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  1. Thanks chewybaws & Tarz for your feedback. Seems I have a lot of options then. I will look out for both of those brands, as they both look pretty cool looking trainer brands. I will also use the footwear symbol system to back up my search. When I became Vegan I thought eating was going to be the hardest part of it all, but I have now come to realise that it's the other stuff like clothing that offers just as much of a challenge, but it does make you become more aware at least. The Search continues....
  2. OK, back to looking for new footwear. Went the New Balance route last time, but would like to open my options up. Kind of looking into boots as well. Just to clarify, going off this shoe label chart from this site http://www.whatapair.com/UnderstandingShoeLabels.aspx Which specifies this :- Textile: This means fabric, the list is endless. This is one of the symbols the vegans, vegetarians and eco-friendly consumers look for because it means all natural or man made materials are used for the construction. Textiles Other Materials: This is still man-made materials just a little different because these materials usually refer to the sole of the shoe. The most common of these materials are Thermoplastic Rubber, PVC, Rubber Compounds, Crepe, and Composition. All of these materials are friendly for the Vegan, Vegetarian and Eco-Friendly consumer. If I go for any shoes with the "hash" sign and/or the Diamond shape on it, I can purchase the shoes with confidence ? Sorry to labour the point, but I just want to make sure I get it right. Kind of off topic.....but how to people go about buying jeans......As they have those darn little leather brand patches on the back of them Grrrrrr!!!!
  3. I just wondered are seedless grapes GM food? I have done a bit of a google search on the subject and two things came up about them in different forums. That the vines are spliced to create the seedless plants. Another method was, the growers used a technique to stunt the growth of the seeds before they had a time to grow. So i was left wondering are they "Frankenstein" food, like GM foods? I can't seem to find any grapes that aren't seedless grapes here in UK. But I have read a lot about the detoxing/cleansing effects of grapes, that I would like to have them in my diet. So anyone in the know, could you share your knowledge on this one. Thanks
  4. Trev What kind of mountain biking are you doing? What type of pedals do you have? OK, I’m a total newb on all this. This is my first bike, since I sold my BMX in 1982. So I am really lost with the advances in cycling. And it took me all of a few minutes to realise I have a lot to learn to catch up with the times. The pedals I am using I think are these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.aspx?Cat=cycle&ProdID=5360006642&N=Wellgo%20LU%20987U%20Flattie%20Pedals Just bog standard ones that came on the bike. The bike is a hard tail bike with front suspension. So I take any flat shoes from the skate board and bmx world would do (the vegan versions that is). Now do such shoes as the Etnies and Macbeth have it clearly marked that they are Vegan suitable? I buy New-balance trainers (sneakers), they do animal friendly shoes, but they don’t put their “bunnyâ€
  5. * Just got a mountain bike and wondered if there are any brands of shoes that are Vegan suitable for wearing on my bike. I have read that some people use skateboard shoes for mountain biking, so any choices used in skateboarding that may do the job too ? Also I was looking into doing some in door rock climbing and wondered if there are any recommendations for footwear. *
  6. * Is the USA one of the worst countries in the west, for bastardising their fresh foods? It seems so often that I read about the US's food being modified with cooking, heating, chemicals, radiating etc that I am unsure if it's now one of the worst places to get good food from. I don't hear half as much about UK and Europe's food being messed with. Also livestock here is supposed to be more humanely farmed. Now I ask this more on the bases of, is Europe just terribly ill informed of what is going on with our foods? I know without a bit of delving on the net etc that you actually find that meats in the UK aren't being farmed without some serious doctoring. So is fresh food just as bad if not worse here than the rest of the world? I can’t believe the UK is even close to being an angel when it comes to food; just it seems the US gets so much more bad press. Anyone have any links to worst farming/food production in the world? *
  7. * With regards to Raw Power supplement, I was looking into this myself a bit back. I was also trying to track down the book that accompanies the supplement. It has now gone out of print, so was thinking of trying to get a second hand copy off amazon. I thought it may be one of these classics that you HAVE TO read. A bit like the classic physique guys who worked out so much by themselves in the 1930s and 40s and put their wisdom to print. Well after a bit of googling on the author Stephen Arlin, I stumbled across an interview he had done some years ago. So I thought cool, I want to know about this guy. Well in the interview I had read up to one of his replies, and felt kind of dooped. The reply was "Yes, I was blessed with good genetics. I could probably eat at McDonalds every day and still live into my nineties like my grandparents". Now that to me sounds so arrogant, I just lost all interest in the guy. *
  8. * Bigbwii Did you find that excerise really helped at the early start of detox ? I plan to get back to exercise soon, just lately I've being feeling really rough. And wondered how you view exercise and early stage raw transition. *
  9. * Thanks andesuma for a good post. I am getting a bit behind in my forum posts, so I'll try and say thanks to you and Bigbwii for your input in my other threads, here. After both of your inputs, I am now taking the simpler approach. I don't feel all the recipes are right for me at this stage. As just pick up and eat has become my way of eating the last couple of days and it feels rights. It's not something I think, it's something I just feel is right. I am also going through the detox, which I am accepting as an experience that is part of the reclaiming of my body. Which also makes the simple eating style seem more appropriate, as the last thing you want to do when you brain has gone all foggy and your mood is swinging, that you need to make elaborate meals and do lots of washing of utensils etc. I know that isn't a big thing, but it does seem that way when you're not in the right frame of mind I know you 2 must be pulling your hair out at times with some of the confused logic being worked through on the forum. But I do appreciate your replies, as they feel heart felt. They have helped me quite a bit to make the obvious, now obvious to me *
  10. * Thanks for the response Bigbwii, I am sure you must get fed up of reading the same questions about starting the lifestyle. Though some of the questions I have asked on the forum have even made me cringe, as I have never felt such a newbie as going raw (I even find the questions stupid). As I have said many times before in other threads, that it’s not the change of food that is the hardest in this lifestyle, but the change in mindset. When you enter the raw lifestyle you soon realise that most of the things you have grown up with have now gone. Like meal time structures, food preparation, food shopping (I only use about 10% of the supermarket now), there are so many more things too, but maybe when I am further down the road I will be able to articulate them better. But at this stage there is a culture shock for sure. Not that I have a problem with that, though it is unusual to think that one thing in your life can change everything in your life. I do have the utmost respect for you, as you have done the initial journey, so know what it is like. Also I realise that you take your advisor role seriously, though it is frustrating when you can’t always pass on your advice so easily to new comers as they just don’t seem to grasp the most basic piece of advice you can give, which is “keep it simple”. I am now slowly grasping the complexity of the life style, and the complexity is, is in its simplicity. I have read a lot so far and I am getting to the stage where I am getting “the message”. Just I do have to post a few of these less than sparkling enquiries, as my mindset is slowly changing, I do need a little confirmation of what is what. I am trying to now sift through lies, misinformation and the truth at this stage, which does cast up some weird theories. Thankfully there are forums around though, as where do beginners come to share the confused thoughts on things otherwise. So thanks for putting up with people like myself who still ask such mind boggling over complex questions. Thanks Andesume, for you help also. I have taken aboard your comment of not trying to get overwhelmed with it all. I am about to take a step back from it all for a while and let the information I have got so far, sink in. Thanks for simplifying the food combining for me. Though it does sound simple how you explained it, in some of the books etc it doesn’t come across as such. So I can now feel confident that I’m back on track. The mono eating does sound right, as when I do that I always know when I am full, or what fruits I should be going for, so I think I will work more like that. What you both have mentioned about the gourmet cooking is also something I have come to believe too. At one stage I was planning on buying a dehydrator, but now I am unsure if I want to, as it seems just as easy to grab some fruit or make a smoothie or have a salad. I don’t really want “mocked” cooked foods. Pizza, burger looking raw foods doesn’t now look as appealing to me as when I first started. Something inside of me is quite happy to just grab and go, rather than do a major food preparation events. Overall I am listening to what messages are coming from my body. Like for some reason I find myself eating 5 oranges in a go, because it feels right to do so. I think I must be going through some stage of detox for sure. As my dyslexia has become notably worse in the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness for spell checkers. I find the dumbing down of my brain a little weird, though I can only assume with time that I will find clarity of mind far superior to any I have had ever. Thanks for your input; it is very welcome. As being able to work out the basics can only help me understanding the global picture better. *
  11. * OK I'm reading as much as I can, but I'm unsure about a few things. 1) Unsure what a fruit is now after reading raw books. So tomatoes are fruits and so are cuccumbers. How come they are classed as fruits, because they have seeds ? Does that mean pumpkin and such vegetables are fruits too (working on the seeds assumption) ? 2) They talk about sweet fruits a lot. What basic categories are there then with fruits, and what fruits go into each? 3) Now I have been making smoothies in the morning, and have been using, bananas, sometimes mangos, avacados, goji berries, spinach, parsley. Now these taste good, but what I read says that fats shouldn't be combined with fruits. So that means the avacado should not be in that smoothie. But I take neither should the greens either. As fruits should be eaten alone. Is that correct ? Also the best way to eat fruit is one type at one sitting, is that correct ? 4) So overall am I right in thinking it should be like this :- Fruits (mono eating) Greens + fats = fine Non sweet fruits (tomatoes & cuccumbers) + greens = fine Non sweet fruits (tomatoes & cuccumbers) + greens + fats = fine Vegetables + greens = fine Vegetables + greens + fats = fine Non sweet fruits (tomatoes & cuccumbers) + greens + fats + vegetables = fine What I am now starting to gather is, that if you give the body what it wants, in the form it wants, it will perform how nature intended. If you mix foods incorrectly or give it unnatural foods you will tax the digestive system and it will start to break down. It does seem complicated at first, but I am at the stage where it is starting to feel natural now. It's just these little holes in my understanding that are evading me. I'm sure with a few tweaks in my diet, I will improve even faster. Thanks *
  12. * seand "i followed wolfe around for 2 years until i realized i, and everyone with me was rapidly deteriorating... if yer serious about raw i recommend you read dr. graham (specifically 80-10-10 book) at foodnsport.com. consider evaluating both authors to determine what would be best for you... congratulations on your interest in healthier living." Hi Seand, at the present I am trying to read as broad as I can on the whole raw lifestyle, as I don't feel anything less would do me justice. So I can appreciate you saying read Dr Graham's book aswell. I had checked out his site a bit back, though not to any great depth, as I have been adding to my favourite sites list as I have been googling the last couple of months. I would have sent for his book a bit back, but since it wasn't available at amazon, it had slipped by for the time being. So what do you appreciate about his approach to raw eating then ? Also who else do you feel is worth investigating more ? I enjoyed David's book a lot, I think as its a great global picture of what the raw lifestyle is about. So as a beginner/intermediate book it's great. Much like Alissa Cohen's book is a great beginner's book. But I am starting to realise that to really understand the lifestyle, I will have to read a lot of material from a lot of different sources, to make the best evaluation of what is right for me. In saying that, I'm always interested in getting new leads to new information, so anyone can chip in with good suggestions! *
  13. * Just finished the sunfood diet book by David Wolfe. And I have to say it's a very good read. It's packed with so many thing from so many different subjects, it kind of makes your head spin. As a new comer to raw this book has been a real treat. It really gives logic to the lifestyle, along with so many different benefits of doing it. I know not everyone is into the spiritual side of things, so some of the aspects of this book may seem unwanted. But for me it has added a necessary element. I will define spirituality as being "in tune" with oneself and the world as a whole. Also the book is great as an off shoot to other books that may be of interest in an area you want to explore more. I think I have bought several other books mentioned in this book and I'm finding them interesting too. So anyone who wants a good raw book, would be advised to checking this one out. *
  14. * Wow thanks andesuma for such a great start to knowing where to go. I'm really appreciative of that help ! As for the social circle, I think you're right, maybe take a little of my own stuff, and just melt into the crowd. If asked by an interested person, I'll explain. I won't have any real problem about being open though about my eating style, as I can justify it to everyone (as well as myself), as after seeing so much illness around me, it's easy to give reasons why I would choose to follow this route. *
  15. Matty Cakes I went out of town for seven days recently and It was tough. I went to my home town in Southern Utah after about day four I was getting super anxiety. I ate three lara bars at once and was not satisfied. I think that it was just because I knew that my "support" system was gone. Nice health food stores, food dehydrator, food processors,etc. the next time I travel I'm planning a head and bring a lot stuff with. I can appreciate that when your usual methods of eating are disrupted, it can be a bit of a concern. I find going raw is quite easy whilst being at home. Even the smell of a fry up, chips (french fries) or a pizza being made by other people in the house has no effect on me. As I know I have my alternatives at hand. But the social aspect of it all still concerns me, like going to a place like a party, especially a birthday party where there is a huge table of food (of the junk food variety), with everyone milling around with plates full of it. I dread that situation. Not that I would starve, as I can eat beforehand. But sitting round like a gooseberry, as everyone is sociably eating I don't know how to cope with that. As an un-raw vegan I could have piles of crisps (potatoe chips) etc and hide the fact, so that would be ok. Now I have always dodged the fact that I didn't drink alcohol by saying I was driving, but what do you say when you're not eating. But I think all this will change when I develop as a raw eater. As it's all new, sometimes these little things seem big things. andesuma Let me just say... that, anywhere human beings really want to travel to.. (meaning, not Antarctica for one..), there WILL BE PRODUCE! Produce is everywhere. enjoy being a raw fooder and eating the many varieties of locally grown produce in the region that you are visiting! All the tastes, sensations and nutrients will vary, enjoy the journey instead of feeling so constrained. Just my opinion though Andesuma I can appreciate your commit, basically don’t panic as it makes the raw lifestyle a nightmare. I think getting a better idea of what is out there, is a huge step forward. If there is a store there is a meal. If there is a decent restaurant, there should be something workable in it. But I feel I need to start thinking more positive about “being out there” by knowing how the land lies. So when I visit the USA I just need to find places where people get their food. What are names of health food stores there? Also is Wal-Mart a decent place to buy produce? I remembering on my last visit several years ago, that I shopped at Wal-mart (I wasn’t even vegetarian then), but can’t remember if they did organic fruit and vegetables. Now I will be visiting Georgia and plan to go down to Florida too. I may also travel some into North Carolina. Now any help on places (stores, restaurants etc) to look out for in those states would be appreciated. I know the US is vast, so some states don’t have the same chain of stores as others. I am sure Florida must have vegan and raw restaurants, so I should be ok there. So I will start investigating on that one. Any input would be appreciated. *
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