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  1. I am trying something new, I am on a deload week. All my normal weights are halved this week with a focus on form and contraction as well as a quicker recovery rate. I am always out researching new ways to lift and new methodologies. I love lifting heavy weights, and look forward to next week for some really good numbers next week. Happy end of the 30 day challange. I am starting on a 4 week lifting cycle, the last week being the deload week, and Monday of the heavy week being my check in day. Thanks for reading. Look forward to seeing how everyone does. Steve
  2. I have the feeling all cardio machines hate me after today's bouts with them. I am a huge out door nut, and while it is nice to have non tundra-esque weather, I need to dig out my back from before I was injured and have it tuned up.
  3. Arms and calves was fun, and if I did not think my stats for it deplorable, I would post them. I was never a fan of bicep exercises, so I do not rock the "gun show" like some of the people at the gym. I am getting stonger in triceps, I have made some gains there, no so much on the bicep side. My bicep curl is currently 60lbs, Tricep press is 90, calves is 180lbs. I always love working calves, though I usually use whatever weight is on a leg press for calf exercises. Today is some form of other worldly torture known as Cardio. My partner has something planned, not sure what. Otherwise today will be a rest day from lifting. Thanks all for reading Steve
  4. Officially Following this thread. This is amazing. Thanks so much. I am going to have to tinker with my goals now.
  5. Greetings all hope your workouts are great. I mentioned earlier that I broke a rib, that is not a fun thing to have happen, the last one took me a good 3 months to recover from. So I am going to hold off on grappling until that is healed. I do not want it getting worse. That being said, Today was supposed to be shoulder day. Since all of the fun shoulder exercises put pressure on the ribs, I forwent a lifting workout and hit up a morning boxing class instead. That is quite the shoulder workout, It makes me feel like I was able to lift without too much pressure on the rib. Tomorrow is Arms and Calves. Thanks for reading everyone Steve
  6. Tuesday! Warm up VO2 Training from thrive fitness on a spin bike. 20 mins Dead lifts - forgot straps, my arm strength started to give out towards the end 135 x 5 185 x 5 225 x 5 185 x 5 135 x 5 I keep getting stronger and stronger with deadlifts, I missed the a lot. I have not really trained it in a long time due to various injuries Bent over row 135 x 5 185 x 5 225 x 5 185 x 5 135 x 5 Both of these back to back was quite a workout. Hyper extensions. to failure 5 sets, about 5-6 before my back started to cry. I am still weak here. I used to be on pills for chronic lower back pain. I hate pills, so I did everything I could to not have to take them. It meant not doing this or deadlift Wide grip pull down 120 x 5 140 x 5 160 x 5 140 x 5 120 x 5 This hurt with every rep. I did not think it would upset my bum rib, though it screamed at me to end my work out. I pushed through until the next exercise. Standing stiff arm lat pull downs. 50 x 8 60 x 8 70 x 8 60 x 8 50 x 8 I was in too much pain to do anything else. I was at the gym a respectable time though. Good luck with your training everyone Steve
  7. Good luck tomorrow with the spin class. It sounds like fun.
  8. Second workout Second Post last week I trained too hard and pushed myself to lift more than I ever have, the unfortunate part was I did that all the major muscle groups twice and felt it so that I could not work out at night. I have adjusted like I mentioned earlier and was able to head to Jiujitsu tonight. Class was great, I ended up "rolling" with a former heavyweight from Nebraska, it is always interesting to be the two big guys in class, When push comes to shove we were using a lot of the mats for when we entered free grapple. I felt bad, I dropped him on a couple of kids, though they crawled across the mats and we were pushing up to 15ft before the throw. Ended up hurting a rib, which is par for the course, you never go to a class think, I am only going to put the hurt out, I am untouchable. I got tossed around quite a bit tonight, which is why I am always thankful that there is another big guy in class. Everyone else in there was feather weight, with a welterweight or two. Thanks for reading, I am going to ice my ribs... Steve
  9. Greetings everyone I am switching things up, I know I do that a lot, though I need to be able to hit my nightly training, and I was not able to as sore I have been from the workouts, so I am giving myself longer to rest between each series of lifts and adapting to my new lifting style. The gym gods have smiled on me, My gym recieved an order for all of the Large number dumbbells from 105-to 125. Gives me something to look forward to in the coming months. Machine assisted incline press (each arm) 56lbs x 10 warmup set 101lbs x 5 146 x 2 - Lift off took out a lot of energy, I could do more if I had help with lift off, unfortunately this is what my lifting partner weights 126 x 5 126 x 5 101 x 5 56 x 10 Single arm focused dumbbell press - One hand presses, the other is behind the head or assisting if you need help with the exercise (like a built in spot) 60 x 8 70 x 5 80 x 5 70 x 5 60 x 8 Dumbbells flies 20 lbs x 3 sets to failure each side. Not many reps as my shoulder started to cry half way through dumbbell press High pulley cable cross 40lbs knuckle to knuckle sets x 4 Assisted dips I am still building up more upper body strength, and in the process or converting fat to muscle. It is not always easy to do bodyweight exercises. I have been basically a walking billboard for Vega and Sunwarrior, both of which are almost daily foods. I hope that everyone has a good day. Steve
  10. Last of the Rest days, I took an extended break to allow myself to heal enough before next week and starting off really strong. I hope everyone is well, I am slowly making the rounds saying hello, and chatting here and there. Happy fresh start everyone. Steve
  11. That is pretty amazing all that rain. We just have a ton of snow from time to time. You workouts are looking awesome. I hope that you have a great last day before your travels. Be safe on the roads.
  12. Take care of yourself, I am hoping to learn a thing or two from all that you do. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  13. Looks great, Glad that you are back to training. Good luck in all your training.
  14. Today was all about respecting my body and the weights that I can put up. I have been extremely sore trying to lift the same body parts 2x a week. So what I am going to do instead is keep the intensity and power, and lose the extra day. Barbell shoulder press 135 x5 x 3 sets Not the most I have lifted, but I have already trainer shoulders this week at a really high weight, so I am happy to get the weight above my head without cheating. Bent over row 135 x5 x3 Just taking it easy this time round. seeing how my back is before I start loading up the bars. Deadlifts 135 x5 x4 I have been avoiding deadlifts because of the amount of injuries that I have had making them neigh impossible. It felt good, and I felt like I could do more, a lot more, though I am going to take it easy and rebuild my back slowly Lat pull down, wide grip 5 sets, 100 x8 120 x8 140 x8 120 x8 100 x8 I am going to up the weights on this one next back day, I wanted to keep it strong, and I am lifting more than I ever have with lat pull down these days. Lat pull down reverse grip (chin up lat pull down) Same as above, with an extra set of 70 thrown in because I did not know my strength. Wide grip seated low row. 100 x8 120 x8 140 x8 120 x8 100 x8 I will up this one too, though I did not want to risk hurting my back. I get to shovel which is a great high intensity workout. I may see if I can do it crossfit style. Just to change things up. I am training with a partner right now, and she is going through all the major muscle exercises that I am going through. It is always good to see a girl doing deadlifts, or any major muscle exercise instead of reading a book on a recumbent bike. I send off my results to my trainers tomorrow, and do a couple check ins of my own. Have a good one everyone. Thanks for reading Steve
  15. If they gym is packed, I would try different times of day to go. I was at a gym where all the 9-11am people would take over a rack and allow people to work in and out as they needed so that people could get their workouts in and not fight the crowds. Sometimes going earlier or later in the day is best. I tend to go around 9 am after the office people but before the housewives. I also go late in the day if needed around 8 people start to leave. Good Luck, I know that it can be hard to get a work out in around a gym and life schedule Steve
  16. There are a lot of great resources, Jungle Gym or something like that is a travel gym you can take with you, Men's health homework out bible, and Tabatas are all great things that you take with you when you travel. Good luck to you, I know that it can be tough on the road. Steve
  17. Rest Day. Nothing too much happening here. Food really good, I am eating enough, well almost enough food according to myfitnesspal. My flat top grill order is over 100g of protein. I will post more tomorrow after my workout. Have a good one, everyone Steve
  18. Great job with the consistency. Always good to see that you are in the gym. Keep it up and you will be on stage in no time.
  19. Today was a great day for lifting. Incline chest press(lbs.) 5 x 5 70 80 90 - the gym only goes to 100 80 70 I took plenty of time during these, worked out biceps in between. Mostly because I have not lifted that much in a while. The last time I was only up to 70. So this was a great feeling, and I will be feeling it tomorrow, hell, maybe later today Hammer curls 30lbs. 5 x 5 Wide grip barbell curl 50lbs, 3 sets 10 reps Close grip barbell curl 50 3 sets 10 reps Cable Crossovers 50lb x 10 40lbs x 8 30lbs x 10 I was losing form, so I dropped the weight a couple times until form was good Cable Flyes 40lbs x 3 sets, 10 reps Low cable raise 10lbs x 3 sets, 10 reps Over head tricep pressdown 60lbs 3 sets, 10 reps Tricep press down 70lbs 3 sets 10 reps Dips, Bodyweight, offset BW offset by 170 to fail BW offset by 130 to fail My shoulders were crying, my chest on fire, I called it here. There is a trainer at my gym who is persistent at getting me to sign up for personal training. I am happy that I have Ed to contact this month any questions, plus being able to use the boards and friends that I have in the community. When I asked her if she had ever dealt with a vegan athlete, she said no, there are no vegan athletes. After a sigh and roll of my eyes, I told her that I just got a call from my other gym where I train for grappling, that I have personal training there. I only use that gym for strength training. She goes we have trainers who lift and compete. Me: any of them work with a vegan? Her: No, If I were training you I would get you back on animal products so you could lose weight. (paraphrase not exact quote) I had to walk away, this was like screaming at a brick wall, I was only getting frustrated. I am glad that I have this journal with like minded people. It really helps buffer from these people. Thanks Everyone Steve
  20. I am enjoying a day off of work, which is nice because It means I can get more training in than a normal day. 1/16 lifts 5 X 5 powerlifting Squat (lbs.) 225 275 315 275 225 Decline abs (BW= Body weight) BW BW +25lbs BW +45lbs. BW +25lbs. BW Lower Back Raise BW X 5 I have back issues and this one can sideline me for months I am not careful and respectful. Hamstring Curl (lbs.) 90 110 130 110 90 I have had plenty of Vega to fuel me today, I always stockpile, and I realized that I had three Vega Sports proteins. So I had the last 4 servings in one of them, and feel like I can conquer the world. Off to grab so tofu wraps, and lunch items. Steve
  21. Vegan mainstream always has something like this either on the main page or through facebook spam
  22. Yeah, so It may help if I do an introduction post. Hi, I am Steve, a power lifter from Chicago, and long time animal rights advocate. I have been a super supporter of this site and Rob over the years, though I never started a journal. I liked all the 12 days of VBB, and since I was finally cleared from a medical issue, joined a couple gyms, and finally started to get myself back on track in the fitness world. I had a MSRA infection, pretty severe one, and I was told not to sweat in the fear that it might spread. If you love the summer, and are told to sit in front of a fan for the entirety of it, it can lead to all kinds of issues. Now, I have been hitting the gym strong, and I am almost back to where I was before I came down with my infection. I am still pretty big in the wrong places, though I am sure that it is only a matter of time before I am back to normal on that front. I am training to get back into fighting shape, I used to be a tournament fighter, and I would love to get back to it. I may never compete professionally, though It is better than any of the alternatives of not being in the industry. Check out my training journal called Back to fighting form. Thanks for reading Steve
  23. Hey I will help out with this one. If I am bulking up, I will go "on cycle" for creatine. It takes a couple weeks, though I can get an extra lift or 5lbs out of my training. It is a great additive if you want an extra pump or extra rep. I used to use Gaspari, then it was switched to using Dairy. I am off cycle at the moment, so I have not looked one up, though there is one at Vegan proteins dot com if you are still looking. Oh, it is harder to lose weight if you are on Creatine. That is why I only use it while Bulking. Steve
  24. Happy Rest day Rob. Hope you feel great going in tomorrow. I will lift a 45 plate for you, at least one before it goes on a bar.
  25. And we are Back. I love the first day back to the gym after a rest, It fills me with wonder and refuels my will power. Powerlifting 5 x 5s today. All with a one second hold at the hard part of the exercise Dumbbell Shoulder Press 40lbs 50lbs 60lbs 50lbs 40lbs Seated Row 180lbs 230lbs 270lbs 230lbs 180lbs Upright Row 95lbs 115lbs 135lbs 115lbs 95lbs Front lateral Raise 10s 15s 20s - against a wall, so no cheating 15s 10s Lat pull downs 100 120 140 120 100 Low Row 100 120 140 120 100 Some of these felt easy even at high levels, though I want to respect the weight that I have done, I will up a couple of them for the next workout. Food has been good now that I have money and a little time. Off to work Steve
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