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  1. Yay! someone to join me in "Oprah-bashing" (joking!) Compassionategirl, I didn't know about that doctor and vivisection, but I think I know which one you refer; he makes some good recommendations, but still allows for meat. The fact that she can ignore that says a lot about her and us -- how we live in denial and how we compartmentalize. Oprah is SO influencial, it's sickening. Her latests little flub has done her some damage; but, it's probably just a dent to be fogotten 'tomorrow.' Personally, I found it pretty bad; but, I never thought Oprah's opinion was/is more valuable than any other human being. She would have access to the best vegan food. What a waste! kathryn, I think fox hunting was made illegal last year, wasn't it? Of course, not that it would stop the rich and famous. Madonna is such a poser. I don't know why the British don't hate her for her fake-wannabe- English farce. She's another one that annoys me! lol Sadly, Coretta Scott King died the other day. She was a vegan and probably had an influence in the Black community; not sure if she spoke out much about the ethics of it, though. If she did, I hardly think the "media" would have covered it: C.S.K.
  2. Looks like fun! I'm more adventurous as I've gotten older. I never would have done that years ago, but I'd do it now '\
  3. Crash, yes, I meant green leafies I think the best foods for a flat tummy are lots of fresh, whole raw foods. Having experienced a lifelong battle with my "pouch," (even while running 10 miles a day!) I know! It's exercise and diet, but not just one or the other.
  4. Hmmm...maybe something like this might challenge me to really commit to working my arms. I always burn on weights.
  5. wannalift, what's a hammer strength row? Never heard that one. Looks like you must be a really strong person!
  6. I think you are right about some of them, sinsisterkungfu. Those are the worst kind! It never lasts. I think Madonna did the same thing. Oh, yea! Go robert! Haha. That would be great. I get the feeling you'd have no problem expressing that. CrispyQ, I agree: Go robert! compassionategirl, you're right! I forgot about Alec. I must say, he isn't shy about it at all, though he doesn't really get interviewed often or asked about it. His ex, Kim Basinger, is also fairly vocal; but, again, where is she? lol. On another note, I think Alec Baldwin is underrated and underutilized by Hollywood -- he's a good actor and funny as hell. Yes, Joaquin Phoenix is a great example. too bad he doesn't talk about it more. It seems to come up in a lot of print interviews, but hardly the tv ones. I guess I'd be paranoid to think, perhaps, it's being edited out ':confused2: Oh, gee, Ellen? Really? That is disappointing. Imagine what she could do, having her own show? I've always wondered why Oprah hasn't gone vegan. I mean, she likes to promote herself as this compassionate person and loves to go on diatribes bordering on proselytising and/or chastising. After all, she was involved in that free speech lawsuit with Howard Lyman -- how could she not know? Ignorance is no excuse. I must say, it especially irritates me, when she's exposing us to some horrible truth and says, "Now that you've been told, you cannot say you didn't know." Which places a sort of pressure on us to act - which is a good thing; So, I ask her the same: "Now that you know about the beef industry (and I assume the reality of same), what are *you* going to do?" She annoys me, really. kathryn I think that does have something to do with it in some cases. Mustn't make folks uncomfortable, don't ya know. And, I think woody is also sort of painted into that hippy corner, yes. That's too bad. He's a good actor, though, and raw (mostly)
  7. Less than 30 seconds, 9nines. It is 2 horsepower, so it does a very smooooth job. It varies depending on how much greens I stuff in there, or other things like ice, etc.; but it's about that long. There is also the k-tec which is even more powerful at 3 horsepower (though it may not be as sturdy/reliable/long-lasting as the vitamix - not sure. I may get one, but I don't need one right now). How are you doing it? do you put the fruit first and blend, then add greens? I would do that and try to get it smooth. *Then* add any liquid a bit at a time. This may help to get it fully pulverized without too much liquid to move it around and away from the blades. That would be my suggestion. Otherwise, get the vitamix
  8. What do you think, if anything,these folks should do? Obviously, no one has to do anything,but, do you feel that the ethical vegans have a special obligation? should they play a more active role? I was reminded of this this week, when I saw a taped exerpt of the "Ellen" show. Alicia Silverstone was a guest. What irritated me (tell me if I'm wrong) is that every time, including this time, I see her make an appearance and she is asked about veganism she rambles on about her garden, what she eats, and how great it makes her look. (I'm not knocking her; just trying to use an illustration for my frustration) Now, I honestly have nothing against those things; I think they do help, but I would like to hear her at least mention the animals. Not one reference, not one. I like to think if, geez, you've got millions of people watching all over the nation, why on earth would you not take that opportunity? How many of us would love a spot like that on tv? Same with the other Hollywood vegans...are they more concerned with their contracts? with their sponsors? Why not just a mention? Most of them, if they mention animals, do so in print. The only one I've actually heard talk about the animals almost every time she makes an appearance is Pamela Anderson. Whether or not she is the ideal spokesperson for animals... I'm just annoyed, I guess. Why don't Hollywood vegans, say, get together -- maybe 10 or so -- each put in some cash and make a commercial, starring themselves, making statements about vivisection, farming, cruelty, reality, etc.? Heck, even individuals like myself would be willing to donate to a project like that for that kind of exposure. I'm sure it might be difficult if not impossible to get it aired (especially with these networks beholdened to the meat and dairy industries, corporations, etc.), but don't you think if they tried hard enough and made a big deal about it, it would at least lead to publicity? That in itself might be enough and the commercial would be moot. Hollywood, for all its obnoxiousness, could really do something with its influence. Do you think so? And it would take so little...compared to all the dedicated people who work long years... I'm not pinning my hopes on hollywood or any other group, but perhaps I'm wrong to have expectations of a few? I don't know, I guess I'm rambling. Just say that if any of you ever become national celebrities you will at least acknowledge the animals.
  9. Oh, no, I'm so sorry. I shall definitely pray for her, you, and your family. How are you holding up, seasiren? I can only try to imagine...I am very close with my sisters. Please feel hopeful. I send you lots of hugs
  10. @ lelle you have a good eye, Gym hater SeaSiren Geez, I expected, when I came back to this thread, that I would see a bunch of baby pictures posted! C'mon, remember when you were cute?
  11. Hi , I'm in L.A. county. Welcome! evan, what's a tap?
  12. michael, it's 1 cup?!! Wow. That is insane. But, you know, it makes sense when you see how people are so tired all the time. And all those colas. I think that's where a lot of it comes from. People don't think of it as drinking a 1/4 C of sugar. I hear you, lelle! They like to use all types of names too, to disguise it. From what I know, the worst is corn syrup. Only thing I'd like to do is eliminate salt; or at least get to almost none. I've actually cut down a LOT. I get natural sodium from my green smoothies, whic is probably enough; but I do have added sodium once a day Much less than I used to, though ; I add it when I make my salad dressings. How are you all doing with added salt?
  13. Jay, I answered in your food thread. The author of the Smoothie article also lists pears as a favorite. Hi, 9nines I would save for a vitamix! It's so worth it. That's what I did. People still have theirs after 25 years. But, if you can't wait, a 600 watt would work. Just add the fruit and liquid/water first, blend; add some leaves, blend; add more leaves; etc. This, so you won't overburden the blender. The point is to completely emulsify the greens so there is no grittiness or tiny pieces so it's totally smooth. Also, cold or frozen fruit and cold water or ice is good to keep the smoothie from overheating, if you find that happens. I got my vitamix about 6 years ago and I never made smoothies. I used it all the time, though, for other recipes I'd make. Almost daily. I've been making green smoothies for over a year now. Just so you know the VitaMix is a workhorse, and you'll find you'll use it for other things.
  14. whoa, zeus is livin' the high life!
  15. I agree with michael! Any sugar is too much! For me, only stevia is acceptable as a sweetener; all other sweet flavor comes from fresh fruit If I do prepare a dish for family or friends, I use raw agave nectar or raw yacon syrup. Feels so good to get off sugar. I remember being addicted to coffee -- well, I thought I was. I was actually addicted to the sugar! The coffee I could take or leave, it was the sugar that I wanted. By the way, another vote for honeybush tisan! Bushmen's Brew, Honeybush teasan" by Numi is my favorite; it really has hints of honey flavor (no real honey, of course). I love rooibos too and I also mix the two. My favorite brand is Numi; the best I've tasted. If you guys love these tisans, then try the new GREEN ROOIBOS! It's even more nutritious than the others. I also love yerba mate
  16. Didn't realize you needed to lose any!?? You look great
  17. Here ya go, Phoenix, a PHOENIX (and a vegan one, too!) for you.
  18. And yet, you put it in a vacuum with your statement that women who choose augmentation are making a decision based on a deformed desire. "Desire" -- not much better. A deformed desire is still offensive as it assumes these women have been manipulated into a decision by society. Women are perfectly capable of making INformed good decisions as well as bad. To make a sweeping statement, as you did, with no clarification or qualifier, that their decisions are "deformed," is with what I take issue. If you meant that one reason women get augmentation is ___, then you should have expressed that. Further, "desire" is loaded language and connotes or presumes that there are no outside reasons beyond "compulsion," "urge," or "craving" (synonyms of desire) for choosing augmentation. This is an example of how you have contextualized augmentation into a vacuum. Further, only the word "decision" is correct; it is a decision because there are a myriad of possibilities that can occur for women to make this choice. Now, just as significant, "deformed" is the word at issue. With your concern for the plight of women in society you have chosen words such as "deformed desire" to further the patriarchal language which demeans women. Again, sweeping statement with no factual basis. There is no room in statements like these for other possibilities of cause. You don't have to tell me about patriarchy and how it effects women nor how it affects women. I don't know that to be true. How would one come to that conclusion definitively? It would be impossible. I can't say whether or not breast augmentation would exist if society did not place such importance on womens' bodies, and I don't believe you can. You can wonder or consider it a possibility or as one contributing factor. No one said anything about irrational. You made a sweeping statement about why women get augmentation. You nor I can make such a statement about the reason someone makes a decision, much less all women who get augmentation. Your implication that the women who choose to undergo plastic surgery are somehow unwitting victims of society is where I take issue with you. But you did. You stated they make it because of a deformed desire. Thanks, robert Jay, you're probably right: this will go nowhere. Good conversation, though
  19. Oooooooh Cuties pies!! Please tell me that's a fake leopard skin. Just kidding! Sorry about your golden...
  20. Ooh, awesome! thanks. I wonder if that can be done on a fitness ball. I have one that I used once I fell on my head trying to use it the first time I tried. I'm so traumatized I'll give those a try!
  21. Thanks Yes. The conclusion that woman with fake breasts make "deformed" decisions is presumptuous and insulting. Perhaps... semantics? Daniel, I'm sorry my illustration of judging people on appearance is not clear to you -- just disregard it. My post was in response to your conclusion that women who get breast augmentation have made "deformed" decisions. This is what I wanted clarification on. Do you not see that that can be a sexist statement? And as to your conclusion, you are coming to them based on one attribute -- a physical one -- do you not see that? I don't think you are trying to be offensive; I just think, presuming to know that women who get augmentation are making deformed decisions is where you are wrong. I really don't know how you would possess this knowledge, but I'm sure a lot of women would be quite suprised to know that you have discovered for them the real reason they have made personal decisions about their bodies. E.T.A If Richard is right, then that would be great. And I've tried not to be offensive in my statements; so I ask that they not be taken as such.
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