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  1. Update over the last weeks, i remove Fish,eggs and chicken from the diet and red meat and No nuts. I have been doing a cleanse(Celeri,Brocoli,Parsley,aspargus,carrots) shakes multiple day with fruits(pineapple,berries,coconut). I lost some weight but it doesnt really matter its something im experiencing and I guess the cleaning will do something good for the body and i guess all those vitamins,fiber and antioxidant from the Greens,Fruits will help my body. Im going to Reintroduce Red meat(Lean beef sirloin,Liver and Horse Meat) And thats going to be probaly my new diet. Veggies,Fruits + red meat. No eggs,chicken or fish and No whey protein. Theres something about red meat that Keep Me VERY LEAN and does something for my skin and Energy, i cant describe it. It might be b12, Iron and Zinc from the Red lean meat.I get veins all over when i eat red meat, I cant describe it, it is like its anabolic. Or the CLA. I may be celiac and Gluten or grains do a problem that i cant absorb Iron and i become anemic when i consumme Grains and b12 too. I cant rely on Grains,Soy or anything like that, that is just plain crazy... no pun Thank you for your inputs everyone, i appreciate it.
  2. ive been bodybuilding for some years... Over those years i been eating ALOT of crap... Which today i know are not Optimal Foods and can in fact Inder your progress. Lately ive been debating whether i should switch from my current diet to a Full Blown Vegan Diet, since i incoporate alot of the foods that a vegan are probally eating on a regular basis. IM OPEN MINDED. THE FOODS I WILL NOT EAT NO MATTER WHAT ARE : Wheat(Gluten-Products), Dairy Products(Milk,yogourt,cow products), Soy,Any kind of Processed foods(Bread,pasta-wheat,all that crap,man made sauce), HIGH INTAKE OF SUGAR... etc... Yes im currently eating meat and chicken , eggs and fish,im taking COD liver oil as omega 3 as well. The reason im asking is yes im ok on a diet like this, i do look way better than most people but I dont feel too well. Could i Be better EATING ONLY Rice, Cabbage, Pineapple and more fruits and more greens??? This is what im wondering.... My main concern is health. http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs113.snc1/4953_1159561342827_1041593214_493359_3671574_n.jpg
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