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  1. I just started Muay Thai a couple of months ago and for my first session I just had shorts and a tshirt, and a bottle of water. They should provide you with anything else you need for the mean time. Just ask your instructors, they should be happy to show you what to look for when buying equipment, and how things should fit. Even now I only use hand wraps, ankle supports, gloves, shorts, tshirt, shin pads and when sparring possibly a belly pad (which I doubt you will be expected to buy) and mouth guard. Enjoy, it is awesome!!
  2. neon genesis evangelion ... Amazing!
  3. Nestle are a really bad company, they exploit people in the 3rd world, not to mention the animal testing.
  4. Well chicken isn't that good for you, in fact a lot of chicken is injected with pork fat to make it look plumper and since the 1940s chickens nutritional value has lowered incredibly. Also I agree with not eating white bread, white pasta and white rice but the wholegrain versions of these foods are really beneficial as a vegan, particularly if eaten with lentils or beans because it creates a protein. ...just a few bits of information
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