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  1. here's a really easy one i've been using lately when i'm feeling lazy: drain and rinse a can of black and/or red beans (especially good mixed together), then put them in a large bowl and mash them with a fork (or whatever you find works best) until they form a nice paste. Then, throw in some corn, along with some finely chopped vegetables (onion, various peppers, what have you) and spice to taste with whatever you like, i enjoy cumin and cayenne. Fold a whole wheat tortilla in half and spread the concoction on, then put the other half on top, and you have an easy bean quesadilla. not great for getting your vegetables, so you might want to supplement it with some others, but is an easy to way to get your whole proteins.
  2. the university brings a decent variety of people and educational resources, as well as speakers and other such events. we get some of the more popular bands coming through, but other than that, the area is pretty lacking in terms of live music (something i am deeply upset about...). overall i feel that it lacks...culture, which is why i'm looking to go to school in a city, although i will miss being away from nature thanks for all of the welcomes.
  3. I noticed a lot of Pennsylvanians while I was browsing the forums... and there is a possibility I will be going to school in Pittsburgh next year, so I might be getting even closer to you, michael.
  4. Hi, my name's Derek, I'm 17, live in State College, Pennsylvania, USA (Penn State anyone?). I'm a vegan obviously...I like to skate and am a big music geek, so I am down to talk about any of the above Looks like a friendly community here, so I'm looking forward to getting plenty of help in my effort for a healthier lifestyle.
  5. am i the only one that isn't really a fan of Singer? I've read some of his work, and I really dislike the fact that he condones humane killing of animals for meat. obviously, humane conditions are way more desirable than the factory farms, but he seems to be satisfied with that as an end. personally, i find the entire idea of raising a sentient being for the sole purpose of killing it to be absurd and pretty horrifying. I'm sure some will disagree.
  6. Hi, my name's Derek, I'm 17 years old and became vegetarian about 7 months ago, with veganism following (gradually) soon after. I fell out of a calisthenics routine several months ago, and now have the opportunity to get back into said routine, so I'm looking for some general tips. I was doing exercises such as Hindu squats, Hindu pushups, and back bridges (with no arm support), as well as some breathing exercises, such as "Farmer Burns' Stomach Flattener" and back arch with forward bend and squeeze (for the record, I have no idea how universal these names are, and I might be able to upload some pictures if necessary). I did the latter as part of a routine which was compiled by Matt Furey, a supposed fitness expert, which consists of 12 breathing/stretching exercises, with it all focused around 7 of them, which he dubbed the "Magnificent 7." Furey seems like a bit of a money hungry jerk (luckily i found his books for free online), so that decreases my overall trust in his knowledge, but I definitely saw a change in my strength and appearance while I was following the above plans. So, simply, does this seem to be a good routine to follow? I generally care more about health and strength than appearance, but I am also looking to lose a bit of fat around my midsection, so any tips there would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if i really provided enough information, so if anyone has any questions, please ask, and thanks in advance!
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