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  1. I think it's abusive. It's (over) anthropomorphic. Do tricks for me, entertain me...I think it's sad. There is nothing in teaching animals tricks like that, that are within the bounds of taking care of them. Shake, rollover and get a treat, does not teach the dog to be safe or enhance what is basically a bred-to-be-captive life. Pack animals depend on eachother and we interpret display of submissive or leadership roles as part of their nature, but that's not an opportunity to exploit that nature to teach them to perform for human amusement, which is what that is. Why okay to teach dogs tricks and not elephants? Same. Now, it's taken me a while to face up to alot of this, myself -- I have a bird. No matter how much I love that bird, he is in a state of abuse. I cannot think of an animal which would do worse to be caged, than one whose very essence is the freedom of flight. It's worth more than just a few daily tears. As I am his caretaker, there is nothing I could ever do to make up for any of it, but at least try to respect his nature as well as I can possibly understand it.
  2. Good, but I was disappointed as I have been in Gore for years now. I'm sick of his mediocrity, though he's consistent. A thirty-second spot to mention, as endcruelty wrote, about factory farming would in no way have been "radical" or out of the mainstream's comprehensibility, though it demands its place at the top of the list of subject matters which should have been covered. I doubt the public would have had their delicate sensibilities shattered over such facts. Yes, I'm angry at Gore. It is unfathomable that he would not even address such a devastating issue. I find it repulsive. His ties to cattle industry have nothing to do with any of this, of course.
  3. "We Tell Ourselves..." sounds very provocative. I may give it a looksee when I can. Thanks for the recommendation. After finishing "Healthy at 100," I give it a high recommendation with only a bit of criticism -- it is repetetive; it could be cut down by 1/3 at least. I find that annoying, but it's not enough to deserve any points subtracted. Now, another *gem* is "Diseaseproof Your Child," by Dr. Joel Fuhrman --- *excellent.* I did not feel the need to even read this book because, one, I don't have children, and dont plan on having children; and, two, I'm no longer a child . But, wow, it's so much more. I really wish he'd not entitled the book this way because this is a book for everyone (if you're a parent please, please get this book); and I bet most will give it a pass for thinking as I did. What a shame! ...Tons of info about nutrition and, of course, backed up with science and references. There is so much in there and it does also apply to adults. You can only learn from the information put forth. Am now reading "Cholesterol Protection For Life." May as well plug "Eat To Live; it's one of the most important books of our time, right up there with "China Study."
  4. The saddest part (for me) is that people who hear the message of eating right, refuse it (even vegans). The majority of deaths from diseases (and illnesses and conditions) are preventable -- the science is proving more and more -- by eating optimally. People just don't want to listen and/or change. How did he come to need this surgery? Best wishes to your friend, JW, and continued hope for your sis, SeaSiren; and sorry to read about your son
  5. This seems cute on the surface, but it makes me feel sad. The sound of the voices makes it moreso. It comes across as abusive -- anyone else think so or disagree? Or is it just similar to talking birds? (somebirds, however, will talk/imitate without instruction) So do you think instruction such as this is appropriate? I want my mama
  6. I have many reasons for being an expatriate (I'm willing to tell if you want to know). Leaving the states is necessary for me. I'm not trying to sound preachy or criticize your thoughts (in any way), I'm just standing up for what I feel is right for me. Don't worry 'bout me: I don't feel criticized And I sure don't assume to know you or your situation better than you! Haha. So, yes, you can expound on that, if you feel comfortable doing so. It's just in general (and not knowing specifics), moving does not solve a problem because one will carry it inside them wherever they go, even if the persons involved are no longer around. The pain/issues remain; and, if not dealt with, remain a lifetime with little resolution or respite from the grief. But, as I noted above, to remove toxic persons, or move from a situation, yes, I definitely believe that is necessary. I think it's better to face the issue where you are and come to some sort of finale...not necessarily "change" the other persons or the situation, because, frankly, that mostly never happens; but to come to an "end" of it for you, so you can truly leave it behind -- in other words, deal with it and let it go -- so you can then move on. And then move to another country if you still want. Am I making sense? Anyway, that's just my general view; of course, there are always exceptions and I certainly haven't heard them all It may be you have the best reasons to move .
  7. I find that goal comes to mind often; though not for the same reasons Good luck; you can do it!
  8. You're so sweet, MF I have found that believing in oneself is really best. None of us is perfect, of course, but we often are let down by the people we want/need validation. It's actually very freeing to believe in yourself . I learned not to expect support from certain individuals (even ones who were "supposed to") and -- the hard part -- to just let it/them go. It's painful, but it's best for everyone. Some folks are just incapable of being supportive/loving; some are just self absorbed, others, unhappy themselves -- it runs the gamut, really. Best to trust and believe in yourself. In the end it really doesn't matter what others believe and think about you, only what you believe and think about you. Of course, there are many who can see the potential in you So, surround yourself with them and, as hard as it is, escort the toxic people OUT! You can be sweet and a good person and still be tough. I still think moving to another country is not a good idea ; but, again, it may turn out okay, and, no matter what, you can always move back.
  9. Hey, Trev, let me know how you get on if you get one. You don't look like you need much improvement, though! The Rosstraining site is serious stuff. Looks like Ross's vote goes to the V-MAX I'm focusing on core work this year too. It seems to be, well, at the core, of all fitness. I *despise* abs work and refuse to do target exercises for them; but doing something active which works the abs is no problem. I just can't make myself lie down and do situps. Still "can't" do yoga at this point; but hope to one day. I have issues with slow stuff, floor work, etc. I'm hoping the vest will help me in my core. I don't have any fat to lose. I've cut back on running (from 10 miles a day, 6-7/week) to focus on more bodyweight stuff, but still do cardio. If I get the wrong one, I'll offer it here, good idea . What has given you -- you all who have them -- great abs?
  10. Offended? I don't see where/how I could be ?? Anyway, if you read the thread I was *against* drugs and for CBT! And I was referring to reading material I posted for your perusal and/or dvds to consider (within the links I posted).
  11. Haven't heard of it, but, I believe this type of trauma to the body is detrimental to health. Better to eat a superior diet, high in nutrients such as EAT TO LIVE, tweaked to your specific needs.
  12. Sorry you're going through this, MF . I think you should look to deal with all of this where you are, though. Moving to another country will not make what's going on inside you move -- "The Grass is Always Greener" applies here. You will have the same struggles out of this country. Now, if moving out of a certain situation (such as a relationship or even a residence) is in order, then, sure, that might be necessary. I would look to get professional help, and ask for cognitive behavior therapy CBT. There was a short thread on antidepressants here. There may be some reading material you will find of interest. Best of luck to you. Try to focus on the good things in your life now and the good things you have set as goals -- let those come to your mind instead of all the negatives. The more you focus on the good, the less the bad has power over your thoughts: yes, it's small, but it's a start. Positive self talk: "What is good about me?" "What made me happy today?" "What can I do for someone else today? What can I do to make someone smile?" Etc. Keep posting if it helps
  13. Oh, so you probably didn't get my "run" reference That was a line from "Forrest Gump." No, looking like Robin Wright isn't a bad thing at all, I'd say. She's got close to 20 years on you, but I think there's a resemblance: http://images.askmen.com/women/actress_300/pictures_300/robin_wright_penn/robin_wright_penn_150.jpghttp://images.askmen.com/women/actress_300/pictures_300/robin_wright_penn/robin_wright_penn_150b.jpg[/img]http://images.askmen.com/galleries/actress/robin-wright-penn/pictures/robin-wright-penn-picture-4.jpg I hate when people tell me I look like someone! I guess I want to think I'm more unique than that I guess it's not too bad, depending on whom they think I look like
  14. Nice entry It's called, growing up Can't post on your blog, why not? Did you change it? Or was it always like that? I could have sworn I commented there...
  15. Thanks for the comments, You Guys, but I've got one vote for the V-Max and one for the X-Vest There are hundreds of posters here, and I get two opinions?!! LOTS, they've been around a long time; but, as I recall, they were marketed more for men -- big guys back in the day; and now they are better designed and marketed for everyone and all sports. Check out the links I posted. You can use these for most any workout -- even swimmers, which I'd never heard before! A lot of pro athletes and coaches use them too. I got to thinking of these again last year when some of my fellow students in Hapkido wore them for (home) practice. I do have one, actually, but it's not a sports vest. It's one for walking, maybe light yoga-type stuff, and wearing daily. It helps build bones too Unfortunately, it is not suitable at all for sports. VeganMa, I want one for all the exercise I engage in, including the new body-weight exercises I'll be starting this year.
  16. Don't jump rope barefoot or in socks. Buy some sneakers. It may not feel uncomfortable at first, but if you ask any podiatrists they would tell you to wear sneakers. 'kay And when you're being bad, you're better? Showoff
  17. Welcome home, Darlin' Where were you? And what made you want to stay? ;D
  18. You look so pretty nicole. Do you mind when/if someone tells you, you look like someone else? I ask because I find it annoying when people tell me I look like X_Y_or Z celebrity, and I try not to tell others they look like someone; but, if I may, you look very much like Robin Wright (Penn), especially, the first photo . You also have similar smiles. She's very pretty. ~ "Run, nicole...run" ~ My teen pics would scare y'all -- big hair
  19. I dunno. In both male and female, I like looking at cut bodies with muscle (I don't like bulk); but the most attractive to me, aesthetically, is the proportion aspect. I do not like the look of being (wildly) out of proportion. I think one should work within the boundaries of their body, bone structure, and genes. Again, this, as far as looks, the aesthetics of the body. For other endeavors, I suppose it doesn't matter, as long as one is achieving the goal for their particular sport or personal desire
  20. Couple questions for anyone who may know: I've read that the best shoes for rope jumping are cross trainers, but I wonder if jumping in socks (on non-slip gym mat) is okay. Or is that bad for feet/joints/knees, etc.? I don't have crosstrainers at the mo, but am finding shoes very heavy and clunky... Also, jumping to music seems to be recommended often -- I read one that instructed to jump to music at 120-135 beats per minute. How the heck do I find out which song is how many beats/min? Thanks. Found this good-looking routine: "...Try this routine, used in boxing classes: * Skip rope for three minutes. (A round in boxing is three minutes long.) * Take a minute off, and do as many crunches as you can. * Skip rope for another three minutes. * During the next minute between rounds, do as many push-ups as you can. * Back to skipping for three minutes * Do crunches for another minute. Repeat. You can alternate rounds of skipping with crunches and push-ups until you've completed 30 minutes or more of exercise. After the second or third round of skipping, your heart rate wonít drop that much during the crunches and push-ups. You might not be able to do more than a few intervals of push-ups. Use any exercise you want during the minute between rounds. Try doing squats and lunges (with or without weights) to give your larger leg muscles added work. Do upper-body exercises with dumbbells during that minute. (Use proper form. Don't rush.) One more thing: Skipping rope emphasizes your calves, so be diligent about stretching them. Another advantage of skipping rope is that you can take one anywhere. If you're traveling and the place you're staying doesn't have a gym, you can bring your own." _Excerption from iVillage
  21. Having a hard time choosing -- help me choose a vest, please! It's between The X-VEST and the V-MAX Thanks, All
  22. I was going to recommend 'Superman,' but Dr. F. has some others he recommends for spine/bone health and back strength. From Dr. Fuhrman's Disease Proof Blog: * Check your Vitamin D level * Do NOT take Vitamin A in supplemental form (or multivitamin) * Do not consume more than 1500 mg of sodium daily *Do back exercises at least twice weekly - Examples follow: 1. Seated cable row: With knees slightly bent, lean forward, then pull the handles back to your chest with elbows wide as your back comes to vertical. 2. Wide cable pull downs: Pull down the cable to your chest with elbows wide as you lean back to a sixty-degree angle. 3. Back extensions: Lean over exercise ball, and arch your back up like a reverse sit up, or use a back extension chair made for this exercise. 4. Superman: While lying on your stomach, lift trunk and legs up off the ground like a bow. 5. Alternate Superman: Use alternate arm and leg to perform the superman. 6. Weighted backpack: Wear a weighted backpack for a few hours per week. Normal activities of moving around and getting up and down with a weighted backpack on strengthens the back.
  23. I know Dr. Fuhrman recommends taurine *in certain cases.* (vegan taurine available) Some people (and not just vegans, but it does seem vegans are more likely to be deficient) should/can supplement it. An amino acid quantitative test will tell you if you are low.
  24. I know it claims to be alkaline forming. But, really, most any fruit or fruit juice is alkaline. Green juices especially. Easiest and fastest is a glass of lemon water to quickly alkalinize you. Even though it is an "acidic" fruit, it is only acidic in the mouth (which is why it is notorious for being harsh on the teeth); however, it is alkaline in the body. This is why many people consume a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning and/or 15-20 minutes before a meal (besides it being a "cleanser" and a purported appetite suppressant). I like kombucha and drink it on occasion; there are some yummy flavors out there. I like the GTS brand, especially the new green one with Chlorella and Spirulina. Not sure if its claimed benefits are true. Do you take it for any particular reason?
  25. Most nutritious food is KALE! All leafy greens, really, so consume GREEN SMOOTHIES! Yes, this must be my 1000th Green Smoothie post . I drink mine after a work out, but any time is the right time for green smoothies. Read my intro for descriptions (pics farther down too ) and lots of detailed information.
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