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  1. This link can come in handy if you decide to travel abroad, it offers translations of our eating habits in about forty different languages (even drawings!), just click on the smiley holding the fork and you will no longer have to worry.
  2. I'm very flexible, so I can touch them easily but, just before you wonder how it can be, I've practised karate for six years, which I think helped me a bit. But even before that I was always flexible.
  3. Hey man, welcome. Being Belgian myself, I'm sure we'll get along pretty well. Have fun reading the boards, they're full of useful information.
  4. CANNIBAL FEROX was never meant to be an official sequel to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST but people kind of turned the movie into what they wanted it to be. I don't think you guys should be pissed off at a movie that was made 27 years ago, as you can't change what happened back then, no matter what you try or say. I mean, we were all meat eaters at some point, but that doesn't mean we have to be judged for, say, the rest of our lives for our deeds. The most important thing for me is to know for sure that he [the filmmaker] has learned from his former blunders.
  5. Hey man, how about, you tell us about that trip of yours? No major problems encountered with regard to food?
  6. Ruggero Deodato later on admitted to being a fool for making this movie, especially because of all the unnecessary killings of animals (but now I'm not so sure any more, as there seems to be a sequel coming out in 2009, according to IMDB, who knows if he ends up leaving them out, but I think the law - or some company like PETA - wouldn't let him go his way). Even though I have only seen CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST once and don't agree with its gratuitous violence towards animals, I think it brings out an important message about our culture: are we the savages or are they, who kill for food? Of course, this might sound like an old-fashioned maxim but, somehow, it remains relevant. Also, at some point in the past, the same director was asked to present his own defense by reproducing the major gory effects before a court, because some people actually believed the human massacres were real.
  7. Par rapport aux surprises rencontrées ici et là, j'ai encore été étonné de lire dernièrement que certains produits (si pas tous, mais cela reste à voir) de la marque "La Vache Qui Rit" contiennent du poisson parmi les ingrédients! Je crois qu'il existe déjà ce petit logo sur certains produits végétariens ("Geschikt voor vegetariërs" ou "Convient pour les végétariens", comme je vois souvent en Belgique), mais c'est vrai que ce n'est pas toujours facile pour les produits courants sans aucune indication ou précision. Un exemple de détail assez frustrant que je rencontre fréquemment est "Ce produit est fabriqué dans un atelier utilisant des oeufs et du lait.". En lisant, je me dis... à acheter ou pas? Et à chaque fois je ne prends pas. Quand j'ai dit à quelqu'un la dernière fois que je suis, en tant que végétalien, mieux informé que n'importe quel omnivore de ce qui rentre dans mon corps, on m'a pris pour un gros prétentieux, et pourtant je n'ai pas l'impression de mentir. Enfin, la vérité choque parfois. Pour résumer grossièrement le vivisme, disons qu'il s'agit d'attendre que les fruits tombent de l'arbre avant de pouvoir les manger, puisque les adeptes de cette pratique sont persuadés qu'un arbre souffre quand on lui arrache ses fruits ou ressources. Aussi, il n'est pas rare d'en voir certains faire des câlins aux arbres (d'où l'appellation "treehuggers"). L'idée en elle-même est intéressante et mérite réflexion vu personne n'a jamais su prouver si les plantes ressentent la douleur ou non. Sinon, ce n'est pas une remarque, mais il vaut mieux continuer en anglais parce que ce n'est pas très poli pour les autres qui ne comprennent pas bien ce qui est écrit. Si tu as des problèmes pour certains mots en anglais, tu peux toujours les écrire en français - je suis sûr qu'ils comprendront quand même - ou bien demander de l'aide à quelqu'un, parce que ce serait chouette que tous puissent profiter de tes contributions. Voilà. I'm sure you'll fit in perfectly, it takes a little bit of learning at the beginning but it's worth giving it your best shot.
  8. Currently I have a four-day workout; the first three days I eat lots of food ranging from beans to bananas, and the last day considerably less. You may want to try that, it works for me. Also, avoid eating too much chocolate, that one's a bitch.
  9. Bonjour cfacile, Je connais ton sentiment. On m'a à maintes reprises pris pour un inconscient quand je racontais à certaines personnes que je suis végétalien, et il est vrai que certains avis mesquins de proches sont difficiles à accepter au début, mais maintenant je n'y prête plus trop attention. A vrai dire, on s'y habitue, et je suis convaincu que la même chose se produira chez toi avec le temps. En Belgique, on dispose d'une chaine de magasins assez connue, vendant uniquement des produits naturels de qualité biologique, portant le nom de "Bio Shop". Je suis sûr qu'il existe de tels magasins dans ton pays. Petite précision: "végétalien" en anglais se dit "vegan". Il n'existe donc pas d'autre terme transitoire (à part le vivisme, qui est une étape encore plus avancée, mais c'est une autre histoire). Désolé si mon français ne ressemble à rien. (Amai, mijn Frans trekt op kaalgeschoren kloten.)
  10. Dunno why but I have this picture in my head where I see you teach your classmates some of the most complex tongue-twisters in Dutch while cheering them up a little bit, "toe nou, probeer het samen opnieuw, gewoon nadoen, want zo lukt het nooit, en karakter is met twee k's... nee, rrrr, ik lust geen kaas, ik ben veganist, jij domoor!" I shall put an end to my ramblings now.
  11. But then there was always the possibility to write some Dutch sentences on a piece of paper... en dan zuchten, 'gatver, dat voelde goed, doe ik nog ne keer !' (and then sigh, goddamn, that felt good, let's do that again !)
  12. Nice to know there are more Dutch-speaking people around, are you from Belgium or The Netherlands? This written, I think it is much better for the community if we stick to English, I mean... that wouldn't seem right for them if they can't interact. As for your questions: Vegetarian = végétarien Vegan = végétalien // the only slight difference being the L instead of R, but very important nonetheless! No milk, eggs, meat and fish = pas de lait, d'oeufs, viande et (du) poisson. Put in a sentence, that would more or less look like "Je ne mange pas de viande, oeufs, lait et poisson".
  13. Hehe, you're welcome. What places in France have you already visited to buy food ?
  14. French happens to be the second language spoken in my country, so maybe I can type in a few key words so you don't have to worry about the mainstream stuff; also let me know if I can help you out more specifically with other things as you discover them. Some animal foods you definitely want to stay away from: fromage, présure, poulet, saumon, dinde, saucisse, porc, beauf, veau, hâché, cabillaud, coq, crevette, moules, lard, gibier, lapin, cheval, mouton, volailles, cochon, agneau, canard, oie, pigeon, oie, sanglier, chevreuil, crustacés, huîtres, mollusques, acide lactique, lactose, lactosérum...
  15. The products look terrific, it's too bad I have no credit card, not to mention the shipping costs to Belgium.
  16. I'm sure you can combine the three afore-mentioned reasons; I am for one doing it for all that.
  17. Are there any cases of well-known vegans dying prematurely (deaths related to food, of course) ?
  18. My opinion about the issue is about the same as Michelle's, even though it is hard to try and stay away from animals, as I love their company. Look, I know the very idea to keep animals confined in your house is selfish and has been proven to have a negative effect on them, but is it any better to alienate them completely? I mean, if a dog really likes being around you, that would be even more egoistic to turn your back on him, you would leave him out there wandering down the streets, with nothing to remind him of his ancient functioning, as cities are no good for animals, or else you would have to seek a place that is still natural and preserved from industrialization and there aren't too many of them left. It is a noble mind-set to remember that maybe dogs weren't loyal to humans in the past and that they would rely on nothing but their own means to survive but this has changed completely over the years and, if the re-introduction to nature has to be done, we should then progressively bring it back into their consciousness. Now, is a weird behaviour for a dog? Or is he just having a 'normal' conversation with one of his peers? I wonder if he's actually able to extract information from this, it's gotten me fascinated, for it doesn't look like he's pretending to communicate with the virtual wolf (for information, this is footage taken from THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS on the Nintendo Wii & GameCube). Do you think the 'owner' - although the idea of thinking that you can actually possess a living being is despisable - forced him into this kind of behaviour or is it natural?
  19. Dat is ook de bedoeling (= that's the idea). With this taken into account I think my comparison still stands up in a way that both games revolve around killing zombies, even though DEAD RISING is merely a homage to George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD while RESIDENT EVIL is openly based on the zombie concept developed by Romero. There is always room for more zombie games. Also, I believe the concept is extremely interesting if you think of how people have become a bunch of mindless zombies going to the closest mall doing their daily shopping. So by buying a copy of DEAD RISING, you literally contribute to freeing the world from dummies (me be pushin my shoppin cart, me be doin great). At least, mentally. @robert: 'dude' is like the coolest word in the world, no wonder we would pick it out. As for words, and to react to the further input, we don't ponder them enough in my opinion, as languages have gotten us into cyborg-like behaviour, we're so full of easily convenient terms for all kinds of situations and there's no meaning left or at least some just don't listen to what that entails (this reminds me of AMERICAN PSYCHO, when Patrick Bateman admits to being into murders and executions and the girl in front of him won't even hear it and instead interpret that the way she feels the most comfortable with). But looking at words as a sign of intelligence, let me laugh. I doubt people will ever question their habits when it comes to communicating. If uttering foolish things like 'the man was butchered like a pig' sounds righteous to someone, they will certainly show little to no resistance or they wouldn't even dig it, maybe.
  20. Not that I'm choosy, it's just that we all have our methods, but I would go for a workout divided into long reps only, even though it's no longer your average multiple reps within sets, until I can't lift anymore, which then depends on the weight hanging on the dumbbells because, the heavier the shorter, but basically, when referring to a long rep training, I'm talking about a number comprised between sixty and eighty ups and downs. The idea of taking a break between reps in order to complete a set just isn't what I prefer. As a matter of fact, I'm only content when my muscles feel tired and sunburnt while attaining muscle failure before moving to an another kind of exercise. So, I'm wondering what your preference is like?
  21. Daywalker as a reference to BLADE? By the way, welcome.
  22. I have a hard time thinking we humans, or hunters in this case, need to interact with all this. Isn't nature supposed to have its own defense and take care of the problem? Or are we - yet again - pretentious enough as to believe we have a role to play in controlling the death rate?
  23. I don't know of any contest, somebody enlighten me please?
  24. This is so much like us for trying to spread out the "humanness" in non-human animals, like we are a perfect species or something and we need to go on a desperate mission from God, who reportedly said 'thou art to turn all things into humans.'
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