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  1. I'm pretty positive, precocious Potter Piper's proclivity per pot pottery, presupposes a plethoric precious peck of pots per your prospective perusal. Try saying that three times fast! *LOL* So did you do it? I love tongue twisters Potter, I sent you a pm the other day, but it doesn't seem you've picked it up?? I re-sent it right now, just in case. Make sure to let me know if you get it. I emailed you, too, but through this site (it doesn't give me your address, it just sends it, apparently; so I cannot send you an email from my email...); so if you don't get it, there is something wrong with my pm situation...Important info you need to know before you start! Not sure if I'm receiving pm.'s either...I may need to contact Robert about this... Thanks.
  2. You gave in, aye? To be honest I still don't see what all the fuss about and will stay a faceless member Hey you can share my account if you like, message me and Ill give you the details, then if you wanna go check anything out on there (like pics) you can sign in as whatever name I used ... vegan something or other lol No fuss -- there are just some people who like to help. I like the idea of being faceless, myself . Funny thing: I had a really attractive friend who went on a dating site and entered her info, etc., but no pic. In 6 months she got zero responses . We were gabbing about it and she decided to put up a pic to see what happened. Within an hour her email was flooded Funny, but sad. Needless to say, she left the site . Thanks for the offer, Sweetie . But I was really only joking; I don't really want to join in...at least not right now I may end up pm'ing you about it later
  3. Your persistence and determination are inspiring, teanyrican . What does your nutritional intake look like? Are you following any program? Keep up the great work; you have such a great attitude, Woman !
  4. Oh, wow. What the heck is that? Bigbwii, that is so crazy! How long did you hold that?? I'm totally blown away. Can I do that? What does "freestanding" mean when doing a handstand??
  5. Oregonisaac, did you mean "raw" to mean "uncooked" or truly "raw" as in raw food? Oatmeal flakes are paritally cooked (steamed) even though they are labeled "raw." You could buy raw oatmeal already flaked for you from an online rawfood site (they have granolas and such, too), but it's expensive, of course. For making your own raw, you would have to start with oat groats, which is what oatmeal is before it is in flakes. It will look like wheat berries: http://www.itsagreysworld.com/images/grains.gif You would have to soak these (soak and sprout, if desired, but some raw foodists just soak) and then blend with water/juice/nutmilk, etc. and season for "raw oatmeal." OR, some raw foodists buy a flaker and flake their own oats: http://www.cover-yur-basics.com/flaker.jpg http://www.cover-yur-basics.com/flaker.html - you can find various grain mills on line which also grind and have a flaker attachment, which might be more cost effective in the end, depending on your dietary goals!
  6. You discovered the basic raw brownie dough . A good nut to use for this is walnuts or/and pecans.
  7. Good luck, SeaSiren Coffee is a toughie! Have you tried just watering it down? That might help you without you really having to notice it. That worked for me once (yea, I was a back-and-forther too ) and I was a *strong coffee* drinker...I'm talkin' like an espresso in a jumbo latte mug. Funny about the water: I had no symptoms from going raw, but I did drink a river the first several days.
  8. You gave in, aye? About the jpg thing --maybe this will work for you -- what I do is go to the folder where my pics are and right click on the thumbnail* of the pic I want. A window pops up and it will have various options. Pick the one that reads, "Save as" or Save as type" and click it. Up comes another window. It will have a field with the name and type of file your pic is. There is an arrow which I click and it brings down various choices of file types -- bmp, png, pcx, bmp, jpg, JPEG -- so I click on the one I want to change my pic (the JPEG). Then I click, "Save" and it creates that JPEG for me. Does that make sense? Ask if it's not clear. Also, your computer wording may be a bit different; but it would be pretty similar. *a thumbnail is just a small version of your pictures; not the full size it becomes when you click on it for viewing. So make sure to try this on the thumbnail and not the full-sized pic. I'm not very computer literate, myself, so don't worry, you'll get it
  9. I knew about most of it before I read the book. Confidence, arrogance and humour is like make-up for men. The "naturals" in the book all have these qualities and the others learn to fake it (putting on make-up) and thus becomes more attractive than "naturals". The scary thing is how they become pick-up robots in the process. I believe that alot of them were sociopaths before they became PUA's but they kind of released it onto the world with these methods. That sounds kinda scary. Are you serious about the sociopathic remark? Perhaps misogynists instead of sociopaths? Are they really cruel? I don't know if it's all that deep, but was it some sort of experiment to show how people can be influenced or change to that degree ? What was the purpose, I guess, I want to know. It couldn't be plain ol' fun entertainment...
  10. Yay! I'm getting some Potter originals Don't forget to leave your mark What is your sig on your work, anyway? I'm pretty positive, precocious Potter Piper's proclivity per pot pottery, presupposes a plethoric precious peck of pots per your prospective perusal. I've needed/wanted a bowl like this for ages! And it will be great to have the cups. Thanks for the huge discount, Potter!
  11. Hmm, is this a book to learn something or is it like a satire or something? It sounds interesting. Did ya learn anything from it? Tigress I read Da Vinci and thought it was okay. It's a page turner, but I had issues with it too. You should read if if you have it. I'm not interested at all in seeing the movie, though I'm currently reading "Alanya to Alanya." Two reviews: here review, and here
  12. Veganbarbie, How do you know the culprit is soy? Those foods -- cabbages, etc. -- are not bad foods, but highly nutritious and will not cause you to have thyroid problems; if you have a thyroid problem, you would be advised to limit them. I would go to the doctor for a concrete diagnosis instead of wondering and worrying about what it could be. If there appears to be a thyroid problem, then worry about finding treatment. It may not be a thyroid issue at all. I will link some things for you to read and a site page with various resources below. I think there is valuable information HERE you should read from a doctor who advocates a plant-based diet. And Dr. Fuhrman has a few words on soy and hypothyroidism you should read. (If you want more information from Dr. Fuhrman, let me know and I'll do a search for you). You can also ask local hospitals if they offer alternative medicine. You can look through THESE links for alternative med info/practitioners; if some don't work, then do a search for them on Google or other search engine. Personally, I would not hesitate to take advantage of Dr. Fuhrman's phone consultations since I don't live in NY; however, if I did, he'd be my first choice of who to trust as my primary physician.
  13. I was being facetious; I am critical I believe you if you say you're critical; but I also think you are honest and blunt so that often comes off as critical in a negative way, I think. Yea, I think her mother may have the lips. She's looking more like him as she ages, though. I really liked her when I saw her act the first time in Gia. And she was okay in a couple other things, but she really gets on my nerves now. They have some sort of family feud going. Speaking of Voight, did you like, Midnight Cowboy? Well, it's mostly Hollywood, I think. If you mean current female actors, then, yes, I agree. Most of the better ones are older women who are no longer valued, and all the best I can name off the top of my head are old and either no longer working or deceased. Jodie Foster is probably the best currently working actress. I love Susan Sarandon. I like Kirsten Dunst, when she does a real acting role. I like Jennifer Tilly. Diane Keaton is a good actress, too. Sounds like a cool teacher. Well, I could, I guess, if it were something I really wanted to do. I think a lot of people live this way. They just do what they have to do to survive, go through the motions and just function...it's best, in my opinion, to do what one really wants whether or not it makes the most money. Sadly, the cost of a decent living is way too high and with no healthcare... Didn't I suggest something like that to you? No, actually, I think it was something in translation... I understand why you don't want to do it, and you are right not to. Not selling your soul for a few dollars more is something to be applauded. Speaking of "a few dollars more" I just saw The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- *Classic* It was on tv, and I hadn't seen it in years. That's one to get you in a good mood
  14. kat, it's not a tea, it's a tisane, which is just the name for an herbal "tea." The green rooibos is just a young red rooibos, sort of like how white is a young, and/or unfermented green. And honeybush is a different plant from rooibos. I love it it's really yummy and does have a light honey flavor. What's your favorite mate brand?
  15. I would agree with Barbie to the extent than one should be moderate with teas, especially, black, though. If you love tea, switch to green and white teas. They are delicious and alkalinizing to the body. A recent study showed that green tea does not dehydrate as once believed. You could also try subbing rooibos or, my fave, honeybush tisanes for the black tea, which are caffeine free. They are very nutritious. That company even offers a yummy Green Rooibos, which is more nutritious than the red rooibos or even green tea. Or get into yerba mates, which I love; they contain about the same amount of caffeine as green teas, which is about 1/3 that of coffee: Guayaki brand is my favorite .
  16. Eason, I used to have issues with my joints.I thought I was at the beginning of developing arthritis. So I started taking those vegan glucosamine supplements. I tried the corn-based one and I can't remember the other But, anyway, neither did a damn thing. I gave them each about 5 months! Best thing was changing my diet to fresh, raw whole foods, honestly. This made a huge difference. I flooded my body with minerals with all the greens . But I'll tell you what supplements worked -- and very quickly. Jarrow Formulas, BioSil, (I used the liquid drops, but they now have it in capsules) and MSM. Using these two is really great for joints -- Awesome stuff. Both are also the best beauty products one can buy; your skin, hair, and nails will improve -- that alone may make them worth it I find these at all the vitamin shops, whole-foods-type markets; so you may not have to order online. The BioSil is only by Jarrow; but MSM is offered by many companies. I like the fine powder rather than the granular. Jarrow Formulas consistently offers good products. They also have a Joint product, "Flex-Zyme", which you may be interested in or their Veg Glucosamine, neither of which I've tried; so I cannot tell you if they are effective. But, if I wanted a veg glucosamine, I'd give theirs a try, just because they have a good record. Notice, too, with all their bones and joint supps, they suggest taking the BioSil with it for best results. Good luck, and I hope you feel better.
  17. Another example of Saint Carter's good will Or like the Germans and Hitler. Sadly -- and to me, personally, angering -- is when people blame the People, whose government's gone off the deep end. I hear/read/see it all the time against Americans...It's fashionable to be anti-American, though, so, there it is -- no actual intellectualizing goes into blind hate. Most people like to feel superior -- especially when it's vs. the U.S. -- because in actuality, they have inferiority complexes (mass, national inferiority; not real inferiority, but a complex. Of course no one People is better than another.) "The bigger they are, the harder they fall," afterall; and no one wants to see any "one" fall more than they want to see the U.S. fall. My sympathies have always been with the People; never with their respective governments. I can support the Iranian People, but not what the government is doing; I can support Iraqis, and despise Saddam; I can abhor the Israeli government and love the Israeli People; I can hate the Third Reich, but have sympathy for and extend understanding to the German People. It's sad that people who think themselves so "liberal," so "just" spew hate at Americans while believing they are on the side of "justice" because they hate "America" and extend it to the People. To me, those people are on the same level as the governments they hate, and no matter how right they think they are, their hatred renders it moot and deserving of NO respect -- hypocrites. And my question to them is always, "So what is your country doing?" Or, more often than not, "What is your country not doing, and why?" the answer to which, in most cases, makes them, at *best* just as guilty/wrong. Yea, just a li'l pet peeve of mine So, needless to say, Potter, you should not feel conflicted. I do understand why you do, though; and it's much easier said than done. You were a child, afterall; and you were unaware.
  18. http://www.thenation.com/images/_img/20060911/toc.jpg has some great stuff in the latest issue. You need a subscription for access to it in its entirety; but you can read some good stuff online. This mag, by the way, is a great one to subscribe; you can get it all online too, if you don't want an actual magazine coming to your house.
  19. Moi?! Critical??? Thank you, Dr. Kinsey Argh, another film I've always wanted to see Redford, right? Never heard of it. Ah, yea. Awesome. Capra wasn't even hailed at the time it came out. It took a while for it to become a classic. I think I linked this to Potter (VeganPotter) in a thread where I told him he needs to go back to Pottersville or something like that It's a silly little take (two pages). Never saw that SNL skit sounds like I should, though. Wow, school days, aye? Don't know if I could handle it Best of luck, my Friend My thoughts for the best are with you; you deserve it.
  20. jjaj2022! Wow, you and your wife look incredibly happy, not to mention look great also . I'm so happy you found veganism and a healthier way to eat. You've saved animals and improved yourselves -- what could be more satisfying?! It's funny, I can tell (post) about raw all the time and no one listens to me ; but stories like yours always inspire ! I wish I had transformation pictures, but for me, it was more general health improvements and well being through nutrition -- and I can't take a pic of that . Best thing I love about your stories is that you just "did it." Sooo many people think way too much about this, stress, make it difficult, when it's really extremely simple, especially if you are coming from a vegan diet, or better, a whole-foods, healthy veg diet. All this "detox" talk is so overblown. Every little bump and scratch becomes a downward spiral into "detox!!" I love your stories! And you show it can be done. AND it can be sustained as well -- I'm going on 2 years raw ! Keep the photos and progress posts comin'!
  21. So this means... you are admitting to being a ghoul? You sound conflicted, actually.
  22. Hey, Potter, Do you do work on commission? I'm wondering, also, if you have some work online to show? For some time, I've been looking for a large bowl (from which food can be eaten), and haven't found one in the size I want. A few months ago, I came across a site of a vegan who made and sold such items (and sculptures) and had a site, etc. (I now cannot find it, damnit) Anyway, I always prefer to give my business to vegans, when possible. If you do such work, I would like to discuss your price. I'd love a handmade bowl -- it would be quite the work of art I would enjoy. Only thing I could find online are these "vegan" bowls; but they just look like bowls where someone baked on the "vegan" -- heck, I could (and have) done that. I would like something more artistic...a vegan theme, would be nice; but, I'd leave that up to the artist -- mostly. Anyway, if you do none of this type of work, I think you should consider putting some of your work online anyway -- whatever it may be. I expect vegan companies would love to sell your work on their site. It's not like there are a lot of places to purchase (or support vegans) such things. Even putting some work on VegBay or a site like Art Town might be profitable... Anyway, sorry to disrupt your blog; but let me know. Thanks! p.s. By the way, ever heard of/done any Hikaru?
  23. Well, I didn't expect you to love it . How many movies have I liked that you actually liked also? I agree with your points; but I still thought it was good. My main disappointment was the documentary-style format. I thought a good movie would have been much more effective and thought provoking...It would have definitely supplied more opportunities for expounding on the problems of today and the connection to this particular part of history. Maybe this will inspire someone to write a movie about it. Why so serious? Only joys in life are sex and eating, remember? Saw the original "Clerks"again, and looking forward to the second. What else have you seen, Jay? "The Accused" is important because it makes very clear that rape is wrong even in what many people like to think are cloudy circumstances. "She didn't say, 'No.'" Or, "She wanted it," "She liked it," etc. The manner in which she is raped and the circumstances leading up to it are what make it important for people to understand that there IS no reason or excuse for/to rape. It is a violent act, no matter how it transpires. Jodie Foster was great in it too. It is really uncomfortable to watch (for me, anyway) and I'm sure it was uncomfortable for her to perform it. It is, though, essential to the movie. They did not glamorize it -- it's all very ugly and not stimulating as many rape scenes are filmed to be. E.T.A. - Last week I saw Brick, and I must say it is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I absolutely hated it (...so you may love it Jay ) I thought it was stupid, frankly. The review given on IMB in the link describes it well, only it is a positive review. I *love* Film Noir, and have wanted to see its comeback for years; only this is an insult, in my opinion, if this is supposed to be a new-style or fusion Noir. I really liked the lead, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Mysterious Skin," but this was just not his role. Hated it!
  24. Check this out, Jay. I saw this a week or so ago, and, unfortunately, in its entirety is now in the archives; but, you get the gist of it. Rather ghoulish, I believe. A quote from the above: ""...The Mayor's idea is part of a growing trend in Russia for extreme tourism. ...In that same spirit the governor of Vladimir Lenin's native region recently floated plans to open a Leninland theme park that would also allow visitors to experience elements of the Gulag. Mr Shpektor contends that his "Club Gulag" holiday camp would remind people of the horrors of Stalin's repression in a way that dry history books cannot." Saw this on LewRockwell the other day. Are you working daytime hours now?
  25. Was that your knees crackling???! Poooor Gusti! Yea, right! Cute li'l hop there . I also like the bald head
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