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  1. Hey, Woman! I got my cards . Really nice quality. I got 8 Proby's 'cause I requested more ; the others, I got 4 each
  2. I wouldn't know You'll have to tell us if you're progressing. I'm not one to give advice on upper body exercise! I have a hard time even doing any arm work at all I prefer cardio stuff Well, okay. Increase your fresh veggies then. I don't see no GREEN veggies! Where is the broccoli? peas? spinach???? I know how you feel, I have progress pictures, but I keep them for me to look at! Maybe you can try that? You don't have to pose for yourself . Ever heard "Respect" by Aretha? I'm sure you have! "Respect" lyrics: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, take care of T.C.B. Sock it to me, sock it to me"... etc. Never heard it? One of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs is, "Natural Woman." I think you'll like Anita Baker. Listen to some snippets of her: Listen to tracks 1, 2, 3, and 6 . Too bad it's only a few seconds of each song This is her best album.
  3. Well, this did rounds on the internet for a while; but I don't buy it, though there may be some truth in there. When one is young, the skin bounces back because it is more elastic; it becomes less so and harder to "get back" as one ages. And the less care taken of skin contributes too. A worse scenario is the skin which has been stretched from yo-yo dieting; that damage eventually won't bounce back either. And, of course, pregnancy is another. I think when we see the Hollywood moms with flat stomachs and no stretchmarks it is most probable from careful skin care as soon as they found out they were pregnant to minimize the marks, and surgery, whether laser or a tuck and lipo. I'm assuming skin dyeing and makeup also make an appearance along with airbrushing for photos...Isn't it awful what we do to women? I admire the woman who doesn't give a crap what anyone says about her stretchmarks, (or anything else) and if they show, they show. Family member of mine who had a child had very large stretchmarks and had a tummy tuck to remove them. They went so high up, they were unable to get all of it -- say, 80% were removed. She was so peeved and disappointed after. Imagine going through that type of major surgery, surviving it, going through the pain, and then it's not all you expected She got over it though, and I must say her stomach is FLAT. I wish it were easier to get it flat; I've had a quasi-flat tummy at times ; but, still, never that flat.
  4. That was a very good blog entry, Trev. I agree with what you say about marketing; however, it really is just more of the same. The subliminal messages in advertising are what form the base of accepting violence (or whatever message) and eventually desensitization. It's the old McDonald's playbook rather than PeTA's. It's been going on forever with all marketing and it's part of why we buy the shit we buy, think the way we think, value what we value, and behave the way we behave -- all the way from infancy to old age. Speaking of McDonald's, "Fast Food Nation" just came out, I think. I saw Roeper's critique and he made a quip about cows being "dumb" in one scene where some idealistic kids tried to set them free... It was obvious where he was coming from. If the movie portrays cows as dumb, those who want to believe that, will. I hope there is enough positive in it to spark some thought in the dead-minded.
  5. Hmmm...take away her yoga and see what she says then! By the way, where is Yogita keeping her gorgeous self?? Haven't seen a post from her in ages...or have I missed them? ...when you'll get your self out of bed at 3:45 a.m. to get your run in because of an early schedule. ...when you know those extra miles will be overtraining but you do it anyway ...when you must rest, but you can't. ...when you call it a night early 'cause even though you haven't been out in ages, you need to get your run on.
  6. Oh, that's awful. Well, I do think working out is a good way to get out some aggression Talking about it is probably a good thing too. Yes, that's not a good way to deal with it. I think a lot of us do this, though. When we don't want to hurt others or "bother" friends with our issues, we take it out on ourselves. I think, though, we mostly do not have to do this because there is usually *someone* to whom we can talk. A friend? Family member? The only way to add muscle is to lift heavy . Food won't give you any muscle. If you lift heavy and work out hard your appetite should increase; so you will naturally eat more. It's not really easy or fast to gain actual muscle. It can take a long time for some. A lot of people overeat and gain weight, but it's just putting on fat which looks like bulk; but that is not muscle. It takes work to build the muscle and a LOT of rest! Make sure you lift heavy (but don't hurt yourself ) and get a lot of sleep and take rest days so you don't overtrain. I think overtraining is one reason people don't put on muscle because they don't rest in between workouts to give time for the muscle to grow. You should eat more fruit and how about more beans? Blend greens (leafy greens like kale, collards, spinach, chard, parsley, etc.) with fruit to make a sweet green smoothie. Also can you make whole grains? Amaranth, quinoa, millet are high-calorie and better than pastas and breads. Add dried fruit for a sweeter, higher calorie version or vegetables, spices and herbs for a lunch or dinner. Too much concern over looks and physical aspects. It means "conceited," or thinking too much of oneself and "self-absorbed." Yes, this is a tough one! Billie Holiday has a beautiful sadness to her voice. I would say, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Peggy Lee...Anita Baker has a great voice too. Hard to answer this question!
  7. ...your feet don't hit the floor when you get out of bed without your running shoes on ...you dream about running and flying ...you crave the paaaiiin ...your day just isn't right without it
  8. Formica, sorry a day late but here is some stuff: - The two best online raw stores: http://www.naturalzing.com/ http://www.rawfood.com/ - These are the shampoos and conditioner I use: http://www.morroccomethod.com/ - they're raw -Couple others: http://www.goraw.com/products/home.php?cat=6 http://oneluckyduck.com/index.asp?PAGEACTION=QUICKORDER2 -Just a few of the tons of Recipe Sites: http://www.rawtimes.com/recipes.html http://www.therawtable.com/recipes.htm http://www.rawsacramento.net/recipes.htm http://www.fresh-network.com/recipes/index.htm http://www.rawchef.org/recipes/index.html http://www.living-foods.com/recipes/ http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/home/home_a.html http://www.purejoylivingfoods.com/recipes/index.shtml http://www.freedomyou.com/level%202/RECIPE%20GUIDE.htm http://www.rawguru.com/rawfoodrecipes.html http://www.organicfood.co.uk/inspiration/raw/thaisoup.html http://p202.ezboard.com/fdepoproverafrm28 http://www.therawfoodsite.com/recipes.htm http://www.totalrawfood.com/recipes/?PHPSESSID=2cc00bef93c80b2648ea4812cdeed980 http://www.bakingforhealth.com/veganrecipes.html And Susan V has a great blog sharing her good, mostly E.T.L. recipes (and a link to her recipe index on the side) --- PelicanAndrew, that sounds excellent. Throw in some green smoothies! Don't just stick to spinach (which is good, but...); get some kale, bok choy, collards; don't forget the greens of veggies, such as carrot-top greens, beet tops; use the leafies on cauliflower heads and broccoli too, etc. All those are greens. Hey, you can do biceps curls with those grocery bags ;D
  9. That's awesome because sometimes it goes the opposite way and one feels rundown and tired for a while before they get that energy. Oh, TOTALLY! This is one of the wonderful mind/emotional improvements. I mean, just knowing you are eating healfully boosts mood. I think a lot of the people who try to go 100% right away get that "high" and then crash because they put up unrealistic expectations for themselves; going slower is better for those types. It's when they continually see cooked food as "poison," etc., that they see consumption of a crumb of cooked food as a "failure." It only feeds food obsessions and disordered thinking. Some can go 100% right away, though; not many last. Oh, you definitely will! That's one of the most common benefits. It's great. I had nasty feet (well, they aren't fantabulous or anything now, but...) and now they are soft and smooth, even my heels. Oh, yea, that would be great. I'd love to read Katrina's experience too. You know, it's strange how easily one can forget. For example, I didn't remember that I used to have what felt like arthritic symptoms (!) in my fingers. I used to think it was related to the cold weather because it mostly happened when I'd run in the dark, early morning hours; so I just shrugged it off. But I have no such thing at all anymore. Yea, your appetite may fluctuate for a while. But your body seems to have gotten used to it pretty quickly! That's great. Just eat when you're hungry is what Dr. Fuhrman always says: if you're not experiencing true hunger, then your body has a reason for not wanting food at that time. Nah, I'm not creative with raw. I used to be with cooking and baking, but I just don't like the gourmet stuff; so I stick to fresh, raw, wholefoods. I eat my veggies as HUGE salads in a large bowl tossed in a homemade dressing. Is there something you're looking for in particular? I do a raw version of Dr. F.'s plan; but a lot of raw menus are not really healthful, but more rich -- kinda like transition meals. Like when people first go vegan they eat a lot of fake meats? It's that kinda thing; so it's hard to find the kind of healthful stuff I'd like. Plus some can be complicated *very* time consuming, expensive, and are dehydrated (which I don't like, generally). You can get good ideas from sites, though. I have a lot of sites saved so I'll collect them and add them to the end of this post later today. I drink the green smoothies with a low-sugar, high-nutrient fruit like berries. I also have an all-fruit meal (mono, meaning only one kind of fruit at at time) of the sweeter variety; my favorite is apples, but whatever is in season. There are some awesom persimmons right now! My dressings are where I consume most of my fats: I use a different nut or seed or combo every day. So I like the creamy dressings . These can be really simple or contain lots of herbs, spices, vinegars, fruits, mustard, etc. You can get really creative with dressings! I say, just throw stuff in a blender and tweak it! It's really hard to mess one up because you can always save it by adding this or that. One thing I do -- because I need a lot of dressings for my large salads (I sometimes eat two a day -- to increase the volume of dressings is to add veggie scraps as opposed to overdoing it on nuts. So, when I slice my onions for the salad, the ends (minus the little root end) goes in the blender; some cucumber, a couple of tomatoes, some cauliflower stems, etc. This way, I don't waste anything and I add flavor and volume to my dressings. My dressings taste different every day because of this and because of the different nut or seed I use (fresh coconut is super yummy too). I have a post here about this, I remember... Ah, here it is Dressings That tahini dressing is *awesome*! Tahini with orange is also very simple and delicious. Avos are great as a base too. I generally don't snack, but when I do, it's usually a small amount of nuts or seeds or a shot of wheatgrass or something new I find at the market.
  10. You know Rachel Ferrell? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE1Xk3HObyQ It doesn't play for me
  11. As well as Miles Davis E.S.P. is Extrasensory Perception. aka: clairvoyance Couple of easy examples I'm sure you've heard before: when someone knows (predicts) something is going to happen before it does. Or when someone knows what someone is thinking, what someone is going to say, or do -- Kinda like when you know what your s.o. (or ex) is going to say and do before they do When someone dreams about what will happen, and it does. Quickly found this site on a search; you can do the same and a lot of info comes up. Some info on it here; a few of excerptions: "... increasing evidence is demonstrating that ESP does exist, but it cannot be explained or quantified by physical laws; and furthermore, that the mind (consciousness) and the brain are two separate entities. Simultaneously, research in quantum physics points to the existence of a second, nonmaterial universe. So, the time is fast approaching when Western scientists must come to terms with the Eastern mystical concept: "that an extrasensory force exists in another realty, and intersects and integrates with the physical world." "... and it is not dependent on any of the other five senses. ESP is independent of such factors as geography, time, intelligence, age, or education." "...Some theories involve the discussion of two subconsciousnesses, the second one sometimes called the superconsciousness, soul, subliminal self, transcendent ego, dream self and several other terms. The argument rest on the hypothesis that two realities exist, the physical one and a second one"
  12. Hey, chr!s , For someone who wants to gain weight you don't eat much! How 'bout some greens??? More fruit, for sure...for weight, eat dried fruit and nuts -- that'll add lots of calories. Why do you want to gain weight? Do you feel you are underweight or not at your natural weight? Don't tell me it's vanity?! Lord knows a bodybuilding site has no such persons I * * Billie Holiday; she and Ella Fitzgerald are my favorite female voices...others too, but those too are in the top 5
  13. Jay, I should be getting it first or second week of December, so a few weeks from now. I ordered it a while ago, but it's not being sent out till Dec. Yes, your pushing of green smoothies did help! I used to eat very little fruit and veg, so eating more is pretty easy! I have fruit smoothie (banana and blueberry with almond milk and vega) in the morning. I used to have Luna bars mid morning, but now have a raw bar. Lunch is cooked, but I try to keep it still homemade or at least a natural and not highly processed prepared food (e.g., Amy's soup), like some kind of stew with legumes and at least one veg. Afternoon snacks are fruits or raw nuts. When I get home I make a green smoothie that I drink throughout the evening. And dinner is usually raw as well--generally some kind of salad. I haven't been doing this very long. I'll have to get more creative with my evening meals soon. Oh I'm glad . Do ever get the idea no one reads your posts?? Wow, your diet looks really great! How are you feeling? Are you eating more or less, you think? Keep me updated on your results; I love reading all the improvements people experience. Let me know if you need any help, and I'll try pazios2002, I pm'd you back
  14. Hey, Bighead, I've heard of something like this, but tell me, what is the result of this? Is this for bulk abs or flat-stomach-cut abs? I'm lookin' for the latter; problem is, I build on my already-wide waist very quickly. So I want to reduce that area even though I realize that any work on abs is actually building. I'd like my waist more tapered (or the illusion of such) and back to the measurement of my youth. Also, is there any stopping in the routine I quoted above? You didn't say when to stop or indicate when a set was complete. Just go till you can't any longer...?
  15. Begins November 15! "Nutritional Wisdom" on VOICE AMERICA, Wednesdays at 8:00 A.M. (pacific); check your local times!
  16. I hate dates... but love brownies so I bought some dates to give this a try. I'm scared, though... am i gonna be able to taste the dates? You can always use raisins or apricots (or even dried figs, blueberries or prunes) Dates are sweeter, though.
  17. Hey, that's awesome! Did any of my many (probbably too many ) posts about them help? I know I nag about them, but they are just so incredible! I probably have 100 posts with green smoothies in them . I think high-raw is best and doable for most people; I don't believe 100% is necessary. I think just getting people to add some -- any -- amount of raw foods in the diet is going to help! Sadly, some people like to think having a couple pieces of fruit means they eat "raw foods" ha! How are you doing adding raw? Are you doing recipes or whole foods? Starting to add slowly?
  18. Sent out my order today, nicole Wow are those three cutie pies, or what??!
  19. Yes, I've read the Living on live food; but, to be honest -- the text -- is nothing I didn't know already (lots of space in this very large book is just various testimonials); it's very basic info. There are a lot of recipes; but only valuable if you want gourmet, very-very-very fatty recipes (only a handful of low-to-no fat recipes). Not healthy, in my opinion, since they are very high fat (even raw fat isn't healthful in such large amounts) and high in oils ( ) which isn't healthful at all.... But, again, if you want some of these type of recipes for occasions, then, I suppose it's valuable. So, basically, it was not helpful for me BUT, since you want to learn technique for recipes, you might like the dvd which shows her making the recipes. It's good for that; but a bit deceptive in its promotion of the quickness. If you're willing to send them back, , I'd send my Living on Live Food DVD to you, no problem! And I'll throw in my copy of Eat to live too; my lender copy is being borrowed by a doc I lended it
  20. You know I have a solution to this Place greens in a glass, jar, etc. with a bit of water (not too much so that the green leafs are not too much under water or they'll rot faster). Cover with plastic bag (I use those green-fresh preserver bags, but used regular produce bags for years just fine). Rubber-band it loosely to hold in place. This preserves your greens *and* herbs for a loooooooong time. I've had herbs two weeks and not lost any potency (nor did they even wilt) that was detectable. Obviously you don't want to keep greens any longer than you have to; but this would be great for you, Jay; works for me too, since I consume a lot of greens . I keep mine on the side door of the fridge. It's like a little "greenhouse" for your greens . Can't you switch to frozen? Better than canned. Another excellent presentation about Soy isolates! Dr. McDougall (whose "diet" I do not advocate as optimal; but it's a good place to start) gives some vital, vital, vital info on soy isolated protein, including the fake soy-meats vegans love. Excellent. By the way, Jay, when I'm done watching the 12-hour DVD, I'll send it to you, if you want to see it. 'Course, I want you to send it back, though . This will definitely be one of my "lender" items. so many people I know need to see this. It's better than trying to get them to read Oh, yea, Pazios! He's totally into blending! He advocates blended salads and green smoothies all the time! He loves them. It's in his book, "eat to Live." That's just a short clip from his talk
  21. WATCH and LISTEN This is why I'm such a nag about greens and such an advocate for Eat To Live. This short portion gives such essential information on why we need to clean up our vegan diets. I can tell you that, from personal experience with the various vegan health diets, this one is the optimal -- none other comes close...really
  22. This is the kind of stuff I was talking about (in an old thread) about how money should be spent for advertising: Bravo, Compassion Over Killing, and to MTV, too (never thought I'd say that).
  23. Setting aside my opinion for the moment, veganbarbie, I don't think you should leave.
  24. I'm not sure what you're asking, collegeB about blood thinning...I do know that vitamin K helps blood to clot. Vitamin K has also been shown to help preserve bones. Examples of things that cause blood thinning -- garlic; essential fatty acids, like flax, hemp, and their oils, fish, etc.; ginger. If one is having surgery, for example, they will be advised not to consume these foods; and, may be prescribed vitamin K to avoid excessive bleeding. Oh, and leafy greens are a good source of vitamin K, as well as having some e.f.a.'s. -- the perfect food, perfectly balanced .
  25. GT's has a great one, "Mulit-Green," I think it's called -- awesome tasting! It has spirulina, chlorella, and blue-green algae in it. I think it's more of a living food than a "RAW" food, similar to miso and unpasteurized soy sauce. It is made with sugar, which I do not like; but, apparently, it is negligible and "eaten up" by the yeast (which I still don't get 'cause it will still contain sugars ??) I drink it on occasion; it's great for tummy issues and much better than enzyme pills for digestion. It also instantly alkalinizes the body at the same time I don't think I'd make my own kombucha; I do, however, like rejuvelac, which is very similar tasting. I've made mine flavored by adding to it, like ginger, cranberry, etc.; so it's very much like kombucha, but less expensive and no added sugar. I think I last made it at the beginning of summer and before that last Christmas... it's a great sub for champagne, other alcohol or sparkling ciders/drinks.
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