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  1. Ummm...this is not a judgment? Lol. "I believe it is the latter" is not a conclusion? On what do you base this judgment?
  2. I fluctuate with this, actually. I've done well both ways. I think eating heavy before is not good. Eating a small amount of a high carb (preferably a quick absorbing one, such as fruit) is best. Right now, I'm not eating before, but I'm making sure to have a good recovery meal soon afterwards -- my green smoothies: see thread and pics HERE--and I include raw hemp protein sometimes in it and a large spoonful of maca.
  3. That *is* a cute pic. Now I see the Owen Wilson resemblance
  4. Well, I'll be ding donged! Thanks for that. Still it's a small percentage and an option. I agree with getting a pattern of sleep established! Thanks for that reminder, runner, that does work. Also a hot bath or even shower at bedtime is very relaxing.
  5. Yea, good save, but we've got our eyes on you...
  6. That's still too simplistic and highly judgmental. I think judging someone on physical attributes is disturbing and says more about the person judging than the judged. "I won't date someone with fake breasts" vs. "I won't date someone flat chested" what's the difference? None. And assuming to know someone's reasons for anything, really, just by looking at them is presumptuous at best.
  7. Thanks, willpeavy and Jay. Sorry but I don't understand the pullovers on the back... Am I pulling myself up on the floor? I dont get it. ~Is there a dunce smiley?~
  8. _raVen_

    What I eat

    Lol, you left out the avos? Blasphemy! Oh, well, at least it was okay. It can take some tweaking to taste.
  9. Lol @ SeaSiren Daywalker, Mod Squat?? Lol! Turn in your Super Hero suit! Well, Phoenix, I'll have you know that those shows were indeed BEFORE my time, thank you very much I happen to be a movie freak and an old-tv shows lover. I hate today's tv garbage, but love the oldies; watched all the reruns as a kid. Personally, I prefer intellectually stimulating shows such as my all-time favorite -- "Get Smart" A-hem... also way before my time http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/unsure.gif[/i]
  10. Oops, sorry, robert, don't mean to pile work on ya Sounds fun though, and some people (ME!) like the encouragement from looking at others' progress. Plus just random photos are fun to see -- it's nice to put a face to a post. Oh, and we could post our animal friends!
  11. Hey, SeaSiren ! Hmmm... are you sure? I remember researching sleep aids a few years ago and I never came across that information; to the contrary: melatonin works on most people with no side effects. I think the worst thing that can happen is that it won't work; but that is rare. What were your side effects? On the other hand, everything I've read about Valerian cautions that there are side effects/non-effectiveness. Are you sure it wasn't Valerian you took?
  12. Aaaalways gotta keep that window open, ha?
  13. Or progress page? I like looking through those!
  14. If the above don't work, I've read walnuts help. Also, if it gets really bad, I can vouch for melatonin. It's herbal, non-addictive and works! It'll knock ya out. A couple others that are natural but should be used moderately would be kava kava (unless you have liver issues) and valerian (which causes nightmares in a small percentage of people, so be aware).
  15. Hey, neil, I think that's a great picture. I actually thought it was Dylan-esque, myself.
  16. Phoenix, "The Mod Squad"??
  17. _raVen_

    What I eat

    Cool, let me know how it comes out. Regular guac is good too, but this is a good way to eat raw broccoli, since it can be a tough veg for some to eat. Plus it's a lowfat way for me to eat guacamole. You didn't like apples, ha? Hmm...did you try a really sweet apple, like Fuji? I think pineapple is good and mangoes! Melons are bit too light in flavor, but super-sweet ones that come in season are good, like honeydew! I have to say most of the summer fruits are great. I sometimes use fruit that isn't exactly great to eat straight (like ones that aren't as sweet as they're supposed to be) in mine instead of throwing them away. Freeze 'em cut up in a bag and they're easy to throw in, and nice and cold! If I need more sweetness, I add stevia; I don't consume any sugar at all anymore. I also like oranges, tangerines; but, again, they need to be sweet or I add stevia to fix it. Believe it or not, I also like just lemon or lime! But I'm weird like that. I also use a larger percentage of greens now (worked my up to it over time); so my tastebuds have changed a lot. Strawberries are good too. Blueberries I only use if I buy them fresh and they turn out to be too sour; the flavor doesn't come through enough for me to use regularly. Another hint would be that if you find your fruit flavors aren't coming through enough, a splash of lemon will bring it out, like with strawberries, for example. Frozen fruits are also convenient! Peaches, nectarines plums are good too because they are strong flavored. I personally don't like bananas for smoothies, but that's a textural thing for me. I know a lot of people love them in green smoothies so you might test them out. Some people put avocados in too. Oh, yea, and pears are good! Try other greens too. I like bok choy leaves (very mild) and try kale (the one that's labeled Italian or dinosaur instead of the curyly one). Even lettuces are good! I find them very strong though, but some people find them good. Spinach is also mild. ------ Fast and easy! Plus no oil, and has healthy pecans! RaVen's Raw Tomatoes and Pecan Sauce 1 lb. fresh, ripe, red Roma tomatoes 2 Garlic cloves, small (or to taste) 2 small or medium Carrots, chopped 1/2 C Pecans, raw Basil, fresh, chopped or torn, to taste (@2TB or so) Parsley, fresh, chopped, to taste 1 tsp Salt Black Pepper, to taste Turn on processor, add carrots and garlic and walnuts and blend. Add tomatoes, salt and blend till smooth or to desired texture. Add Basil, Parsley and Pepper and pulse-chop them in. --------
  18. Hey, Phoenix and exciton, another reason I love ravens is that they *are* highly symbolic as you've suggested. Oftentimes they are associated with witches and witchcraft and such; especially in the distant pass in order to justify suppression of women (recall stake burning,and women being referred to as witches, "casting spells" on men with their sexuality, etc.,) So, I suppose it's sort of a nod to my foremothers Many have suffered so we can be who we are and where we are today. (hmm, we need a feminist smiley...) Didn't want to get too heavy on you all, but that's another one of the reasons I like ravens.
  19. Hi Does anyone have suggestions on how to get strong enough to even do these?? lol. I started doing pullups (bought the bar for my home) and made a bit of progress (okay, I worked my way up to a big *3* whole pullups!) but burned pretty quickly. This was over a year ago...haven't done 'em since. I am pretty weak upper body; lower body is strong from running, but it doesn't help with pullups thanks!
  20. _raVen_

    What I eat

    Hey, Jay, Since you like raw broccoli, you might like my raw brawcamole *Important* This entire recipe is done mostly to your taste. I add and subtract every time I make this; so taste as you go, etc. A few flavor enhancers I would recommend you *Not* leave out would be the soy sauce, lime, and cilantro. RaVen's BRawcamole-http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/Broccamole160x120.jpg In a blender, blend to smooth: 1 lb green zucchini, chopped (remove center seeds*) 1-2 TB Nama Shoyu, (or other good-quality soy sauce) 2 TB Lime juice, freshly squeezed Salt, to taste, if needed 1 small Garlic Clove Chunk of onion, (@ 1/2 oz -Red, white, sweet) 1 tsp. Ground Coriander, or to taste Fresh chiles, jalapeno, habanero, etc., to taste Optionals/ Spices Pulse or blend in to desired texture: 1-1 1/2 lbs Broccoli tops, chopped (see notes) Pulse in: Fresh Cilantro,** to taste Pour into a bowl and fold in: 3-5 Green onions,** finely chopped (tops and whites), 1-2 C chopped tomatoes 1 - 2 Avocado, chopped, mashed, or both (see notes) Additional Garnishes Optionals/Ideas: Green Pepper, such as Anaheim (the kind commonly roasted) or green Bell pepper - pulsed in. Ground Cumin; Black Pepper; Ground Coriander; Ground Cayenne or Jalapeno; Salt, if needed; additional cilantro or parsely for garnish -- all to taste. Add some green peas, frozen or fresh; cooked green split peas. Scoop up with a warm corn tortilla, raw crackers, an assortment of raw vegetables, or tortilla chips; fill a pita, sandwich; eat as a side dish; or top a bowl of soup or salad. --- *If your zucchini has large seeds or a lot of them, remove them with a spoon; it will reduce a weepy Brawcamole. **Cilantro and green onions are notorious for a "soapy" flavor; this occurs when chopped ahead of time and added to a recipe; and this is why a lot of people think they hate cilantro! Chop these right before adding; it should be fine that way. Just don't let it sit around, cut. *Important* All of the ingredients can be blended to your preference. If you don't care for the texture -- if it's too crunchy -- then blend it well, etc. **************** Lemme know if you want to try my raw pasta sauce
  21. Amen! And I'd add that just because some women exploit themselves doesn't make it any less exploitative, nor less harmful for ALL woman.
  22. Health motivates me! AND I feel so incredible and love the results from not eating junk that to stay away was easy. Now, it's not even a struggle; not even tempted I don't get out-of-control cravings or want junk; I actually crave, fresh, whole foods. Never felt, looked, or been better in my life. Sleep like a log and exercise well ('cept I should be lifting ) If you stay away from junk long enough, cravings goes away.
  23. ~~~GOOD LUCK!~~~ ~~ squiggly lines = Good luck vibes So what's the goal exactly? Is it weight? Body composition? Muscle mass? Cuts? You look bigger in those pics, but you look more cut now (or at least in other pics I've seen where you appear lighter in weight). Will being larger qualify you for a specific competition? You going for Sumo, or what?
  24. Ooh, you've improved your diet last I read your journal on the other forum. Good job! I expect green smoothies will be making regular appearances on your menu from now on? Is that you in your avatar? Looks like it could be you.
  25. whew! I'm tired just reading that and my (feathered) tail hurts too How do you intend to put on weight, Phoenix? Ugh...I gotta start lifting again
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