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  1. I'm certainly anti-gun; however, when I had one in my possession, I did not feel that I was going to get into such a fight with anyone that I'd blow my stack and shoot them in a fog of rage. Though, I do think, volatile people who have manic personalities, for example, would be the sorts who would do something like that. And I do believe that no one is above killing out of passion; I'm sure there is some scenario that could cause even the mildest of pacifists to lose it.


    I'm not conflicted about the citizenry having guns -- they shouldn't, but lovelib (or is it loveconserv? ;P) makes a provacative note:


    "Simply put, I do not want to be in the situation where only the police and other criminal thugs are armed!"


    However, for me, it would be,


    "I do not want to be in the situation where only the governments are armed."


    This, only recently: Having felt "imprisoned" or that one's hands are tied, helpless/hopeless for the last 8 years, it's damn scary to think of these criminal thugs as being the only thugs with weapons.

    (Who wants Dick at their July 4 celebration? The invite will get you a shot in the rear.)


    so, I guess, I'm in a place of re-evaluating. Banishing all weaponry is ideal; but who, aside from the Messiah, can bring that about? I guess some are hoping Obama is He -- hope springs eternal.

  2. Thanks to the posters defending all animals, including women in this thread-- Count and Josh.

    Surprising there are even two of you on this forum. Just let this confirm to you that, if you can find this kind of sexism amongst vegans, it's not a stretch to believe the real world is any different, and you are thoroughly justified.


    This is all a replay of several threads from a couple years ago. I'm not going to argue the obvious -- you shouldn't either, further waste your time.

  3. Mike, no. Ground up flax is good for you in moderation

    But they (seeds) should still not be used liberally since the effects of high doses (@ 6 TB/day) are unknown. The amount needed for the nutritional benefits is 1 TB/day. Two Tablespoons isn't going to cause any problems, though . Just use common sense, basically, with something which is not fully known; that's the recommendation, based on concerns.


    The oil, yes, nix it; it's not necessary anyway. The seeds are more nutritious and beneficial.


    Of course, you could also use chias, hemp, and get in nuts and seeds high in Omegas, such as walnuts . Whole food sources are always the optimal, first choice.

  4. Troy,


    When I first researched chias, I had the same questions . I read two books on chias as well.


    What I've learned is that chia seeds do not need any pesticides or any type of treatment at all. They are naturally an organically growing plant. This, I've read, is a testament to their strength . They survive through very bad circumstances as well. So, no, they don't -- and what I've been told as it is now -- carry the "organic" label since it's unnecessary (and expensive for them to get). And they probably won't be getting that label any time soon. I imagine, if chias become a big seller, it will be worth it for growers to pay for it.

    Additionally, each place I've ordered from has told me the same thing, and that their seeds come from a source where no pesticides or herbicides, etc., are used. You can call to confirm as well. I'm sure you'll get the same answer. If they just say, "no," they may be just referring to the certification. So it may be best to further inquire.


    So, the Dancing Algae folks at the page you linked is the only one I know of who has theirs certified; so, you may want to pay that higher price it.

  5. I bookmarked this page a while ago, but haven't ordered any as of yet:


    Chia Seeds @ $7.95/lb



    Somebody mentioned chia here a while ago, and that same week I listened to a radio show that mentioned it! I figured it would be worth looking into, but I haven't gotten any yet. The Whole Foods where I live doesn't even sell it. (asked about it and the employees looked at my like I was crazy).





    EDIT: looks like my link is the same as raven's... she must have posted while I was writing.


    It was probably me rambling about it, Funny how you learn something and then suddenly you start seeing/hearing it everywhere.

  6. Interesting about the vacuum! I actually have done that for years, but when I run mostly, and it's what got me fairly flat abs. I also hold in my lower abs most of the day. I made it a habit! It definitely works. I contract with each breath, so it's like a constant work out.


    But I'll try those specific ones, though, thanks. I hope it helps with the tapering look I'm after. I think I'll take a before pic and see if it works!


    I'm a distance runner so know that the fat burning benefits of it wears off fairly quickly. I've got crazy endurance too


    I do, do HIIT now, too, and like it a lot. I've read the morning cardio thing, and think there probably is something to that one...I actually have low body fat, but would like to get a bit more of definition on my stomach without losing weight. I don't have any to spare.


    Ugh, you're one of those people who never get fat, aye? I also lost most fat simply by eating optimally. If you haven't read "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, you should. It's the most nutritious way to eat. It's what made me beyond healthy and shun unnecessary supplements and powders, etc. Once you learn the facts about nutrition, some of that stuff is just not even close to something I want to ingest!

    It's also what melted off the layer of fat I had over my body to reveal some hard-earned muscle, strictly diet So that was just icing on the cake .... so to speak!


    Yes, cardio is great for endurance, but moderate cardio is good for your heart too!


    Thanks so much for the advice and the vacuum link.

  7. You look really great. How much smaller did your waist get? Obviously your upper body is where you gained the mass and that will make the waist look smaller, but did it actually get smaller? Having a wide waist, means I need to work on my upper bod shaping a bit more, I think, in order to create illusion It's as small as it's going to get right now. Any tips?


    I think you have an excellent natural shape for bodybuilding. Interesting that in your before picture, though, your shoulders really don't look like they'd be as impressive as they actually are. Still, your before pic isn't exactly bad.


    Also, if you don't mind a question, if you do cardio, when do you think it's best -- before lifting or after -- for fat burning?

    I never get a firm answer. It seems there are three answers: before, after, it doesn't matter.

  8. Hey all. If anyone here is interested in helping me I need someone to help me set up a discussion board -- it is not a "vegan" site (though, I'm vegan so in that sense it will be) and not a bodybuilding/exercise, etc. site; so no competition issues with this one.


    I need you from step 1 because I am not only clueless, but have tried setting up one and been unable to work through even the supposedly "easiest" of the freebies. Too much stuff I don't understand and that doesn't make sense to a novice like myself.


    I like the ease and set up/ look of the Invision Free boards I've used in the past. They have also moved or upgraded or something to Zeta Boards, but, again, I'm clueless on it all, and don't know if I'd even like the layout...

    Don't need anything complicated at this time. I also don't know how to even purchase an upgrade to a board, which I will probably want to do later, once I get the general feel of the free board (with your help) without having to pay online. I prefer snail mail or phone, if that's even possible??!!


    Anyway, as you see, I AM totally clueless on how to even start much less run one. So I'd need your help for a bit after you set it up -- to be available for me to pm or ask you questions. Obviously, you will have access to the administration of the board -- for a while at least .


    I will pay you a one-time fee for your help; we can talk about that...


    You have to have experience, of course!


    Any suggestions on favorite types of boards are welcome. You can pm me and/or post suggestions here.





  9. ... On a side note someone else taking the class said I looked alot smaller since she'd seen me last, which is always a nice thing to hear, except if you're trying to bulk up.




    That's kinda funny! When I used to workout at the gym, people would always compliment my legs, and I'd be like, "Oh, thanks." Problem is I never worked on my legs except for running I wanted good arms!! Tell me my arms are bank, damnit! Lol. Oh well. Any compliment is nice .


    But apparently my fall was done very gracefully.


    Hey, as long you looked good while going down...


    I can't wait to wear a vegan bodybuilder shirt around the gym to advertise a vegan lifestyle.


    I'm a little hard on myself on this one! I don't mind wearing my vegan message shirts, but the bodybuilding ones are tough. I'm too hard on myself, probably; but I like to make sure I have some muscle before I wear it Me thinks I need a goal for this summer


    Haven't read your whole blog -- just this page -- but it's interesting. Hope you don't mind me posting. I haven't gotten back into reading any of these journals for lack of time, but they're actually kind of helpful for ideas.


  10. Thanks Raven. As far as b12, I have that covered, and I'm in the sun for at least 15 minutes, so I should be getting adequate vitamin D. As far as the DHA and EPA, I have hardly any knowledge of what that is, or how to obtain it, to be honest. I don't want to consume any supplements that come from animals, of course.


    DHA/EPA is an essential fatty acid you need. You can get it from the suggestions I made (the nuts and seeds every day) in that paragraph about it.

    If you want to be assured to get it and absorb it (which is key) then you may want to consider a supplement for peace of mind/security. You do not "have to" do anything; but I believe it's being shown that this issue (along with B12 and Vit.D) is a problem with EVERYone, it's not a vegan/raw issue any longer. The standard diets of today have caused so much nutrient depletion in our diets that the majority of people are deficient.

    You can get a DHA from Pangea. The first three listed HERE are DHA supplements.

    There are many differing opinions on these issues. If unsure which advice to take do thorough research, look at (*credible*) sources, and make up your mind. For example, many say B12 can be gotten from nutritional yeast. That is NOT substantiated. Yet some will insist...but it's a free country, right? Just be smart...and safe!


    When you take in a food rich in DHA (Omega 3's) your body converts it to EPA unless you are a rare person who doesn't convert well.

    The reason omnis eat -- are told to eat lots of -- fish is because the fish have the DHA and the EPA already converted so the person eating the fish gets the DHA/EPA straight. But, as vegans we can get it through the nuts and seeds I mentioned and let our own bodies convert it. OR, as I mentioned take a supplement. The vegan supplements are made from *specific* seaweed, which is where the fish get it! It's similar to cows and calcium -- where do cows get their calcium? From plants. The human drinks the milk and gets some of it (along with a lot of other crap, which excretes some of it along the way). So the fish eat the seaweed, absorbing the DHA into its cells, and passes it along to the being that eats it.

    Humans have found a way to extract the DHA directly (so there's no guessing game) and its available now for us so we don't have to take fish oil. But, again, if your diet is super clean and you are getting in *enough* of the EFA's through the nuts and seeds, you may not need it.


    Just putting it out there for you to decide .


    Best of luck.


    Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions. I've been a 100% raw foodist for a long time as well as high-raw rawfoodist. [/u]



    ETA: Personally, I like DHA Purity; but the others are less expensive and, I'm sure good quality as well.

  11. LoganKost, Hi


    I think that's quite good, just make sure you are getting plenty of variety by rotating your fats -- vary your nuts and seeds.


    Also, please do not neglect to take a B12 supplement. You cannot get it from food, and even if you believe you can, you will not know it without regular visits to the doctor to have it checked. You must ask for an MMA test, NOT a regular B12 test to accurately assess if you have adequate amounts. B12 is extremely important, even though so little is needed. You may not "feel" poorly or know you are deficient and may suffer grave consequences. I'm not trying to scare, but it is that important not to neglect it. If left too long without it and damage is done, it can be irreversible. Don't go by believing you have adequate stores to last years; it's just not reliable to assume that. Everyone, including flesh, dairy and egg eaters can be low in it.

    Just warnin' ya


    Also, if you do not get at least 15 minutes of sunshine every day, take a Vit.D supplement.


    If you are not opposed, a DHA supplement would be good for assurance of getting proper DHA and EPA, however, you can get this if you consume enough variety of nuts and seeds and be sure to get those high in Omega 3's every day, such as Chia seeds, 1 TB flax seeds, ground; walnuts, and hempseeds.


    Otherwise, you are good! I love that you're doing the green smoothies, they are the most nutritious meal you can eat. Get some variety there too.


    One more thing: Continue with your chewed meals. You don't want to consume everything blended. You need to keep your digestive system working. If you blend everything, you shut off some of the mechanisms used for proper digestion. So keep those salads you mentioned in!

  12. _raVen_, those are the ones. I have been following the training schedule for the pushups according to the Perfect Pushup routine, they claim it to be a Navy Seals training program, I wouldn't know but I do feel the burn when I do it.


    I still feel if you aren't creative enough, or are looking to bulk up bigtime, nothing beats free weights at a gym.


    chindian, when I first saw these advertised I thought they were another rip-off gadget


    So how is that routine going -- any good results? Are you bulking at the same time?


    It's weird because I can definitely feel the burn and sooner, too, but they're also easier in way...can't really describe it. Maybe it's because the body is forced into good position and the move itself is smoother..?? I don't know, but they're harder and easier at the same time

    Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so


    Neat screen name, by the way!

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