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  1. I found this article very interesting . Has anyone met a extraterrestrial,seen a ufo , been abducted, or care to share a story related ? http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/01/08/01288.html
  2. Just wondering how many PCs you had and for how long did you have them? Vegan Joe we had a gateway , HP , and my brother currently still uses his Dell . The Dell has held up well and my brother keeps up to date with virus scans . The HP , i dont know what happened . It stopped working after 3 months , a virus . If anyone wants a HP with a pentium 3 i know its outdated , 200 bucks ill ship it . And the gateway lasted and we gave it to my uncle when it was outdated .
  3. PC's you need to constantly update your virus protection . Mac computers are virtually virus-free . The price is ridiculous , but saving the headache's of repair and down-time without a computer is great . I have had my iMAC for 3 1/2 years problem free . To use Vista functionally you probably need to go through afew tutorials . User friendly it is not . My fiancee has had her macbook for the same amount of time problem free as well . No problems ever . When I was young we had one of those original prehistoric big looking imac structured apple computers . We had that for many years as well .PC's have been nothing but problems for me .
  4. You cannot be exempt from the vaccine's due to religous beliefs . Thanks for the information everyone .
  5. Will they have to pay me unemployment checks if I get laid off ? I signed a petition online...And yeah , I need to get to the food allergist to see if the doctor can write me a letter saying im allergic to eggs . That might void me from the procedure .
  6. These jokers at my job are telling me I will lose my job if I don't get flu shots . Right now they are giving away seasonal flu shots . Eggs are used in this concoction . I am totally against taking these shots with what I have read . Gulliane Barr Syndrome , allergic reactions , and being forced to take a unsubstantiated drug is a big no-no . I have personally seen three co-workers become sick after taking this vaccination . And they are going to mandate a 3-stage H1N1 vaccine next . What are my rights , will I be able to collect unemployment after being suspended with out pay ? I feel like I have to stick this one out and not get the shot . At this point it is morally wrong , degrading , and ignorant to even think of letting them inject me . Scare tactics are being used to disperse these drugs with unknown effects . How can this be legal , how can NY pull this shenanigans , I am concerned .
  7. Im big on kiwi's , I hear they are one of the most nutritionally dense fruit . I love red grapes,granny smith apples,dried apricots,watermelon,pears,ORANGES,and acai juice .I love to juice veggies and fruit combined .
  8. I think I read about Monsanto awhile back in college , arent they responsible for bovine hormones ? For a fastfood joint I would not expect anything healthy or remotely organic . But I've heard "organic" is a term loosely thrown around . Is it true that they are mandated to only use a certain amount of pesticides in comparison to "regular" produce ?
  9. sevendust , vision of disorder , pearl jam , helmet , andy mckee , lit , Pat Benetar , Van Halen , Iron maiden
  10. They have tasted my cooking and love it . But stubborn people do not care about their diets until they are bed ridden . Thats what really hurts , you dont wanna see your loved one's in pain . I do not want to be ignorant and persist . I am all for this site . You have alot of people busting the horrible myth that vegans are unhealthy and weak . And that is definitely a great way to show by example the health benefits .
  11. Being on a Vegan Diet I have been able to rid myself of chronic back pain work-related . I've also been able to breath better and have as great immunity to sickness as I did before as well . My fiancee has a contagious upper-respiratory tract infection . We have been kissing among other things , and I have not gotten sick . Alittle coarse throat was cured by some lime-water for me the morning after . My mind is clear and I just finished up whooping my friends in games of Pool , which does not usually happen . I know I sound like a self absorbed prick , but I cannot fight the benefits I have experienced . My problem is , I want to encourage my fiancee and best friend Jimmy to try to make diet changes . But they do not want to hear anything . My best friend has wrist pain and neck pain and he is 25 . I am 24 , we are too young to be experiencing these types of pain . The funny thing is his girlfriend is also on a vegan diet for many years . And she has tried to encourage a change in his diet nutrition "here and there" . My fiancee had angered me the other day because she came back from the doctor with Mc donalds . She had a chocolate milk shake and some chicken nuggets . I couldn't for the life of me understand why she would buy a milk shake with a upper respiratory tract infection . The things people will do to satiate there hunger is bizzare . I must admit I ridiculed her for her poor choice . I find it hard to not tell her anytime she mentions joint pain or hip pain that she would benefit from trying to change her diet . I do not want to come off as trying to be superior , or push my ways on friends and family . Some find my logic wacky , I just want a peace of mind for their health . But conventional diets that we've been raised on make my thoughts unrealistic to them . I really don't want to make them annoyed or angry . I just want to give them the opportunity to reap the same health benefits I have experienced . Does anyone want to share if their husband,wife,significant other , family , friends are non-vegans . And if you try to encourage them to change their diets ? How do you know when your crossing the line , when to stop . I mean sometimes you get heated in the moment , when they say ignorant things . I try to back up at those times and just give it a rest .My family and friends respect my diet , I just make my own food when going out with them . I guess part of the problem is me . But I care for my family and friends . When I see mini corn muffins loaded up the wazoo with chemicals and ingredients it annoys me . Meat and dairy that goes to waste cause it doesnt even get used annoys me . Doritos , cheese doodles , fluff.... My family and friends are supportive of my diet . Global warming ,poor health , no compassion for other animals , its a shame the society we live in . I will pray and hope for change .
  12. oh dam, im hungry now . im making this soon . what is tvp and tamari ?
  13. I've heard varying things about ZMA . One study showed it helps increase testosterone . Another study said its only good if your deficient in those minerals , zinc and magnesium i believe . Some people buy the minerals seperate and its cheaper .
  14. What do you eat in a normal day ? I love blending soy shakes to keep my weight up . soymilk , soy yogurt , ice , bananas , whatever fruit you like , dates , cocoa . Make enough so you can have with breakfast and dinner after or before your meals/and or workouts . I love my oatmeal,peanut butter , bananas , strawberries , wheat germ , and almond milk . If you ate like me , and I worked out like you .... Your looking good though , its hard when your so active to consume enough calories to gain . Keep up the great work .
  15. i used chickpeas with cellantro , mashed em' up . olives black mashed . almonds and walnuts mashed with my hands . let them heat up in the warmers in the Kitchen . Then 2 slices of fresh tomatoe and some pickle chips crushed up . added mustard and fresh squeezed lemon juice . mixed it all up , wallah . added some potatoe chips towards the end to scoop .
  16. I think they are italian eggplant the mini one's . I slice them thin , used bread crumbs , added lemon peppercorn garlic crackled to the crumbs, along with some sea salt . After breading I put them in the oven at 375 degrees 7 minutes then flipped them . I then sliced some tofu , crumbled the tofu , and mixed it with veganaise . I put the tomatoe sauce on top of the breaded eggplant slices then my tofu-veganaise mix next with some coarse black pepper . Waited another 10 minutes wallah . I was suprised how it tasted so good . Even my fiancee thought it was wonderful, and she hates eggplant .
  17. Broc Lesnar is an undeniable force in MMA . Somebody will eventually up that big head of his . Rumor is he was grappling with Gabriel Gonzaga at an exhibition and submitted him in a Kimura in around 30 seconds .
  18. I just caught this show on the internet through ovguide.com . Dissapointing fight , wrestler ground and pounds inexperienced bjj guy . I do not think anyone would like the fact that he went to shake hands second round , and then shot for a double-leg .The tall bjj guy needed to throw some elbows from guard . I think he might have had a better chance at a reversal from a body-triangle , being he was so tall and big . No sprawl , take-down defense , ground defense for the loss .I think Wes Sims "The project" replaces the guy who gets beat . I want to see Wes Sims vs Kimbo Slice .
  19. How do I get rid of the mouse without Killing or poisoning ? My place is clean but Im sure there are some spots around the stove and microwave that need a cleaning . Making sure there is no garbage in the night might help . Keeping dishes done directly after eating . How would you get rid of the mouse ?
  20. this gave me some real bad gas .
  21. toast bread , hummusoliveonion on each side , spinach/tomatoe sliced stacked between each other with coarse black pepper on top the tomatoes , tempeh seasoned and cooked in olive oil on a pan , leftover sweet corn off the cob shaved into the pan with sea salt and onion powder . scrumptious
  22. Would you sleep easier knowing you did not have those items . Craigslist and Ebay are your friends . You can purchase used seats non leather for most cars on ebay . Acouple bolts and there off , you can sell them and recoup your cost for the swap . Selling your items will stop non-vegans from supporting killing more animals . And when you buy new things you will not be supporting killing animals . Win-Win as oppose to Lose-Lose , but if you live paycheck to paycheck like me then yeah. You may want to hold on to those things for awhile .
  23. Have you ever tried Hemp Bread ? Which taste is better . I guess there both going to be an acquired taste for . As long is takes the guessing out of the ingredients , betters my health , and gives me a piece of mind . Then I will be happy paying the extra price .And thanks for the happycow link .
  24. Obviously I know not to buy an bread with dairy , eggs ,or milk . But I would like to know what fortified vitamins are animal based that they put in bread so I can stay away from those products . List any good breads you eat . Thank You . And I read wheat thins are Vegan in ingredients , but I saw a calcium additive . Any clarification would be helpful . The bread I bought has a calcium additive as well , should I just steer clear of any normal grocery chain bread and purchase from the health store ?
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