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  1. strawberryriddick, it's definitely normal . I didn't know you were so new to veganism, but still, it's the same for me all these years later. Actually, it's even more intense for me now than at first I can't watch those videos or undercover dvds, "Earthlings," etc. Even some movies make me antsy! I see an animal and I'm just waiting to see some sign of abuse; before, a horse in a movie was just part of the set.

    So yeah, it's everywhere. It's like suddenly a light goes on and you see all that was always there in the dark.


    Oy, that lobster picture makes me remember working in a restaurant. Part of the draw to the place was that customers "got to" choose their lobster, live, from a huge tank smack in the middle of the dining area. And guess who "got to" fish it out and take it to get whacked? Even then, I hated that. I wasn't even vegan. And still I didn't make the connection I have to remind myself to be patient with people who don't "get it"; I was there once too. Can make me feel stupid sometimes!


    Yeah, thinking about animals, human and non- is a constant.

  2. Awww, I love turtles. They always seem so wise to me. They make me feel calm. I guess it's their slow, deliberate manner that makes me feel they are intelligent. I'd love to be able to talk to animals, and turtles are in the top 10


    Richard, Christmas at La Beach...if you like that, you'd fit right in, in California . But, I bet, even at this time of year, you'd be laughing at all of us, Californians, bundled up and shivering, while you'd be running around in shorts and summer clothes Where is that, by the way?


    What's the turtle's name? How old is he/she?

  3. What made you decide to be vegan?


    It was simply the reality. Once I learned the truth, how could I not? I literally could not go on having the knowledge of what I was doing and participating in by consuming animals and animal products. My resolve became even stronger the more I learned and realized how veganism is connected to everything in this life.


    How does society view this when you talk to people?


    Not too clear on your question, but I assume you mean how do people react when they learn I'm vegan: Well, initially, it solely depends on that person. Many are defensive and go into justification mode. Others take it as an insult to them, by projecting that you are better than they. Some smile, nod and say, "neat," but have that "oh, so you're one of those" looks on their faces. A few are genuinely curious. It's all about them.

    Though the initial response can be negative, it is my self-imposed responsibility to leave them with a positive view of veganism (not convert anyone; just dispell whatever myths they may reveal in whatever time I'm with this person as best possible). If my efforts do not work, well, I did the best I could. I think many vegans also feel somewhat of a responsibility to be a good representative.


    When you tell people you are vegan, what is the usual reponse?


    Same as above. Generally they put a good face on it, but as stated above there are just too many variables; people have various backgrounds which form their responses. Often, people like to think it's a "nice idea," altruistic but unrealistic and unsustainable. Many times, for example, there is a story to follow such as, "Yes, I knew a vegetarian once who..." and it doesn't end well. Often they have stereotypes in their minds, most of which are dead wrong. And the majority are confused by it, not knowing the differences amongst the ever-increasing number of "natural diets" popping up all the time.


    What are the main things you eat?


    I'm a vegan who eats high-nutrient foods only; so I'm not on standard vegan fare.

    If you want to know more, let me know.


    What are the health benefits/cost?

    There are many health benefits. Just going vegan, though, was more a mental and emotional health benefit than a nutritional one. Being a junkfood vegan is not any healthier than a standard junk diet. The physical and nutritional health comes from eating good food regularly and exercising regularly.


    The other side of the coin is the same emotional cost: It is a loss of innocence, which can be very painful for many. There are times I will just start to cry and feel a deep sorrow inside with a profound hopelessness at just the thought of what is happening right now this moment to a beautiful innocent.


    Thank you for your time!


    You're welcome. Good luck with your paper.

  4. Before, when soya was my main protein source, the muscle I was growing was quite rounded & not massively defined.Now I have cut out soy from my diet apart from in very occasional times like having tofu for dinner, my whole body is more angular & defined.I also found before I went vegan & ate lots of soya to replace the fish & cheese, I was more defined so the soy had a physical effect imo.


    I've also found that diet is what got me lean and cut with proper exercise. No supplements or protein powders ever did, even while doing the same exact exercise. Diet is more important as far as getting that look and results, in my experience.

  5. I like the idea of interviewing vegans. I think it would be nice to add other relationship issues too, such as the problems that are created with family and friends, workmates/jobs, social issues, and generally, getting through an omni world as a vegan. Hopefully, done tastefully and seriously,though


    Very good idea, GreenLight


    Richard, you could always make a video answering questions that GreenLight sends you. Even a phone interview. Or maybe a friend interviewing you with questions from GreenLight. I like that, too! Getting various views from Vegans around the world.


    Let us know how it goes, GreenLight. I'd love a dvd/video of this! Would make a good doc for public tv here in the U.S., perhaps.

  6. Hey, E.J., you are looking really great! Love that last pic ..


    About the breakup, I'm so sorry; but, take this time to take out that pain, anger or whatever on those weights I was in the best shape in my life after I broke off a serious relationship Damn...I think I need to get in and out of another one just to get hot again


    Just know you'll get through this. The only way to get to the other side IS to go through it.


    For sleep, you can try forcing yourself to stay awake (maybe for 24 hours or so) So stay awake past the time you finally do get sleepy and just continue your day. That'll make you really tired and sleepy, but that's the idea.

    Then decide on what time is best for you to sleep, and go to bed then. You'll sleep like a rock, I promise. That should get you back on track, even if you oversleep a bit, you'll still be tired the next day around the same time you decided to go to bed. Hope that makes sense


    Good luck. And keep up your health. Don't let anyone ever keep you from taking care of yourself, Ever!

  7. Hey, you look great! (what is "SWOL"??)


    I don't like when people tell me I look like some celeb, but I'm gonna add my 2-cents and say you resemble Matthew McConaughey in all the good ways.

    Sadly, Bale isn't even vegetarian. He's eaten animals and animal products for his movies.


    You may like to try whole buckwheat (groats) too; it's very high in protein. Why do bodybuilders eat so much oatmeal? Is it a weight gainer or just a filling/satisfying food?

  8. I think you look great but is it possible that is just bloat from a lot of fiber? Or possibly too many simple carbs like sugar, processed foods, flours, etc., or even too many white potatoes, pasta, etc.? That stuff will belly me up quick-like


    Also, overeating can cause that. As well, too much in one sitting (which is not necessarily the same as overeating/excessive calories)


    Do you have digestive issues? A probiotic can help. A good food source can be something like sauerkraut.


    Keep low or better, eliminating, your salt intake can also help.


    You're doing great; continued success!

  9. Awesome and good-looking group of fellas


    Best Pic I've seen on this site:




    Best beard (and expression ) :




    But I have to admit, I'm disappointed. Where O' where is the Master of Mustaches, the The Mack Daddy of Disco, the Grand Poohba of facial epiderm, the Man, the Myth..??




    His, always rides free

  10. Try green smoothies or green juices. They are low cal, high nutrient and great for weight loss and junk-food cravings. You may want to get her on a high-nutrient eating plan, such as "Eat For Health," by Dr. Fuhrman. (drfuhrman.com)


    She will lose weight quickly (which is okay if it's high-nutrient) and she can start to do light exercise.


    How about doing some light weight lifting? She can start with some 5-lb. hand weights. Even a weighted vest would be good for her. She can wear it all day, and gradually increase the weights. Good thing about them, is the weight is distributed so as not to burden one part of the body too much.


    Another possibility would be to get her to a yogic facility which specializes in recovery. They work miracles. It is slow and easy and and easy on joints.


    Good luck

  11. Whey is an animal byproduct; so, not much support for that on a vegan forum .


    You could try a vegan source for protein powder, if you must; there are many available now.


    How about adding green leafies to your smoothie? You could also just have a separate green smoothie of course.


    You're doing great with the blueberries, though!

  12. For anyone who is depressed or even just bluesy, therapeutic lights are highly successful. They treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, as well, help re-set one's circadian rhythm (for sleep problems); and, along with very-good nutrition; proper DHA (vegan sources widely available); and, if necessary, counseling can assist with major depressive disorders.


    Here is a source


    Here too.


    So it's useful for a number of things, and not just "depression."

  13. I always go with Bryanna Clark Grogan recipes when I want fool-proof, especially for guests. These are so incredibly fast and easy. Here are two:




    Makes about 2 and 1/2 c.


    This fat-free and delicious brown gravy is one of our favorite staples.


    2 and 1/2 c. water

    1/3 c. unbleached white flour

    1/3 c. nutritional yeast flakes

    2 T. soy sauce

    1/2 tsp. salt

    Optional: a few shakes of gravy browner, such as Kitchen Bouquet (or use mushroom soy sauce, which is darker), for a darker color


    In a heavy saucepan over high heat, whisk the yeast and flour together until it smells toasty. Off the heat, whisk in the water, soy sauce, salt and gravy browner, if using. Stir constantly over high heat until it thickens and comes to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 2-5 minutes. This can be made ahead and reheated.




    In a 1 and 1/2 qt. microwave-proof bowl, mix the flour and yeast. Toast this in the microwave on HI for 3 minutes, uncovered. Whisk in remaining ingredients. Cover and cook on HI for 3 minutes. Whisk. Cover and cook again for 3 minutes on HI. Whisk. Or, make 1/2 the recipe in a 4 c. microwave-safe glass measuring container, and cook as above, but in 2 minute increments.


    VARIATIONS: You can use some wine instead of some of the water, if you like, and you can add sauteed mushrooms, onions, vegetarian “hamburger crumbles” and other vegetarian meat alternates, if you wish.

    ALLERGY NOTE: To make this wheat-free, omit the wheat flour, toast the nutritional yeast flakes on their own. After that step is done, add 5 T. of rice flour and continue with the recipe. (1/3 of a cup is about 5 and 1/2 T.; you want a little bit less rice flour than wheat flour.)





    1/3 cup

    nutritional yeast flakes

    2 tablespoons oat flour (grind rolled or quick oats in a DRY blender or electric coffee/spice mill)

    4 tablespoons chickpea flour (besan)

    2 tablespoons soy sauce

    2 1/2 cups water

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    a few shakes of gravy browner, such as Kitchen Bouquet (optional)


    ("Ham" Gravy Variation: Add 1/2 tablespoon ketchup, 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon liquid smoke)


    In a heavy saucepan over high heat, whisk the yeast and flourS together until it smells toasty. Off the heat, whisk in the water, soy sauce, salt, and gravy browner, if using. Stir constantly over high heat until it thickens and comes to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 2-5 minutes. This can be made ahead and reheated.



    In a 1 and 1/2 qt. microwavable bowl, mix the flourS and yeast. Toast this in the microwave on full power for 3 minutes, uncovered. Whisk in the water, soy sauce, salt, and gravy browner, if using. Cover and cook on full power for 3 minutes. Whisk. Cover and cook again for 3 minutes on full power. Whisk. NOTE: You can make half the recipe in a 4-cup microwavable glass measuring container, and cook as above, but in 2 minute increments. Or you can double the recipe and make it in a large Pyrex bowl and increase the cooking time a bit.



    You can use some wine (perhaps 1/2 c.) instead of some of the water, if you like, and you can add steam-fried mushrooms, onions, vegetarian "hamburger crumbles" and other vegetarian meat alternates, if you wish.


    Makes 2 1/2 cups


    Nutrition Facts


    Nutrition (per 1/4 cup): 26.6 calories; 13% calories from fat; 0.4g total fat; 0.0mg cholesterol; 218.0mg sodium; 113.5mg potassium; 3.5g carbohydrates; 1.4g fiber; 0.3g sugar; 3.0g protein.

  14. What business is it of this co-worker as far as who you spend your time with and who is he to criticize you?


    Totally. .

    I can see if you asked his opinion, but to criticize would annoy me.



    I'll be at home alone watching both NFL football games on Thursday and enjoying every minute of it.


    Football? Hmmm. I want something to watch on Thursday...nothing involving sports,though.


    Any recommendations, Anyone? I'm a movie freak, but I want something to take me away from the horror of "Thanksgiving."

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