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  1. Oh, yea! Funny...I just got a jump rope last week! This is my new obsession Well, sorta. It's my new goal to master this thing. I haven't rope jumped in *years* -- I was a child -- many moons ago Anyway, I got this one, which is nice. I like that it's adjustable. It's plastic, so not great for hardwood floors. I wrote about it in my blog, but it was really funny: I thought -- since I'm a 15-year distance runner...), "Okay, I'll start slow...I'll do 10 minutes" I did 10 jumps and was dying My heart was pounding, my heartrate jumped. I *love* it. This is the kind of thing I can get addicted to if I do it consistently. I'm gonna try. I'm adding it to my revamped workout routine, which I'm still refining. I'm very excited about it since it's been a long time since an exercise has given me a challenge and such a great boost out of my stale routines and plateaus! Eventually, I hope to be *much* lighter on my feet (nothing like rope jumping to make one feel like a big, awkward, clumsy block of cement!); get fast; and, of course, do some fancy stuff This is the page I'm using as a guide for now: Which has nice videos I'm still doing research on this, myself; but there is a lot on the internet. If you find anything really good, post it here. I need all the help I can get as a beginner! What are your goals with this? Do you do it now, or is it something you want to begin too? E.T.A. Oh and there is a ropeless jump rope!
  2. That's a fantastic report to see in a mainstream mag like Rolling Stone. This kind of stuff makes me so angry and sad at the same time. "transmogrify" -- one of my favorite words; don't see it nearly enough these days That's about as good as that piece gets for me. some highlights: "...those who live near hog lagoons suffer from abnormally high levels of depression, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion." " Sometimes the stink literally knocks people down: They walk out of the house to get something in the yard and become so nauseous they collapse. When they retain consciousness, they crawl back into the house." "The Savages have had what seemed to be hog shit in their bath water. Their well water, which was clean before Smithfield arrived, is now suspect" "Toxins and microbes can kill plants and animals outright; the waste itself consumes available oxygen and suffocates fish and aquatic animals; and the nutrients in the pig shit produce algal blooms that also deoxygenate the water" "The sludge was so toxic it burned your skin if you touched it" "Some are taken to rendering plants, where they are propelled through meat grinders and then fed cannibalistically back to other living hogs." "...producing unheard-of amounts of pig shit laced with drugs and chemicals." "People who breathe the shit-infused air suffer from bronchitis, asthma, heart palpitations, headaches, diarrhea, nosebleeds and brain damage." And this, the response of the SF chairman, in the face of all of this: "The animal-rights people," he once said, "want to impose a vegetarian's society on the U.S. Most vegetarians I know are neurotic." I agree this should be read by everyone; hell, the AR/cruelty message need not even be broached. what a disgrace.
  3. Ah, thanks, PA; I'll look into Verizon. Odidnetne, what??
  4. Last night I saw Little Miss Sunshine. Heard it was worth seeing, but just got to it. I hate the title, which turned me off, I admit. I really enjoyed this a lot. I thought the characters were all very good. Good one to rent. Some others I've seen this past year: History of Violence-Good The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada-Excellent Capote Good Shopgirl Okay Miller's Crossing Good TransAmerica Good Maria Full of Grace Good Hustle and Flow Liked this despite a few issues I have with like films in general - Good Wedding Crashers - Good Grizzly Man- Good Old Boy Good Born Into Brothels - Good The Weeping Camel - Excellent_Among my favorites of all time Real Women Have Curves - Good Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-Very Good The Constant Gardener-Good The Man From Elysian Fields- Pretty Good The Lord of War-Good
  5. Seriously, I'm shocked. If anyone sees it, tell me about it. Last Rocky I saw...I think he fought "the Russian." Good Lord, that was bad then... First one was the best, wasn't it?
  6. but I'm switching when my contract is up Hopefully, you will too.
  7. I sure as hell am not included in that. I've told you before (even back in '04) I'm available to talk (and you haven't taken me up on that too often). I'm the type you can rant and rave to for hours on end
  8. Jay, you'll be able to see Nedley speak on the dvd's I'm sending you. Yea, as you know, I'll not continue in a career which does not bring me enjoyment -- not sure about nutrtion in my future, who knows? People can go through a few careers in a lifetime. Neal Nedley books: (When I get these books, I'll lend/send them to you, if you want to borrow them, Jay) "Depression: The Way Out" and "Proof Positive" He has a dvd set with workbook which sounds good: "Depression Recovery" http://www.drnedley.com/depression_dvd.htm Interview to read: http://www.beneficialfoods.com/nedley-interview.htm Here are some vids of Nedley - Worth seeing: http://www.leavesoflife.org/dr-neil-nedley-uk-depression-way-out-proof-positive.htm 10-minute excerpt from the VegSource talk: http://www.vegsource.com/articles2/nedley.htm ---- Here are some quick highlights/notes on his talk: And this pdf looks like the outline he used in the talk I heard: http://www.azdhs.gov/phs/oncdps/diabetes/pdf/nedleydepression.pdf Nedley says there are 10 causes: 1. Genetic - (says this is NOT a cause in and of itself {which most people like to attribute it by saying their is a "history" in my family, so..."}; it must have other causes too. 2. Developmental - a. Way reared/ and/or not being reared by both parents b. history of adolescent depression c. sexual abuse d. history of alcohol or drug use as a teen e. poor nutritional development 3. Lifestyle - a. No reular exercise b. No 30- mins of sunshine c. No fresh air 4. Circadian rhythm 5. Addiction 6. Nutrition 7. Toxic 8. social - complicated stress or grief (causes one to seek isolation) 9. Medical condition (small percentage - 15%) 10. Frontal Lobe issues - a. decrease in blood flow to the frontal lobe - 40-50% (this has become more important discovery within the past 10 years) b. low carb diet c. frequent sexual arousal (usually outside of marriage) d. No spiritual study or abstract thinking - frontal lobe is where morality and spirituality is centered. e. habitually going against one's conscience f. "Constant stimulation of the senses shuts down the analytical processes and ultimately shuts down the ability to face life rationally. Leads to escape techniques that involve withdrawal apathy, and rejection of disciplined thinking when faced with difficult duties and decisions"* Nutritionally: Insufficient tryptophan:Best to eat: blackeyed peas Black Walnuts Almonds Pumpkin seeds sesae seeds tofu gluten Insufficient Omega 3's: Best to eat Ground Flax seeds (3 grams per day) Almonds (1/4C) Spinach (you need a lot of this, so smoothies would be the best way) Green soybeans, aka:"edamame" Black Walnuts (1/4 C) English Walnuts Chia seeds (see my blog, right side for sources of organic chias + benefits) Insufficient B12, folate (or folic acid) High lead levels such as mercury, arsenic, bismuth, other toxins. Eat: Blackeyed Peas (1 C) pineapple (1 C) 1 C lentils 1/4 C Raw, Spanish Peanuts 1 C Navy Beans Spinach Exercise: HIT is especially good (Just read your blog, Jay, heh.) Get: 30-minutes of *daily* direct sunshine Light therapy (best within 10 minutes of awakening) - Dr. F. also says this and has a timetable that's best -- I think it's between 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m) cognitive Therapy: - Person has distorted thinking -> this therapy reworks those thoughts (no drugs). Proved better than drugs. *Nealy quoted Alvin Toffler Risks associated with depression: - Chronic headaches - Osteoporosis - reverting to addictive behaviors - asthma - increases stress hormones - decreases sex hormones - impairs immune system - decreases memory - increases stroke and heart attacks by 50% - increase risk heart disease and cancer - pneumonia - suicide
  9. andgbr, why are you taking 5-HTP? Have you even performed a cursory query into it? There are serious cautions associated with it. I'd, personally, only try it under the direction of a qualified doctor. I'd try cognitive therapy (CBT), first (with the light at home) if anything. It's one of the few therapies proved to have results, equal to and better than medications. It's a type of therapy and involves no drugs. Usually covered by insurance, and available if asked (health care provider - at least in the U.S.) I also heard Neal Nedley (vegan doctor) talk about depression, and if anyone wants any further info (and nutritional notes), I'll post it here. Lemme know. A good place to start would be to -- yep, start downing the green smoothies -- and get onto a high-nutrient diet (Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live plan).
  10. I wouldn't take any medication or supplements; try more natural methods first, such as getting 20 minutes of direct sunlight *every day, if you can. If you live in an area where it is very grey, and you cannot get sunshine daily, then try one of these: Therapeutic Light. This has been shown to be very beneficial from slight, bluesy moods to more serious depression. Dr. Fuhrman recommends it; I've heard him mention it his talks. Probably cheaper in the long run, especially if you buy various supplements to try out.
  11. BJJVegan, please read what Dr. Fuhrman has to say about this. and then make a decision on what you think . Michael's point about greens is good; but you can -- and should, anyway -- simply eat greens every day, and lots of them. I've harped on green smoothies since my first post in my introduction, and I still hope people will use this easy-easy-easy way to get loads of nutrition everyday into their diets via greens without having to sit down and eat entire bunches of them. If you happen to have missed any of my posts on them, check out my thread with all the info you need on making them. Scroll down to read my posts; there are pictures too **** P.S. Here is a great short write up by Dr. Fuhrman with a Nutrient density chart: Nutrient Density
  12. I wouldn't say anything because I would have no idea if it were real or not. Could be fake fur for all I know. In fact, I, personally, wouldn't wear fake fur for the reason someone would mistake it for real (though, I'd never even wear fake because I find it unattractive.) I've been wrong a few times -- there are a lot of fake furs that look absolutely real.
  13. It's a cute idea, but I agree with Daywalker. I've seen this on other online communities and someone always gets hurt (for whatever reason -- being left out, awarded something they found sort of insulting/not funny, etc.) Plus the concept of rating and comparing folks is not my thing; so I always abstained from participation. I never made a big deal of it, though, that's just me, personally, and I know some people find it fun. But do as you will Bah Humbug! and all that.
  14. Hey, all you Yogis , I've read there are specific exercises for certain things: What are the best for enhancing digestion? I'm not having any problems with it, myself (though a couple friends I've gotten into eating more raw say they are having issues), but I do notice that after a meal, I, not only feel the need to stretch, but also feel much better after I do. I don't go onto the floor or anything; I just stretch up high and pull my arms, do side bends and hold, etc. Feels good. So I'm wondering if there are specifics? Thanks.
  15. You may have misunderinterpreted me . I don't think this one film will undo the world; it's a part of the desensitivity to inter-species -- what was it? -- sex. In other words, it becomes more and more simply "entertainment"; therefore, creating the demand, and those ready to supply it. I'm sure some will try it; but I think right now the issue of it as entertainment and "fun" are the biggest threat. Just like raping of women, killing them, etc., is every night tv entertainment. Well, I can understand the grandfather, don't be such a prude, Jay: Women, like animals are objects for our use after all. ----------------------- Explain, My Dear, I don't understand.
  16. Okay, Jay, I saw Clerks II. My thoughts on the bestiality issue, regarding this movie are that, yes, it is a bad thing. We've all gotten the spam emails about horses and teen girls, blah, blah, (and I venture that most are repulsed by it, rightfully), but who knows how many actually click on them? Will this movie make more prone to do so? I don't really know, because I can't know; but I can hypothesize and opine, based on our tendencies of curiosity, our past with media influences, and our desire for the forbidden, and our lack of consciousness of animal abuse, sentience, and degredation in general. And so I say, yes, it makes it more likely than not. If there are teeny-bopper chick flicks, this is surely a pubescent, adolescent-humored boy flick. I suppose 30-somethings find it funny in a nostalgic kind of way; but I think that teenaged pimpled boys would be more influenced by it. Both scenarios do not bode well for the animals or Us. This is probably the worst contexts in which to be exposed to an "ism" -- Set in a comical context (and it is funny) which not only makes us laugh despite ourselves, but also causes a complete disassociation from the vileness of its essence. If it's funny -- a "joke" (interesting how this theme of this ridiculous notion of "taking back" a word "taking back" one's "power" by using offensive words keeps coming up around issues of discrimination, oppression and abuse...and how some people try to continually justify it when it suits them) -- then we're not horrified by it, nor even likely to consider what it truly is or truly means. Ironically, this was also referenced and played out with the racist element in the movie; yet, of course the connection to the same type of thought process in regard to animals was not made. So I don't believe we're better for it, having begun to chip away at this "taboo." My guess is, curious folks would be more likely to click on one of those emails or sites. The more desensitized to bestiality they become, just as they go out and buy video games which are based on violence and abuse on women without a thought -- "it's just a game" afterall, right? -- the more it becomes okay. And this is real abuse: It's always been, but its gone from something naughty farm boys and the odd sicko did and didn't tell anyone, to easily accessed "entertainment," readily available for anyone to see. That alone makes it a dangerous trend. If it continues to be "funny," it will be even more prevalent and possibly "accepted." So I guess this would rank as one for the prohibition argument, no Can't you see that coming? There already is a minority of people who advocate this now, employing the same "rights" as NAMBLA; so I don't see this as hyperbole. Now, am I exaggerating the efficacy of this one film? Mmm, not really. But I do think this is a part of the whole realm of desensitivity toward all human and non-human animals which seems to be on a steady continuum. Other than that, it was funny, Dude Actually, I laughed more at this one, but liked the first one more...and neither rank on to my list of favorites. It's hard to enjoy a movie like this when views of "isms" are so strongly held. It's the same for me and other similar issues of race and sex. Yea, it's funny, but what is it doing to Us? Ya know? Everyone knows or knew a Randall (?), though this one was pretty over the top, I think. Now what are your thoughts on bestiality in regard to this movie?
  17. ChrisX's Nog post reminded me; plus, it's about that time, isn't it? I love this nog; I made this long before I ever tried eating "RAW." Super-duper yummy (I leave out the flax oil) This can be made with Brazil Nuts, which are very similar to macadamias: ---------------------------- Vegan "Egg Nog" ---------------------------- 1 cup almond milk, organic soy milk, or rice milk 1/3 cup raw macadamia nuts, soaked overnight 3 honey dates, pitted 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon maple syrup 1 teaspoon flax oil 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 - 1 1/2 frozen bananas Place all ingredients in blender and puree until smooth. Serve at once or refrigerate for up to 6 hours before serving. Serves 2. Recipe by, Cherie Soria -- Bryanna Grogan has an awesome, lower in fat nog (can't even tell it's lower fat) Scroll down for it and LOTS of recipes for the holidays (not just Christmas) and great veganized ethnic traditional meals: HOLIDAY RECIPES, and Vegan Nog
  18. My response to word usage is the same for this as it is for this (homophobic words) -- the use of any racist, sexist, or homophobic "joke." There is no excusing it, in my opinion, and there is no accepting it as "okay." Like I wrote in the thread above: "Words as weapons..." Making the words okay to use is the wrong thing to do. I'm glad that many Black performers are finally coming to realize that using words like the "n-word" is part of the problem; that it's not okay simply because they are Black -- same with any other group which is discriminated against -- various ethnicities, women, homosexuals, animals, etc. Such language should be rendered undesirable in our collective consciouness, especially as vegans, we should know this. Verbal violence is part of the whole. JayI understand the forgiveness part; but I don't really think that is the entirety of the issue. Mel Gibson should keep his mouth shut. I do think his situation is a bit different from this, but, obviously, any such language is unacceptable.
  19. Ha! No, I don't; but first thing that came to mind was a Macbeth-kinda-thingy? Is this something you've seen before and are trying to find again? Or have you just forgotten the name of something you want to see? If you've seen it, do you have any other clues? Yes, I read it. It was much better, like most books; but I still had issues with it. It is difficult to think of how it could have been better, you're right. I just think this is the kind of thing best left unmade. Not sure why it didn't work as a movie either especially since it was pretty much done according to the book; unless that's why?
  20. I totally agree. I admire you, two (oops, and Brody ) -- you're like a vegan power couple. How great to have a partner who is as passionate as each of you is. I hope you (three) continue with your positive work. I think you will have great influence together. Great review, by the way, Trev. I, personally, cannot watch Earthlings though. I just can't sit through that kind of stuff; even reading (graphic descriptions of abuse) has become more difficult for me. I've tried to watch things, and I just can't. I'm literally to the point that just inferences or hints to abuse (even "comic") are unbearable (even commercials). I know, I sound weak, but it's just the way it is now. I was much more able to see such stuff as an omni...isn't that interesting? I mean, the numbing effects of the conditioning process we undergo culturally, renders us almost inured to the pain of others (including human animals) -- desensitized to the point that what we're taught is our "humaness" which separates us from "the animals" is a complete and ridiculous fraud. I've been vegan 12 years and it's harder now to watch, hear, and read about abuse than it was before... I love the Le Monde pictures, too. It reminds me of "Island of Lost Souls," a movie starring Charles Laughton, based on H.G. Wells's "The Island of Dr. Moreau." There's a camp version starring Brando that's pretty good, if you like camp
  21. Anyone think Richards's racial rant should end his career (whatever there was left of it...)? Think this lampoon is funny?
  22. Haven't seen Borat or Time of the Gypsies. Did you see it recently? How, if not on dvd? I tried to watch DaVinci Code. Good Lord, that's a piece of crap. I can't believe Ron Howard directed it. I couldn't even sit through it, it was boring as all hell. And, as I suspected, Tom Hanks sucks in this role. Visually, it was so dark; and nothing special as far as the look of it. I just hated it, hated it.
  23. You're not becoming one of those Hollywood moms, are you? Poor Proby...pretty soon we'll see him on Entertainment Tonight's "Where Are They Now" special, sitting between Danny Bonaduce and Emmanuel Lewis with the cast of "Diff'rent Strokes" in tow.
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