be broken. Our natural diet is not sugar and fat ladened, caffeine-spiked indulgences. Dr. Fuhrman has written extensively on our "tastes"; click on these colored links to read more: "The more you make healthful meals, and the more days you link together eating healthful foods, the more your brain will naturally prefer to eat that way. Your taste for healthful foods will develop. It has been shown that a new food needs to be eaten about 10 to 15 times for it to become a preferred food. The more days you eat healthfully, the more you will lose your addiction to unhealthful, stimulating substances; and with time, you will look forward to—and prefer eating—a diet that is more natural and wholesome." _exerption from Disease Proof Blog Here, he discussing Breaking the habit I highly recommend Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live and this free blog which has wonderful free (lots in the archives) advice, information, and science. ETA: Listen toDr. Barnard on addictive foods -- Go here, click on the right black column of streaming tv to listen to more - there's GREAT stuff by Drs. Esseltyn, Ornish, Barnard, McDougall... And an article here, More Evidence of Fatty Addictive Foods
  8. Eat a live roach; move to the front of the line... Link may or may not work; so here is the text: "Crunchtime! Eat this and bypass the lineBy ANDREA AHLES STAR-TELEGRAM STAFF WRITER Madagascar hissing cockroaches will be served up at the Titan roller coaster.It's Fright Fest meets Fear Factor. During the first weekend of its annual Halloween festival, Six Flags Over Texas will let guests skip to the front of the Titan roller coaster line if they eat a live cockroach. A live, wingless, 3-inch long Madagascar hissing cockroach that can run at 3 mph. Chew and swallow one of these crunchy, wiggling critters and Six Flags will also give you a Flash Pass for the evening that will let you bypass the line on many thrill rides. Six Flags spokeswoman Sandra Daniels said the edible insects will be available for one hour at the Titan each night of Fright Fest's opening weekend, Sept. 29 through Oct. 1. The cockroaches, which Six Flags will buy from local pet stores, were chosen because they are considered a delicacy in many Asian and African cultures. 'We were looking for a way to entertain our true Fright Festers who come to the park in the evenings and are really into the spirit of the event, and we thought 'Why not a cockroach?'" Daniels said. 'Besides, it tastes just like chicken.'" This is not the only type of abuse of roaches: Earlier this year
  9. He makes a point about there not being a real difference between a newborn baby and a fetus which is interesting, and correlates it with the abortion debate; however, his condoning of killing a disabled child is disturbing. Speaking of SHAC: "Three SHAC activists, Kevin Kjonaas, Lauren Gazzola, and Jacob Conroy, received sentences in the SHAC 7 trial in Trenton, NJ yesterday. With over 100 in attendence, the court overflowed with activists in support of the defendants. Notably, the presiding Judge, Judge Thompson, spoke of hundreds of letters received seeking her leniency in the trial. Kevin Kjonaas, the former president of SHAC, was sentenced to six years. SHAC's campaign coordinator, Lauren Gazzola, received a sentence of four years and four months while Jacob Conroy, the group's website coordinator, received a four-year sentence. Additionally, the fourth defendant to be sentenced was the organization SHAC itself. SHAC is ordered to pay restitution of $1 million; however, the group's lawyer argues the group is now defunct. Unofficial representatives of the defendants claim that all convictions will be appealed. Still remaining to be sentenced are Joshua Harper, Andrew Stepanian, and Darius Fullmer. Joshua Harper will be sentenced September 13th while Andrew Stepanian and Darius Fullmer will be sentenced Tuesday, September 19th." _"...The seven defendants have been changed (sic) under a 1992 NJ law for engaging in “animal enterprise terrorism”. This law criminalizes actions like intimidation and direct actions taken against a company in which its abilities to make a profit are hindered. The group SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) definitely hinders the ability for HLS to make money. SHAC has been incredibly successful in waging a legal campaign targeting HLS headquarters, HLS employees, and those who invest in the company through direct actions including protests outside of office buildings and individual residences. In only 5 years, the group has put HLS into debt of more than $85 million and has gotten more than 100 companies to sell their shares of HLS stock..._
  10. Stevia has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous People in South America and in Japan with no ill or side effects. It is the FDA which won't allow it to be sold as a "sweetener" (but as a supplement ). Most of this has to do with the long arm of the Sugar and artificial sweetener industries, whose lobbies are about as powerful as the cattle and dairy industries. Now, large amounts of anything isn't "good"; so, I would probably not consume a cup of the stuff per day. Good thing is *very* little is needed. for some, it may take getting used to; others, like me, may really like it. I use it daily in my green smoothies. Good in iced tea too, if you need a sweetener. For recipes, it is best combined with another natural sweetener, like sugar, for better taste results. In recipes with citrus, it is also enhanced greatly -- lemonade or iced tea with lemon, for a couple examples.
  11. . Hmmm...drat! I didn't think to cut one open... I'll do that next time; I'll pick some up this weekend from the Farmers' Market, if the date merchant still has them. But, yes, they are hard and you can tell they are unripe, just like an avo is hard. I used to get confused too, when I'd see "fresh dates" in an ingredient list for a recipe; but I know they mean the ripened ones and not right-off-the-tree- "fresh" dates. Do you shop at Trader Joe's? They have the dried dates in bags with the oat flour coating. They are definitely inferior in taste! (still good though; I used to eat them before I knew better!) Date sugar -- same. Ah, here they are: Dried dates... http://www.thenutfactory.com/photos/fruit-dried-dates-chopped.jpg
  12. That's a possiblity, I've had them all my life, but I notice drinking a lot of water will help, especially if you have a high protein intake. Yea, there are some things I like to blame on my parents . Like why did I have to inherit my dad's thick waist??!! Dr. Harris (very good info on his site! He breaks it down pretty well why grains are not optimal and GREENS are better ) has a Q & A on this subject: "Dark Circles Under My Eyes from Going Veg? Q&A with Bill Harris, MD Q. At the start of the year my children, my husband and I became vegetarians (except for eating fish). We have 3 children 2 boys and a girl aged 9, 7 and 5 respectively, who lead very physically active lives. After 3-4 weeks I noticed the boys were developing dark circles under their eyes. As they were getting enough sleep I knew it had to be diet related so I immediately had them eating meat again. A couple of months passed and the circles disappeared so we tried the vegetarian diet again, this time with a daily dose of vitamins. Sure enough the dark circles appeared, so again, back on the meat. The circles disappeared. This is the third attempt to become semi vegetarians this year. It has only been a few weeks and already the dark circles under the boys eyes have appeared. I would be grateful for any insight or advice you could give me regarding this problem. A. The medical literature is silent on dark circles under the eyes, however this is what I think is happening. Orbital tissue is very loose and expandible. With an allergic reaction it swells up and becomes pale because the pigment cells are being moved apart. As fluid or subcutaneous fat is lost the eyes appear sunken and dark because the pigment cells become more densely packed. So weight loss due to the dietary change could cause the dark eyes. If the sodium content of the diet has also gone down, that can cause a reduction in extracellular fluid volume also leading to the dark eye effect. If you try the veggie diet again you should keep a careful record of the kids' weight. They may be losing fluid and/or weight. Children need more fat than adults in order to meet their Calorie requirements. Vegan kids should be offered plenty of raw nuts, seeds, nut butters, tofu and avocados in order to keep up their weight. All vegans need a B12 supplement. Sincerely, William Harris, M.D." _William Harris MD received a degree in physics from the University of California Berkeley, where he earned Phi Beta Kappa honors. He received his degree in medicine from the University of California at San Francisco, and received his postgraduate training at San Diego County Hospital. He holds a Medical License in the State of Hawaii. He has been an Emergency Department physican since 1963, and the Director of the Kaiser Permanente Vegan Lifestyle Clinic on Oahu until his retirement in 1998. Dr. Harris is the author of The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism. In addition, he was the 1950 Big Ten Trampoline Champion, is an accomplished hangglider and commercial pilot, and at age 70 became a skydiver with 108 jumps to date. Dr. Harris has been vegetarian since 1950, and vegan since 1963
  13. Freesia, if you're coming off a standard Western diet, you may be suffering the effects of it -- or your joints are. You are correct that it is most-likely diet related. One of the biggest culprits is dairy, yes! It is the animal protein (that seems to be the problem most times, isn't it?) For this reason, meat is also considered a contributor as well -- it is the acidic nature of these "foods" which also cause so, so many issues! Kathryn listed the nightshades which are also common triggers, as well as grains such as corn, wheat, etc., or derivatives of same -- cornstarch, gluten; so checking labels is important if you have an allergy. (Even tiny amounts can cause pain). You may want to try an elimination method to find out which is the little devil causing you problems. (note the acidic theme...Grains are also acidic and not optimal, especially a grain/starch-based diet) However, you may have a notion of what it is...do you? If you consume dairy, I'd eliminate that first. You don't need it anyway, and it causes a host of other issues and you'll be healthier for getting rid of it . It's another example of vital information the powerful Dairy and Cattle industries lobby hard to keep from Us. However you can read HERE about it and the elimination procedure and HERE for more about food and arthritis. Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" dietary guidelines have cured people of many conditions, including arthritis. MORE here with a great comment following it. Are you consuming enough/any E.F.A.'s? That can help with joint issues. 1 TB of ground flax seeds every day or a DHA Supplement will help tremendously with a LOT of things, including arthritic issues. As well, up your leafy greens intake for a great food source, as well as consuming nuts daily and (about 1 ounce total). Forgo oils for optimal nutrition and consume your fat in its natural form, such as the seeds and nuts. I highly recommend Dr. Fuhrman's dietary guidelines and his products which are excellent, including his DHA.
  14. Do tell, Crash I'm interested in your beliefs on this, especially, since you are Christian. I'm wondering how this fits in. Plus, I'd like to read any experiences you've had, personally, that would lend credence to this belief -- if you've had any -- as well as any other things you'd like to add on this topic . Also, Hero, SeaSiren can you expound, please? Odidnetne, how was that ESP? Zack What do you make of that? It's weird, isn't it tofuPUNK, that push may have just been stress I worked in restaurants all through school, and I always felt pushed I swear, that is the most stressful job I've ever had! (waiting tables/cocktails) People don't believe me when I say that, but it really is. I saw it listed as number 1 on a list in -- I think it was "Time" magazine or some such mag. There's a job, funded by the government, (us, in other words) where people are actually trained for ESP-type stuff for catching criminals..sort of like profiling, but more intense. I can't recall the name of it... I'll have to look it up. There's a movie about it...I'll post when I find it. Any other experiences out there? I know a woman who believes she communicates with trees. I never tell people "that's not true" or other insulting things. Who knows? As you gain wisdom through the years, you realize just how little you have . It's only when naive and, usually young, that one believes in black and white. There are shades of grey -- and many hues of grey, at that.
  15. kuramus, how long have you been vegan? I ask because, if you were on a high-protein diet (meats and dairy), it is notorious for causing dark circles as well as other more serious issues. It ultimately stems from stressing the kidneys and dehydration, as I understand it. The suggestions for water, getting enough sleep are good. Some dark circles, though, are inherited and/or just natural and there's nothing you can do about it. But you can try grating fresh, raw potatoes, wrap in some cheese cloth and place under the eyes for 15 minutes, being careful not to get the juice in your eyes, of course. A bit of a hassle, but, supposedly, it works Cucumber slices placed over the eyes is another old-time remedy. I read the Japanese eat a lot of Adzuki beans to remedy this.
  16. That was a good interview. My favorite thing you said, Robert, was when discussing your success at running, having not done so in ages," My body is provided with actual fuel; not stimulants." And, of course, your stress on people not to fear going vegan. Excellent points made.
  17. Well, that's a topic of interest to be discussed too . Are there patterns in the personality or character you choose, too? We all make choices based on preference and attraction, and it's interesting to me as to why we do this as well as why we choose certain non-physical characteristics. I wonder how much is innate...or, rather, beyond our control -- sorta just written in the genes (or jeans ), I guess, as opposed to what has been dictated to us AND our particular upbringing, environment, experience, etc. I think it's interesting how some people are attracted to complete opposites (physically too) and others are attracted to familiarity. The reasons are so diverse. I heard or read a psychologist say that we choose our mates to work out issues stemming from what we didn't get from our parents. I guess sort of like the old saying that we choose our "mother" or "father," but with a twist
  18. That's a good idea when flooded with a certain food! Even though I don't eat dehydrated, I will do this too. I have some dried strawberries from a few months ago; I wasn't able to scarf 'em down in time, and I had a ton in the freezer already. Do you know how awesome your house smells when you dry strawberries? I think I still have some dried figs from last summer too One fruit I do really love dried (though fresh is still best) is Persimmon! THey are sooo good. They should be coming in by the barrel soon too! I love Autumn! Fresh Persimmons:http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/Food%20Album/RAW/fresh_persimmons-2160x120.jpg Here is a pic of some I dried: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/Food%20Album/RAW/DriedPersimmon1.jpg
  19. How funny. kat, check my journal . They are unripe when yellow, like an avocado is unripe when you buy them hard. When they are brown and gooey, they are ripe, not dried.
  20. Awesome! Congratulations! Glad you're still working on this. I hope you are taking before and after pics Not a bad goal, me thinks. He is well proportioned. Go Sydney, Go !
  21. I replied in your blog to this; but, I think high-greens is essential, but not too low on fruit or one will begin to slow down, and, in my opinion, become deficient. Fruit is the best carbohydrate and needed by everyone, but especially athletes. Basically, whenever one gets out of balance, they begin to feel unwell. That's pretty much everyone, even people whose diets mask this or have become acclimated to poor nutrition. Some don't realize they are unwell till they get well . I think striving for alkalinity is key. I drink tea and, for me, the only difference it made was to give me pleasure; so, it stays ;D. I was 100%-pure "raw" for a while, and, for me, tea, whether I drank it or didn't drink it, whether "raw" or not, did not have adverse effects. Coffee is another thing, though. I could drink it and still feel well, but I would get addicted to it, whereas I do not with teas. Plus I know it's hard on the body and highly acidic, which is not desirable and, eventually, I would experience "crashes." It also leads me to crave sugars, and increases appetite. None of these things are beneficial, so it's out . If tea made me feel bad, it would be out too, of course; and it may for others. My journal has some alkalinity and tea observations. I think the optimal diet is the one that follows the basics of Dr. Fuhrman's outline with one's own personal tweaking for individual needs.
  22. Hi, RawAmbition, I've been eating raw for almost two years but I don't call myself a raw foodist because I don't believe it as a lifestyle, really. I intend to eat whatever feels right to me, just so happens, that's raw right now. I think, instead, it's best to strive for "nutritional excellence" as Dr.Fuhrman calls it, rather than some sort of ideal which may or not be nutritionally sound. Is there anything more annoying when you have a headache or something and a raw foodists jumps in with, "It's DETOX!!" I did the high-fruit, low fruit, high-protein, high carb -- everything you can think . But what works for me at the mo, is high-greens, then fruit, then fats, no grains -- basically, Fuhrman diet, but raw. This is why I constantly promote green smoothies! Greens were the key for me. The only way I can eat that much (for reasons such as time!) is to make the smoothies. If I felt as you -- that it was raw that was no longer working -- I'd not hesitate to eat something nutritious, cooked. In fact, I intend to do so when or if that day comes. I never believed "cooked food is poison!" At least not all is. Your ratios look pretty good to me, actually...are you sure it is the diet? It could be. Everyone is so different with different histories, different constitutions that there is no one-size-fits-all diet! But striving for alkalinity is also important. I wrote about it a few posts ago in my journal, though it is mostly ramblings about my own experiments Good luck!
  23. _raVen_


    Hi, Tammi, Welcome! Here are some links to look through and read: WHY BE VEGAN AND HOW - also has free archives of GREAT recipes MEAT, EGG, DAIRY SUB INFO and where to find them. Just go through that site! It's got tons of info. Fantastic nutritional info at VEGAN HEALTH.org If you feel like listening: This interview with scientist, DR. Campbell of the China Study - especially good if youwant info right now and you don't have his book! I highly recommend it: http://rawveganradio.podomatic.com/enclosure/2006-07-10T08_37_48-07_00.mp3 and listen to vegan doc, Dr. Greger on nutrition. Some basic and specific nutrition answers from registered dietician VIRGINIA MESSINA DR.FUHRMAN'S BLOG - which has tons of information. Tons of stuff in the archives to just go through and learn, learn, learn. Some stuff to read about why MILK is so bad BOOKS: THE CHINA STUDY scientific basis for veganism for health -- will change your life. BECOMING VEGAN, by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina EAT TO LIVE, by Dr. Fuhrman - how to eat the healthiest diet for everyone, not just those trying to lose weight. THE FOOD REVOLUTION and DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA, both by John Robbins have been the catalyst for many a vegan. THE VEGETARIAN WAY by Virginia Messina and Mark Messina Those should keep you busy for a while . E.T.A. For now, maybe just buying lots of fruit and veggies and some grains is a good idea. When you go through the sites, you will learn more about meal prep, what you need to get to supplant your non-vegan items. Also read labels of the foods you buy. This may get annoying and take up some of your time, but, believe me, you will get very fast with it and it will become automatic.
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