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  1. Hi, gfighta, welcome! What exactly are you eating? Do you eat a lot of faux meats? They contain a lot of soy and a lot of wheat -- both of which you may be allergic. Also, are you eating enough? On a vegan diet, one usually needs more volume of food. Do you take any supplements? Is it possible you may be experiencing a reaction from a combination of supplements? Have you started anything at all new? Hope you get to the bottom of this! You should be feeling better on a vegan diet
  2. Oh, man, I would love to have a figgy tree! One of my favorite fruits. Can't wait for them to come in season. I can eat 'em all day. A perfectly ripened sweet, thick, soft fig has no equal!
  3. Hey, SeaSiren, what's a pushdown? good luck with your new routine! How's your sis?
  4. Hi, Slightly Unfortunately, for women like that it's genetic; fortunately for you, you have that gene Looks like you just need to do some weightlifting. should be very easy and fast for you to achieve that look.
  5. Okay, I'll hold off on ordering then. Do you take phone orders (credit card) or checks? Speaking of low on money, I'm wondering if deleting pictures in old dead threads will help? If I'm not mistaken, pictures take up lots of space (bandwith?) and costs more money to buy more. Is that right? I made a habit of deleting pictures that I post after the thread has moved off the front page or two out of respect for board owners of sites where I post. Also, I'd be willing to contribute a donation to the site. I don't see an address (or phone number) to do so -- is there one? I prefer not to use PayPal-type thingys.
  6. Do the shorts come in only gray? Also, are there shorts with black lettering instead of white? I can imagine that white is going to wear out soon and isn't very eye catching anyway Same for the gray top. Also, I'm wondering how small the "small" is or if I should get a medium. Is it 100% cotton? It will shrink if it is. Is there a difference between the "semi sleeveless" and the "sleeveless"? They look the same to me! Also, no size on the shorts! Any plans to get more colors? Thanks!
  7. I agree with Gorilla. Sipping all day is better than chugging. Supposedly, you can flood your body and inhibit mineral absorption as well as deplete them.
  8. It takes a special kinda man Usually when I change my routine I sweat. I can run for miles and barely break a sweat sometimes. If I throw in a stairmaster stint, I'll sweat. Whew, haven't danced in years...I used to sweat a bit, but I was a mellow dancer so never got too sweaty.
  9. Hi, FormicaLinoleum, (love your moniker; reminds me of my childhood: We had a linoleum kitchen floor ) When you do your squats, what kind of weights are you holding? And what exactly are squats doing for you? Or maybe, "why do you do them?" is a better question. Is it strength?
  10. Hey, sorry you're not feeling well, my friend. I have no doubt stress has contributed, at least. What do you think about breathing exercises? Water is definitely up there, in terms of daily needs. I get a myriad of symptoms from not drinking enough. I know it's possible to drink too much, but I tend to not drink enough occasionally. Sometimes it's hard to balance...I have high water needs, but it sometimes interferes with adequate food consumption, even though I'm definitely a volume eater. One thing I do is drink tisanes (or herbal, caffeine free blends) when I just can't get myself to take another drink of water.
  11. Best things for hairloss: Green leafy vegetables (collards, kale, spinach, etc) and Flax seeds *daily* - 1 Tb whole raw seeds, grind it up and eat fresh. Make sure you are getting good-quality, raw fats in your diet (cooked fats don't count, don't help) - nuts and seeds A supplement that's good is BioSil by Jarrow. (liquid drops) MSM is great for skin and hair. I started taking some borage oil and it has helped; but the essential fatty acids in greens and flax seeds is what really did it. I am totally serious when I tell you I have brand new hair growth! My hair is not only growing more, each hair is thicker and stronger, shinier and much darker! I'm telling you guys, make green smoothies! The e.f.a.'s which occur naturally in them plus all those minerals do SO much for you! don't forget your daily flax.
  12. football sucks! http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SMILEYS/dodge.gif
  13. You can go to the Amazon forests! They live and thrive on the banks. They light up the trees at night. Take me with you!!
  14. I *love* elephants!! Phoenix that site sums up your vibe here: you give off a mellow, peaceful vibe
  15. Ooooooooooooh, another cutiepie! He has a nice coat. Was he abused or showing any signs of it? Some dogs in shelters have severe emotional trauma and are psychologically damaged. I think many people who take out their problems on animals are emotionally damaged themselves.
  16. You can ask for plain pasta (it probably is just semolina flour, but ask if it has eggs, just in case) and marinara (usually vegan, but ask!) Really, you have to ask about everything.I'm still surprised even now after 10 years that simple plain things you buy at the store that you would think are okay contain something ridiculous Baked potatoes are always reliable, and salsa on top is usually good. A salad if you ask for olive oil and vinegar separately to put onyourself (unless they have a vegan italian dressing.
  17. Yo, rick Being vegan is easy! Let us know what you need. The different forums are for specific questions you may have -- ask away! Welcome
  18. Yep, you look pretty fit . Nice complexion too!
  19. I find going to shelters extremely difficult. I end up blubbering, literally, crying to the point I cannot disguise it. I don't mean just watery eyes -- I mean crying. Only time I go in is to adopt. I wish I could hold myself together, because this is a worthwhile activity. I'm definitely selfish for not being able to do this; I view it as total weakness and unacceptable on my part. I'm working on it. I say do it, robert, and as an added benefit, it may relieve some stress or perhaps take your mind off of things while you play with some animals.
  20. Morrissey wrote a line, "I think about life and I think about death. And neither one particularly appeals to me." I can understand that sentiment sometimes.
  21. Never heard of them, Jay, but sounds funny. I'd like to see them sometime. I forgot that Jon Stewart makes me laugh, and Conan O'Brien is also very funny and a good writer.
  22. sorry to hear you're so stressed, robert I cardio when I'm stressed, lol. Going for a long run relieves a lot of anxiety and helps me relax, if not wipe me out so not sure if that's what you're looking for. I also like to rent an old favorite film or, if you can find one, a funny one is good. I often call one of my sisters because I know I'll be rolling in no time and laughing is always a good tension tamer. Also, a long hot bath (especially after exercise, but not necessary) is so soothing. At the end of the day, it's especially nice. I know it sounds cliche, but creating an ambiance is nice. I like to dim the lights and light some candles, shut out extraneous noises. This (low light) sets your body and mind ready for sleep. Reading is nice too. Turn off the ringer on the phone! I wish I could meditate; but I've never really been able to do it. If you can, most people say it is very worthwhile. If you like tea, some herbals are created especially for relaxing. Going to a museum is very relaxing. It's stimulating, but it doesn't have the same effect as a stressful stimulation. I like to go antiquing occasionally. There are usually a lot of consignment and antique shops clustered together in one area of town. Browsing is nice and relaxing and there's no pressure or urgency to buy. Most don't anyway. How about playing a game? Chess? Checkers? Even if you want to be alone, you can find someone to play with online. They even have beginners, intermediate, etc., levels. You could make some game-playing buddies
  23. Crash, I love Wanda she's hilarious. Very few comeidans make me actually laugh. I cannot think of one movie off hand that made me laugh out loud or feel anything more than mildly amused. I can think of two (aside from Crash reminding me of Wanda) that *do* make me laugh, Jaime Fox and Larry David. Jaime Fox is a true comedian and I hope he stays with it as his fame grows. I laughed through his standup video, "I Might Need Security." I've seen it 4 or 5 times and laughed hard every time. Larry David is a brilliant comedy writer -- "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- and he's hilarious in that series. Strangely, I *despise* the "Seinfeld" show (David is the creator and co-writer). Can't explain it, really; though I do know I also find Jerry Seinfeld completely unfunny and talent-less. Those are the few I can think at the moment.
  24. Awww, I loved this movie too. If you're a bird lover like me , you'll love THE WILD PARROTS OF TELEGRAPH HILL- very nice. Did anyone see THE WEEPING CAMEL? SO beautiful. I highly recommend it. Another interesting one (documentary-ish) is "GRIZZLY." Apparently, Herzog took a lot of heat for "exploiting." He's always controversial, but, I could see that criticism as valid. It could be viewed other ways, too, though. Anyone who has seen it have an opinion on it?
  25. Hey, there! You might like to start a journal too! I should; but I feel like mine would just be repetitious and boring. Welcome
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