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  1. Formicalinoleum, I haven't gotten a hold of my sister yet. We're both really busy and we've been missing eachother all week! I'll try to find out how much she paid this weekend, if I can get a hold of her. I think she did her underarms too and possibly her 'stache
  2. fun pictures! I was going to ask about the shark too do you still work with special needs folks? What do you do if that's not too nosey?
  3. I couldn't see the video, buzz Is it unavailable now?
  4. I agree with RawFigure and Formicalinoleum, on the hemp protein powder and also the greens. Too much soy isn't beneficial anyway. The free-range egg thing is a marketing gimmick and feeds into people's desire to consume them guilt free. Sadly it works. So don't do it, shelby!
  5. Wow, new stuff? Never heard of it. Keep me updated. Is it like creatine? I used to take the liquid formula a few years ago, but they started adding animal products to it At the time, it was effective; but I wouldn't use it now.
  6. Oh, yes, that's where I saw your pictures . I still haven't tasted the ubiquitous gogi berry. I heard it tastes like cranberries. I don't eat dried fruit or gourmet raw or dehydrated stuff, etc.; I eat fresh raw. I had a journal going but just deleted mine too. My diet is very basic now and routine: 64 oz smoothie, Fruit Meal (mono), Vegetable-Fats meal. If I snack it will be handful of nuts, another smoothie, or fruit. Pretty simple, but I worked it out and that's it. I take hemp protein powder or raw rice protein occasionally. Hmmm...haven't felt those effects from the maca, dammit! Ooh, I do like cacoa, but don't eat it, lol. I have a bag of it, but never really think to use it. How do you use it? You know what's funny about the whole Braggs and cacao thing? many of these people were discussing how you *have to* be 100% raw. But at the time they were claiming this and getting all the benefits they were consuming non-raw foods like Bragg's, nutritional yeast etc. and only later discontiued them when they found out. So what does this say about their 100% theory? It's only in the mind then? Okay, then everyone just has to pretend they're eating raw and it will work!! Lol. Yea, I don't buy it. But, like I said, I'm 100% right now and doing great. I don't know it will always be that way,though. And I certainly don't think everyone has to be 100% to see dramatic results. I like sprouts too, but dont grow my own wheatgrass and sprout anymore. I just buy it if I want it now on occasion. You know it's nice to associate with folks who aren't so manic about it all! It really gets weird, you know? SamL I think you used to post at RFT too. Did you have your baby? Are you still eating all raw? Can't remember if you were 100%. Good to see you, welcome!
  7. thanks for this, VeganEssentials! I know I really appreciate what you say here and agree with it.
  8. I know there's only one EmergenC that isn't vegan and it's the Calcium. It has animal-derived Vitamin D...I think it was the VitD; but anyway, when I contacted Alcer they told me the calcium one was not vegan but that the others are. Unless anyone knows if they've changed it recently. I contacted them about a year ago.
  9. Hey, RawFigure, good to see you. I love maca as well and have them in my green smoothies. I'm 100% raw for now - I have been for over a year now - though I'm not obsessive about the "purity" of it; so I leave it open and consider myself "high raw." And, hey, post your pictures for us! I've seen your pictures when you used to compete and you were awesome, woman! Great fitness, great figure. come on! Oh, and welcome
  10. Good for you, violet13, I agree with you. I'd go even further than you, but that's irrelevant at this point. This entire thread is a ing display... Both and Anyone caring for an expounding on that can pm or email me, if curious, since I doubt I'll post in this thread again.
  11. I would think most men would agree with that statement. I know when I'm getting in a hot-n-heavy mood my makeup is the last thing I think about! Haha! Well, it would be a surprise. I'm used to most people not agreeing with my statements Funny, I've been told by several men that they find thick or heavy lipstick a turn off when they want to kiss someone. Of course, it looks nice, but when it comes time to lock lips, they find the idea of kissing all that goop unappetizing http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/makeout.gif
  12. I'm pretty sure Jay was using irony in his post I doubt he was suggesting to literally "pretend." I know I was with my addition. Even more ironic how easy it is to misconstrue intent in posts, isn't it? Lots of that going around.
  13. There was a good one by Al Sharpton too.
  14. Well, well, well, Mister I need to concentrate. I remember you mentioning that in my journal. My prob is more like and dislike. It's hard to be motivated for something you don't enjoy. I'm glad you're doing better! sometimes it's a gamble with chiropractors. Is he just massaging? Sometimes, just that is worth it! And, hey, don't worry, you can trust me. I won't tell ~~~~~Yee heeheeheeeeee!
  15. Oh, man, if only! There are some good vegan lipliners and lipsticks, but they are usually softer than the regular kissy-proof ones. Maybe a messy face is nice once in a while?
  16. How cute! I love the outfit, SeaSiren You look angelic, Dahling I haven't dressed in a costume in ages...last time I think I was a nun
  17. @ sinisterkunfu. Hmmm...let's see, Cheney's bad judgment gets someone shot -- I'm shocked, I say, shocked!! http://www.boingboing.net/images/12cheney4xx.jpg Here's my addition: The 11th way cheney can kill you...(drum roll) "Get w to scout for you": http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/MISC/dumbshit.jpg I also like to entitle this one, "Why I Voted The Way I Did"
  18. But once you've lost weight it's not possible for you to know whether this person is just reacting to your good looks or really likes you. You will end up bitter and suspicious! At some point, you have to give people a chance; their shallowness *will* surface at some point anyway. But you shouldn't (in my opinion) judge them so quickly, based on an assumption that they are attracted to you now only because you've lost weight -- you would be projecting As well, you may be selling yourself short; you may be more attractive in other ways than you think, and you may be giving out a better vibe of confidence which others are picking up on now that wasn't there before. Confidence is *very* attractive. I think, in general, that women are much more "forgiving" for lack of a better word when it comes to looks. I see women with overweight men and accepting of physical "flaws" (as popular culture defines) much more than men. MUCH more.
  19. Bagel party, aye? Hehe. I used to do popcorn in different flavors. I used to like making kettle corn Yikes! sounds like you had fun
  20. Hey! Nice to meet you! You'll show them, eh? Go, Robert!
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