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  1. Hi! This is a real transformation, from real life to a comic picture Go Green!!
  2. Nice work Mate! I'm wondering are you following a fat burning diet? I mean eat less calories than you need.
  3. Thanks Mate! Have you already tried it?
  4. Hi! What's the exact composition of the "Thrive green protein"? I know it's pea , hemp and rice but what the exact ratio?
  5. Hi Guys! Here I am at my current progress, as you can see I'm doing my best to continue a clear diet even if it's hard to do during the long week end (remember I live in Italy!) http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/6214/20ott20102.jpg Since two weeks I've started to consume "pure pea protein powder", It's cheap and full of green proteins! Thanks Raw Man!
  6. No Words simple AMAZING What about your Before photos?
  7. Hi Guys, Sorry for my italian! Here I am after almost one year since I've started my vegetarian diet: http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/6217/progress20092010.jpg As you can see from my previous pic I've cut my Fat perc from 21,7% to 10,6 %. Until today I've worked only to lose Fat and not to gain MASS.
  8. Grazie RawMan delle dritte! Praticamente abbiamo monopolizzato in italiano questo topic Al momento sono vegetariano, quindi consumo ancora latticini (non latte però) e uova. Visto che ci siamo mi consigli qualche abbinamento alimentare per arrivare ad una buona dieta? Oppure qualche libro che hai trovato utile e chiaro. Tu per esempio quanto e cosa mangi di preciso? Inoltre ti chiedo, secondo la foto che ho postato, mi consigli di creare un surplus di calorie oppure un deficit?
  9. To RawMan: Grazie sei stato utilissimo! Che bello vedere almeno un altro italiano! Da quanto segui una dieta vegetariana? Che risultati hai ottenuto? Ma soprattutto come hai sostituito la carne? To vladamiraaron: Thanks man, I'm going to download FitDay. After I try it I'll tell you!
  10. Hi Guys, I want to become a vegetarian bodybuilder, I'm 27 thus, in order to create a diet, I need your advices! That's me few days ago. http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/8418/day09front.jpg My current level of activity is very sedentary, I'm a student and I spend most of the day sitting on a chair. Since Two weeks I've started a very soft lifting programm, three times per week, I spend in the Gym approximately 1 Hour and half each time. I've used Harris-Benedict formula to calculate my calories exependiture, It's about 1900.44 kcal/day. My questions are: 1) At your opinion what's my body type? 2) Should I increase my calorie amount in order to gain lean mass (and a small percentage of fat) OR decrease my calorie level and lose fat (and a small quantity of muscles too)? 3) Any general advices?
  11. Thx for your help guys To lobsteriffic: Do this book contains the information I need to replace meat from my diet?
  12. Hi guys, I'm 27 and I'm from Rome (Italy). Last year I have started a diet plan made for bodybuilding, I realized many results but I didn't like to eat so many Kilos of meat! So I decided to become vegetarian for a while and after become a pure vegan, in ordert to do that I would like to know, How can I exchange animal proteins with vegetable ones? Can you suggest me a book full of informations? (not just a recipes book) I really want to increase my knowledge in order to create my personal diet. Thanks for your help. http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/4540/yourimage.png
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