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  1. You know what?? I toally agree with you. Look at the list of vegan/vegetarian celebrities. Why don't some of those celebrities do a commercial, some kind of advertisement, instead of being featured in PETA magazines? I agree that something of that nature would be better.
  2. I used to be a member of PETA, but I keep seeing and hearing about stupid stuff like this. I got tired of the e-mails, and donate here, and sign this, when if you do a little research, PETA is not quite as animal friendly as they are made out to be. Now, if I am wrong I apologize, but that is my opinion from what I have gathered on this website, and a few others. That video is dumb. Forces women to put animals/fur against their skin?? WTF, yeah right.
  3. Here is a new diet example!! Breakfast Oatmeal, almonds, hemp milk, banana, and flax sprinkles mixed together. A Rice protein shake 15 grams 41 grams protein 10:15 AM 15 gram rice protein shake. 56 grams protein 12:00 Lunch Cup of white rice, 1/2 yam, black beans, kale and lettuce. 22 grams protein 78 grams protein 1:00 PM 15 gram rice protein shake 93 grams protein supper bowl of pasta, 1/2 sweet red pepper, lettuce, peanuts. 8 grams protein 101 grams protein 1 hour before sleep 15 gram rice protein shake natures way alive rice/pea protein shake 15 grams protein 131 grams protein total I know it needs tweaking, and I only weigh 145 pounds so I might be able to cut down some of that protein since I don't bodybuild at this time. Brian
  4. Yes that helps. I am guessing that the meat industry makes a killing and they are always looking for ways to target kids with milk and cheese commercials, people with fast food commercials, and slogans that talk about being manly by eating a half pound artery clogging burger. It would make sense that eating that way would kill your testosterone levels. My EDS practicioner told me that before modernized farming methods came about, B-12 was readily available in top soil in all fruits and vegetables, so were the abundant supply of trace minerals, B-12 was available in old style well water because of bacterial fermentation, and other natural ways also. She also told me about other countries eating grains and beans as a staple in their diet for sources of protein, and she talked a little about the China Study. Oh wait, she mentioned about how slaughter houses really operate, and the disease infested animals, hormones, and all kinds of other stuff. I just don't understand how people cannot want to be vegan. Thanks for th einfo, I will be sure to check it out.
  5. Ok, pretty much had to switch to being vegan. Had some medical tests done, what they showed is that a crappy diet is not good. Let me explain, I had a parasite, my liver was stressed, and my spleen was slightly stressed. My EDS practicioner is a vegan and what she told me was all the reasons I needed to be vegan. All I am wondering now is does being vegan affect testosterone levels or is it a myth? My medical doctor did not recommend a vegan diet but did not give much reason other than that it is not a "well rounded" diet which is bullshit since half the world is obese, trying to lose weight and full of toxins. He also said something about fat soluble vitamins?? What does that even mean? Thanks
  6. I am still gradually cutting down animal products. I am an A blood type and A's are supposed to be able to do well on a vegetarian diet. Other things I have going on..... I have popping and cracking so to speak in my joints, flat arches but have special expensive insoles from a chiropractor which help a lot. I used to take ritalin for adhd, am obviously not taking it and have been off of it for about 3 1/2 years now but still have problems, example, I feel like a zombie or a walking side effect, and have little sex drive and function. I lost my job and live off of about $700 a month for the gym, food, bills, fuel in my vehicle, car repair..... so on. So, With limited resources, income, and money needed for joint supplements, and a stem cell product to hopefully repair neurotransmitter damage from ritalin. At this time it is difficult to focus on a completely vegan diet when the main worries I have are on fixing my brain, and comfort and repair for my joints. I will try to at least be semi vegetarian for now, and obviously I need to take care of my main problems, which no one else understands unless you are in my body and walk a few miles in these shoes. When the storm is over and I am back on my feet, I will try to make a go of this vegan diet. Later people's
  7. Ok, lets say oatmeal for breakfast, a serving of hemp seeds, an apple and a brown rice protein shake. Snack, a power bar. Lunch, rice beans, salad with quinoa, olive oil, carrots, and maybe another protein shake. Snack, a banana Supper, a protein shake, fruit, peanut butter sandwich.
  8. Ok, I will try the cutting down approach and go from there. If all these other guys can do it, I can do it too!!
  9. I have something to add to my last post, I meant that I get 70 grams of protein up to as much as 150 grams, but I do farm work, and don't workout much other than exercises for working the entire back, shoulders, and calistenics like crunches, reverse sit ups, and supermans just to stay in shape.
  10. Alright. I am a 27 year old male, five foot four, 145 pounds. I have been bouncing around from vegan to vegetarian. I take methyl B-12, I am an A positive blood type if that matters at all, and every time I stay completely vegan for a week or more, I start not feeling right. Just not myself, sort of fatigued, tired, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I have ordered Robert's vegan bodybuilding book, and was also wondering if I should just read that or take any advice from this website? The reason I go back to ovo vegetarian is when I eat egg whites with the occasional yolk, I just automatically start feeling better. I would think my protein intake is adequate. I may get as much as 70 grams of protein a day alone from beans, grains, hemp, and brown rice protein powder. If there is anything anyone wants to say to help me out, I am all ears as I want to be completely vegan. Thanks, Brian
  11. Today I skipped breakfast and had a huge vegan burrito from Chipotle around 11:45 AM. I feel pretty good actually. I may try this more and more. I do have Red Tea which is caffeine free but all the benefits of green tea so that may work for breakfast. Thanks for the info on the exercises. I will try doing some light squats on my crossbow machine. I will also look more into the hip problem and find out about specific exercises for that and for my knees. Mainly it is the left knee.
  12. Wow, I was not expecting to get a response so thanks! Well, I have actually been seeing a chiropractor and as time goes by, I am needing less and less adjustments. When I lie on my back and do scissor kicks, I still have popping in my right hip even after all these adjustments. What would be another step to figure out what is going on? I was told to do exercises that specifically work the back side of the shoulders to strengthen everything, and then I can throw in harder workouts. I still don't know what to do about the scar tissue in my left pectoral muscle. It is by my arm pit. The foot levelers insoles help but my arches will probably never go back to normal. I suppose for my knees I could do some kind of upper leg workout. Know any good upper leg exercises that are not hard on the knees? Back to the intermittent fasting, lets say I have a light breakfast since I get hungry in the morning, then the rest of the day just listen to my body and eat only if I am hungry? I compliment what I eat with a Rice protein shake for breakfast and supper. Thanks, Brian
  13. I am a new vegan about 2 months now. I am not a bodybuilder but work full time and do farm work. How much protein does an average person like me need? I am five foot four, around 145 pounds. I have several injuries from my past military experience. Shoulder/rotator cuff popping and cracking issues so push ups, pull ups, and bench press are all out. My right hip popped in basic training and never healed correctly. The doctor says it is rotated slightly. I have scar tissue in my left pectoral muscle, falling arches so I wear foot levelers insoles, my left knee is stressed from leaning slightly right, my right collar bone is lower than my left, and my ankles were sprained about 7 times a piece. So, for now until I get straightened out, how much protein does an average person need? Thanks, Brian
  14. I have a few questions on this topic of IF. I have injuries from the military mainly. Scar tissue in my left chest muscle, falling arches so I wear foot levelers insoles, my right hip rotated slightly and never healed right so I literally lean slightly to the right, right collar bone lower than the left, and a stressed left knee from leaning to the right. The point I am getting at is until I can get starightened out, literally, would Intermittent Fasting be something I could do since I am not very active to help keep off extra pounds? Does my age matter either? I am a 27 year old male, five foot four approximately 145 pounds, work full time, and do farm work with light workouts. A workout for me is a few reps of low weight just to maintain being and looking somewhat fit. I have been vegan for almost two months now. Thanks, Brian
  15. Hmm... Are there any other PeTA members on this website? I am a PeTA member but do not know a lot about PeTA. Would anyone out there tell me that I may be wasting my time being a member there? Thanks, Brian
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