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  1. Hi veganmomma ^^ As I said, I too think that full-contact MAs such as MT or boxing are the number one choice for self defense. No one ever said, that a Kata is a form for self defense... a Kata is a way to master the movements and the correct performance(?.. sorry, Im not too sure with english words sometimes ) It would be the same thing to tell a boxer that his/her heavy bag training is useless because the bag will never hit back... greets danny
  2. Hi there ** Yep, the place looks nice for training I hope you`ll enjoy MT... if not, then dont be scared to change the style. You know, most fighters did a lot of styles until they found out, what they are up to. I think the only thing you can do is try and find out. But as said some month ago () you have to know your goals... and as you said it is for self defense, full-contact is the best choice. It is as close as you can get to a real situation. You can be a pro at any techniques, but it can be worthless if you encounter the first punch in your face... you will be stunned and perhaps too afraid to react. And fudgam.... you know, I wouldnt call all those traditional styles "bullshit"... those styles are thousands of years old and are way more than simple techniques. Those were normally invented by the more poorly equipped population like peasants, to defend against armys which had weapons and armor. So those techniques mostly concentrated on joints cause those could not be protected by armor. Today the attitude is way different to those times we can hardly think of. I dont think a college boy of today can come up with the same will and engagement as those warriors of the old age. It is not necessary and besides we are way too sophisticated to believe in such things as inner focus or something called "Chi", arent we? I would simply say, those techniques are hard to teach to our youth of today... It takes too much time, and all of us want to be Champions tomorrow, if possible without training at all. greets danny
  3. Well, I know its somehow nice, but somehow I feel better when animals are more shy. It way more safer for them ** perhaps the next person having a walk is not such a nice guy ** danny
  4. Thats a lot of info, thanks all for the links. I will be off for training in an hour and of course I will do some skipping, Ive got some new motivation now though there were noch really new steps... the damn criss-cross step is kinda difficult for me... they described it all so easy in there journals, but I wasnt able to do one jump of them yet :/ I think it is pretty importan to be kinda easy (loose, realxed?) and that is one of my probs, Im too stiff, especially in my lower back and shoulders.. gotta work on that. And I will look for another rope... mine is kinda heavy. That "Ropeless skipping rope" is really funny who the hell confirms such things when its about to get off-the-shelves? danny**
  5. No way.... the fight was no fair. Astrocat jumped in.. otherwise there would`ve been no way of a defeat ** Next time we`ll call it a Tag Team Challenge between "The Dargatz" and "the other guys on those photos" danny**
  6. ahh why did you hide him? Cause he is badly shaved as always? *g* danny**
  7. wheres ma brother? Id like to have walk there too.... damn I decided not to come during the holidays .... `?"§4´23 danny**
  8. So, do we have good skippers here perhaps? Im pretty interested in good rope skipping, especially for my boxing. But I just wont become any better anymore and I feel pretty burned out. I dont know how people can become as fast as seen on multiple videos.. but anyway I think it is a very good exercise for coordination and stamina. What experience have you made? So any suggestions on how to train or perhaps good training videos or books would be very welcome. Or how about the ropes itself? danny**
  9. Thanks all Well, my weight is now 87kg on 1,82m (thats like 6feet,1..?), it was 97 in summer *sigh* but well, Im doing of cardio i.e. running, rope skipping etc etc, I didnt do before... @Trev I started with Muay Thai when I was 18... to improve my boxing for the MT I started with classical boxing and found out, for myself, that its way better... I like the technique better and the finesse. To that I do some grappling, sometimes mixed with punches, but just for the basics so I know how to handle those situations, its not my intention to become a freefighter ^^ And I guess you would get used to it pretty fast NOT to hit your opponent with your knees but there was a boxing match here once where some kickboxer did use his knees to bring down his opponent... well, he was blocked(locked?) for lifetime of course. But he did it on purpose, cause he got no chance, went mad and got on berserker stance Not listen to Jonathan.. hmmm.... but I like those idea of shakes but those sound a bit like a bowel breaker to me *ouch* http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/3397/hulkavatar2sd4.jpg =====> http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2/images/avatars/8788402145957f3320b2b.jpg danny**
  10. No way, Daywalker ist still Dr.Kraut and will always be, if he wants to or not ** And btw, the board is just the beginning! But to stick to the topic: Hi Flare danny**
  11. Hi there ** So, I finally want to introduce myself here. My name`s danny I´m 25 and from Germany... actually Im no vegan. But Im vegetarian and I`m about cut out animal products step by step... I dont eat or drink milk products for health reasons and I was very motivated by the "Vegan Fitness" DVD and, of course, by my bigger brother Alex aka Daywalker I guess most of you know him here and well, he is always very strict in what he is doing and most of the time very successful. So thats a motivation ** But Im a bit afraid of loosing too much weight. Im doing weights for some time now and it was always my number one priority. Martial Arts were, too, important but like a "side project". But since summer Boxing became my new fav and I have a hell of a time trying to keep my weight O_o Well, enough of the bla and Hi all danny**
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