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  1. I appreciate Robert's approach mostly. I remember him on VF and I recall him being attacked a few times What I liked most was his ability to never lose it. I know I would have gone *off,* lemme tell ya I like that kind of model for veganism. It's positive. Just like how Robert doesn't just surround himself with vegans but has friends all over -- omnis to every pseudo-vegetarian out there. Isolation is a sure way to ensure little effect.
  2. I'll add one: Pretend it's not ourselves we see when we recoil in "horror" at the acts of terrorists. I hate to sound cliche, but we can only do so much. I guess I find it harder to pretend than to live in reality. It's not really much of a choice.
  3. I agree with willpeavy. I don't read violet's messages the way a lot of people seem to. I don't see them as offensive. When I read violet's messages, I see them as someone venting and someone hoping for commisserative responses as opposed to a conversation. No problem, I guess. If people don't want to add their "yes, I agree" then just skip it. I don't think she's accusing anyone here or yelling at anyone here. She's being emotional -- how can one not be? If there are misunderstandings then further explanations are necessary; if you don't want to then just drop it. I like violet's messages for a couple reasons: One, they are good for people new to the board or just coming across the board. If they end up reading about cruelty that's fine with me. Two, I read them and see that her words are very passionate. Words like "barbarity" and so forth, are not exaggerations. They are truly what goes on all day, every minute, every second of every day. To be reminded of this is a good thing. I've been a vegan over 10 years and it still shocks me. It's easy to be "happy" in our vegan lives and somewhere in the back of our minds think of the animals now and then. It's easy to be content. The truth is I appreciate violet's messages because they remind me not to get so comfortable. There is immeasurable suffering among the least valued among us -- including human beings.
  4. Comet, just do as violet suggested and use your products till they wear out. Then you can replace them with vegan versions
  5. That was Benjamin Franklin. He has a lot of great quotes. Too bad he didn't follow them
  6. It takes more than a couple treatments. My sister had her bikini area done and it took several treatments over several months. For her it was worth it. She said it didn't hurt.
  7. Quinoa and amaranth are my favorite grains. If I eat any grains again, it will be quinoa, probably . They are complete proteins by themselves from what I've read as well. I agree with Drs. Fuhrman and Harris that they should be eaten sparingly. For me, grains would be a treat like a dessert might be for others. I used to love to make grain medleys and add mushrooms.
  8. offense74, yes, I do. I don't have anything against corn, I just haven't had any in a long time and don't care to have any right now. The only rice I have is occasionally I have some raw rice protein, but I don't really need it, I just like it From what I know grains are acidic so contribute to an acidic body which contributes to poor health (meat, for example is highly acidic). What is optimal is to have an alkaline body which comes from...fruits and vegetables! It may seem extreme, but not really. I used to be a major carb addict. I don't even crave bread or grains any longer (I eat high-raw). Interestingly, before I knew about grains being acidic, etc., my holistic dentist remarked to me, "Gee, you must have an acidic system." I assumed she meant that, because I was having tooth sensitivity, I was consuming a lot of acid foods -- to me, I thought "acid fruits." Fast forward and I learned that it was not poor old fruit to blame, it was grains! I was consuming a LOT of whole grains because I thought they were best at the time (10-13 servings a day, which is about 3 Cups or more). I did eat a lot of fruit, but I believe it was the grains. I eat more fruit now and have no teeth problems; so that's proof enough for me . I also attribute it (my healing) to my large consumption of greens. I know a lot of people who say exactly what you say -- that they feel better without grains. This is true of a lot of people who follow Dr. Fuhrman's dietary guidelines (he's not a raw foodist and he's not an extremist which is one reason I like him!). He does not believe a diet should be based on grains, but on raw and cooked vegetables, beans,fruit, and seeds and nuts. He does advocate lots of raw and believes they are optimal, but does believe 100% raw food is necessary. He also allows for grains and bread but only AFTER you consume what he suggests is the amount of veggies, fruit, beans, and fat you need daily. So if you have room in your stomach, you're welcome to it Another doctor who I like is another advocate of high-raw, but also finds problems with the claims of rawists. He does not like high-grains either. Here are a couple links. Dr. Fuhrman's book is really good, I've read it and he explains it all. He believes most of us are truly deficient because we are not feeding our bodies the nutrients they need which can only be found in fresh fruit and veggies. sorry to be so longwinded . To answer your question, yes I feel great. I'm the healthiest I've ever been and I look better too. I've experienced some nice changes. Dr. Harris on Tooth Erosion Dr. Harris on Grains and Greens - (good site too; he has a lot of good info and he's fair, I think) Dr. Fuhrman's Plan in a nutshell: "Basically, the goal of Eat to Live is to eat foods that have a very high nutrition to calorie ratio and avoid foods that don't provide much nutrition for the calories they contain. Fruits and vegetables pack the most nutrition, so the diet is based on them. The goal is to... eat at least 1 pound daily of raw vegetables; 1 pound of cooked, non-starchy vegetables; 4 servings of fruit; and 1 cup of beans. Those foods are unlimited. The plan limits other foods: ... 1 ounce of raw nuts and seeds, and 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds. All animal products and refined oils are off limits, and refined grain products, such as bread, are not encouraged. (but 1 cup maximum of starchy vegetables or whole grains" is allowed) After a person has reached a healthy weight, very limited amounts of less-healthy food may be added in (for those who absolutely will not give them up.)" - taken from fatfree vegan.com
  9. What do you body builders think of THIS? Is this true for you? Are your gains better taking long(er) periods of time off than consistent training? I do know rest is important, but I'm reading this as saying it may be even longer time in between that is most beneficial for muscle gain. What do you think?
  10. Hi! I think you need more leafy greens and fruit in your diet. You didn't mention one fruit! Nothing wrong with cashews, just eat raw ones if you want some benefit out of them. And cut back on them a bit if you feel you overdo it I don't think it will take you too long to get back into shape, especially if you've been in shape in the past. The body has great muscle memory. My advice -- go vegan. Make a truly "clean" start Welcome
  11. I don't eat grains anymore, but when I did, I used a rice cooker. It's less expensive than a pressure cooker. It shuts off automatically when done, so you don't have to watch it. You can also use broths and seasonings in it, as well as veggies to cook along with the grains. If the whole grains are in a box, that's okay, as long as it isn't processed in any way. They just box it to overcharge you . You can buy from the bulk bins and save money. One thing that's very important, though, is to wash (rinse) the grains before cooking.
  12. offense74, read HERE _______________________^ (Typical Canadian fan) http://www.gifanimations.com/Image/Animations/Sports/Hockey/~TS1139589474338/Ice_hockey.gif
  13. That could be true, collegeB; good point. But we still have to deal with it in terms of the law. So the assertion of free speech, democracy, blah, blah is understandable, setting aside motives. It's not hard to believe there are agendas on all sides...at least it shouldn't be; it should be expected, unfortunately.
  14. I love number 10 Damn kids! I liked my twin bed too; it was cozy! The queen I have now is like a vast wasteland. I have to journey to the edge to get off
  15. Good luck, Jay. Stay strong and think good thoughts. Don't get to liking those tabs too much now Though it might be a good time to pick up your pen, eh? Some of the best stuff ever written was "influenced" shall we say Lotsa good vibes ~~~~~~~~~ -> Jay
  16. Cute! I used to love hockey, but we play it California style -- in an auditorium, hardwood floors, with tennies on ~Now the Canadians will all have a laughing fit ~
  17. Right now, I'm thinking a lot of the protest is a lot of people fed up, etc., like Aaron pointed out. But the violent people are extremists just fueling the fires to further their agenda. These violent people are not following true Islam anyway; they are following a distortion of it to influence the young and seduce those who are desperate and tired. I understand the Danish publications desires to express free speech, but we are in a time when things are so volatile that it is irresponsible to publish such things which can ignite this type of violence. I think the higher responsibility *at the moment* is to not agree that these publications are "wrong" but to agree to not publish them at this time. I think it's more important to build bridges by working toward our similarities and common goals instead of insulting eachother. As much as I hate it, we have to sacrifice sometimes because the collective good (safety in this case) supersedes the individual right (the publication). Now when would be an okay time TO publish these things?? I don't know, but I'm sure the answer lies somewhere in education. Am I rambling?
  18. I didn't mean to imply cartoons were interference. I was attempting to explain that what is okay/right/logical to you is not to all peoples.
  19. Yay! So should I wait for instruction? Is there tax on the items? I will probably make it easy and just send you a couple money orders. Perhaps I should just make my own order form -- just write out what I want, add up the price and send the checks??
  20. You have to draw a (fine) line somewhere. Richard, I agree with your last post to a point,but there are peoples in the world who just don't think like we do and they don't want to. This is one reason they laugh when some countries (and simpleton leaders) make statements like, "They are just jealous of us!" "They wish they had our lifestyles/freedoms." Truth is they don't want them; and they want us the hell out of theirs.
  21. Well, I'm fairly new here, so I guess I don't know you...do I?? Welcome! http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/dancing.gif
  22. That's awesome, michael! I've had a few people asking me if I dyed my hair. I never have, but my hair has gotten darker. I figured borage oil would be good for me, since combined with flax, it is especially good for hair and skin; and, since I don't consume any GLA-oils on my diet, I figured I'd try it (plus there really isn't much, if any, benefit in heated oils). It is also in a lot of "women's" flax oils as well as primrose oil, which is also GLA-rich, but less than borage. As a side benefit, I love the taste; but, from what I've read, it should not be taken in large amounts and only as a supplement. I would say it has contributed to my results definitely. Oh, yes, I love hemp seeds too! What's your diet like? Do you have a training journal? I have been logging my food; but it's pretty routine now.
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