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  1. You are reading into my post incorrectly. I'm saying it's stupid for X-Person

    to tell Y-Person how to look and stupid for Y-Person to then try to achieve that to please them. It wasn't a comment on you or what you were saying. Good grief.


    Men shouldn't care about what they think women want; it's the same damage that occurs when women spiral into eating disorders, buying into unrealistic standards of "beauty" because they care about what they think men want.

  2. Both contribute, but the acacia gum (Arabic), moreso. You can substitute with any of the gums, such as guar gum or xanthan gum, or others available.


    Carageenan or agar ocean plants also work as binders; though it will require cooking first for best results if you are simply adding it to an uncooked recipe. You may be able to not have to cook first if you're baking the bars.


    Flax and chia seeds, ground, will also act as binders and add nutrients.


  3. Might you be expecting?


    Best thing (ever) for cravings is leafy greens. Blend them to make 'green smoothies' in order to get enough; you won't be able to eat enough via chewing to satisfy cravings. You may also add juiced greens, if you have a juicer; that'll give you an extra .

    Additionally, I'd go with some satiating foods such as beans and soaked nuts and seeds; you can do this for a while only if you're worried about calories (if expecting, then don't worry ). Beans are very satisfiying when needing that 'full' factor that comes sometimes. Avocadoes are also good.


    Do you take a DHA supplement? I would get some.

  4. Thanks for the post, _raVen_!


    I've actually been looking into making my own bars. Still sifting through recipes for something to try. Never tried raw cacao, so maybe I'll try that out in there!


    Hitting the weights in half an hour. Definitely psyched to hit them hard today. I'm not quite at the point of being able to bench my own weight (multiple reps, not one-time max), but am hoping to get there soon! I'm lucky to have a much bigger and stronger friend for a spotter, and he's a great help - he's great with pushing me just a little bit further than I'd be going on my own.


    You're welcome; you seem very motivated

    It's good you found a spotter buddy!


    Here is an easy, simple base mix you might want to look at; it'll give you some idea anyway:


    1/2 cup sunflower seeds

    1/2 cup almonds

    2 coconut-date rolls (or add separately; but Trader Joe's sells these)

    2 tablespoons raw cashew butter (or other)

    1 tablespoon ground flax seeds (or chia seeds)


    Extras: Add cacao, ground (or leave as nibs), or cocoa powder

    Vanilla, or other, extract to taste

    Drop or two of coconut extract, if you like (or if you don't have coconut)



    In a good blender (or even in small amounts in a coffee grinder), grind the sunflower seeds/nuts of choice; Add the butter and extracts and grind till a paste forms (may take some scraping down the bowl, repeat, etc.) Form into balls or press into a brownie-like pan. Eat or fridge 'em for storage. They keep well in the fridge and you can keep them longer in the freezer.

    I always soak seeds and nuts to make them more nutritious, but you don't have to (it adds moisture, too, so the grinding goes smoother)


    Vary the flavorings, nuts and seeds to your taste

  5. I just read the Wiki on Talia and it's too crazy. They've even got Superman thrown in I do not like that he marries her and has a child. That blows my image of the Bat I wish I'd not read that

    Is that in the original comics? The Wiki has a date of 1987 so maybe I can think of it like I do the previous Bat failures, a la Cloonedoggy and Keaton -- big mistakes


    She's interesting, but not a villain; she's too sympathetic, don't you think? Miscarriages, deception...it's like a soap opera The Arabic theme may be a reason she would be considered at this time, though. Maybe.


    One thing about this movie: there was one scene which prompted me to utter words I'd never before in my life, "That was so f'ing cool!"

    The only consolation to my embarrassment is that it was cool and I bet others thought so too.

  6. Or you can pm me his email, if it's an issue.


    I want to know what's the best, vegan way to repair a bowl that's cracked. I know it's an antique, *very* heavy, and I think it's more like Italian ceramic/pottery. I'm not an expert, so maybe you'll know the origin by the pics.

    Also, if there is an all-natural solution, I'd want that first; I don't want to use any chemicals, if I don't have to. I found one glue recipe for ceramics online that seemed like it would be much too weak for such a heavy piece. It's a decorative bowl, though, so not going to be moving around or otherwise wet or used aside from holding objects or fruit.






    12 1/4" across the rim, if that matters.


    Thanks, Potter

  7. ...

    here is a great list of some possibilities.


    Of those mentioned I would like to see any of these three (not in any order of preference, though) -- Mr. Whisper (Who for this role? Anthony Hopkins?); 5-Zsasz (never heard of him, but very creepy!); and Black Mask (Who?)


    Also would like to see a kickass woman villain created...or is there another one I don't know aside from Cat Woman?


    I would like to see Bane; to me he's up there with the Joker in terms of real threats to Batman. The other name missing from the list is The Great White Shark. He's a great character and would perfectly fit the mood of these movies (read "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell" and "Face to Face" to know what I mean).


    Poison Ivy probably can't be done because she has actual superpowers that wouldn't fit well with the more realistic movies. I love Harley Quinn and she's by far the most interesting female villain, but she can't be in a movie unless the Joker is there too. Talia Al Ghul would make a kick ass villian and also romantic interest, and would tie the third movie to the first one really well. She might be the only villianess that would actually work.


    Markc7 are you hardcore? I was into one of the Batman cartoon series but, sadly, never the comic book (though I do love vintage books and comics). I vaguely remember Bane in a cartoon...I think he wore a suit? Had a square jaw (but don't they all?!) Ha. I don't know what I'm talking about


    Ah, Harley Quinn! I do remember wondering if she would make an appearance in this latest film. Forgot about Poison Ivy...She has powers?


    Have no idea who Talia Al Ghul is. What's she about? Evil or sexy? There are only those two choices

    I would like a woman villain created without having to be a love interest. I know it's interesting to have that sexual tension, but it's sorta played out by now. Cat Woman has been an off-and-on love interest and plus, Bruce Wayne always has some other woman he's in love with (ruining ) in the film. I haven't liked any of the actresses chosen for that role, by the way; this last one was okay, but she didn't mesh with Bale.


    One criticism I have of the film is that, while there were a lot of characters and all were really good, I think they could have cut a few (like Eric Roberts); unless, they are planting characters to be brought back later. (I kept thinking that with the Roberts character; in fact, I thought it was going to be he who turned into the prime antagonist early on in the film). Anyway, my critique being -- not enough Bale


    Meanwhile he's being carted off to jail

  8. I know that my cardio is slowing down my bulking goals, but I'm in love with endurance sports and that isn't going to change, hehe...


    I know that feeling. I, too, was a runaholic .

    Have you tried making your own bars to take with you? You could make some really calorie dense, nutritious stuff! And at least you'll know what's in it and how old it all is. Wouldn't take but minutes in a food processor, and you could make in bulk and freeze in portions for grab-n-go.


    One thing I used to do was make an oven-full of sweet potatoes at night and the next day I'd have all I'd need for snacking. They travel well, can stay out most of the day without going bad, and taste good cold or room temp (even better than right out of the oven, to me). If you want weight gain, then eating them with some good fat will help.


    Ever tried raw cacao? Another good travel food, not to mention excellent addition to a meal bar (and green smoothie)


    It's always nice when people notice, I agree. Sometimes it's hard to see progress in ourselves.


    Continued success

  9. ...Additionally, I've started the actual process to transition. For those that don't know what that means, I was born a female. I have started the medical process to change my physical presentation to male/male-gendered. While I'll always view myself as a transguy/transboi, I know society will view me as a man based entirely on my outwardly appearance. Regardless, this transition isn't for society but is for me and what I feel comfortable with. Right now, while I'm comfortable with a lot of things in life, parts of my body I'm not comfortable with (regardless of how much weight I lose). With luck, I should be on medically prescribed T by the end of the summer/start of the fall. (btw, if you have questions about this don't be afraid to ask -- I'm very open about it)...


    Hey, best of luck! I do have a question for you: correct me if I'm wrong -- is it you believe that your feelings are more male than female? As well, is it even "feelings" which you believe 'makes you' male/female? I have a curiosity with the whole thing (sexism), and wonder if the gender difference is in actuality, insignificant; and that it is not only primarily but also close to entirely sociologically and culturally based (which leads to psychological -->belief -->behavior, etc.) that determines our "differences."


    And, if so, how do you determine what is 'male' and what is 'female'? (In regard to penchants, inclinations, feelings, etc.



    K, my primary g/f,.


    So there's a non-primary?!

  10. ...

    here is a great list of some possibilities.


    Of those mentioned I would like to see any of these three (not in any order of preference, though) -- Mr. Whisper (Who for this role? Anthony Hopkins?); 5-Zsasz (never heard of him, but very creepy!); and Black Mask (Who?)


    Also would like to see a kickass woman villain created...or is there another one I don't know aside from Cat Woman?

  11. I think a blender would be your best friend

    You will be able to take in more if you blend. This is part of the reason green smoothies are so great: You will consume a lot more blended than you would bowlsful of leaves!


    So, beans would be perfect for you; they are calorically dense, high in protein, a source of good carbohydrates and all-around nutrient dense. Blend them with seeds and nuts for more calories, good fats, and nutrients (and soak the harder nuts if you can for superior absorption).


    You may also want to increase your intake of the sweet, higher-calorie fruits. They will digest quickly, so you won't be "full" for very long.



    I think eating less meals per day is better if you want to put on weight by eating more calories; so the eating-more-often thing isn't necessarily something you want to do, is it?


    And for building muscle ---> LIFT HEAVY!

  12. thanks for the reply...


    How nice . Off topic, but: It strikes me that I am now surprised whenever anyone says, "Thank You," (in person); I remember the days when it was surprising when people didn't -- remember those days? Now I'm shocked when anyone just says, "Thanks"!


    But, you didn't have need to thank me, by the way, in this post; but it sure is lovely to see .


    I eat simply, myself. I eat fresh, whole vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds -- been high-raw for over 4 years now (I take a couple supplements, so that's technically not "100%" for the purists in the raw foodie world) No fatty-gourmet raw, no processed foods. I used to take protein powders and all that, but it's a waste of cash, in my opinion, unless one truly needs it, which is pretty rare .

    So, I agree that money is better spent on nutritious foods than extraneous supps. But if one is going to take protein, better to take the 'more nutritious' of the lot . I do like to keep informed on raw proteins, though; I'm too curious for my own good, I think, and always have to try new things . I'll use the protein to make some raw bars, probably and give them to the athletic persons amongst my family and friends. It's actually a good ingredient in a lot of creamy recipes, like dressings, etc.


    I also agree with you to support vegan endeavors; but I won't support vegans with whom I disagree on fundamentals. Vegans are just as diverse as any other "group"; you can find all kinds! For example, before I knew any better, I used to send Peta loads of cash; soon as I learned better, I stopped, of course.

  13. Just tried the new Sun Warrior, Raw Vegan Brown Rice Protein Powder...








    ...and it's very good. Got the plain.

    It's not gritty; it has that creaminess that NutriBiotic Brown Rice Protein used to have -- it's crap now.

    I can mix the Sun Warrior straight, in water with a fork. It's a mild flavor, and slightly different from NutriBiotic's. It tastes fresher -- hard to describe -- with a light brown-rice taste but not overpowering at all; very nice.


    I ordered a container from Wolfe's site and asked for a sampler, and I chose the chocolate (you can ask for the barley, if you want); they sent a nice amount (above pic in the packet).


    Here are pics of the label.










    It's costly if you're going to use loads of this stuff; but it's definitely one of the better of proteins, and, now, the best of the rice proteins I've tasted, and I've tasted many. The NutriBiotic used to be excellent until they started selling it burnt and gritty. Don't know what happened to them; but I do not believe they are "raw" -- not by a longshot. They also do not care and will not be changing back. If lucky, you can still happen on to a good plain one. The only time I get a good one now is in the little one-serving packets OR the chocolate still seems good. Anyway, I'm not into the protein powders any longer...however, I had to try this


    Obviously, everyone has different tastes; but I'm fairly certain no one would gag over it, and, if someone didn't care for it, it could very easily be hidden in your green or other smoothies.


    Their upcoming Raw, Brown Rice Milk Powders look very interesting too


    So, another raw, and more importantly, VEGAN option

    Thumbs up!

  14. There are also B-12 shots available. It's sort of faddish (at least here in L.A.) to get them for "energy." I don't need energy, but, the curious fool that I am, I've been wanting to try them


    Here is another "whole-food" source -- "Innate Response"; not sure it's "raw," but it couldn't hurt to confirm. It claims, "The True Actives of Live Foods" "Frozen Raw at the Source."


    And then there are patches



    Lean and Green,, I've tried that B12. Not too tasty! But I would think it's okay.


    Oh, by the way, I've mentioned this before but if you're going to have your B12 checked by a doctor or whomever, you MUST ask for an "MMA B-12 Test"; not the standard tests they do. That will not give you an accurate reading. This is advised by some doctors who know vegan and raw diets. You could be running around deficient and think your levels are a-okay because of a standard test

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