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  1. Thanks for the recipe. These are really good. My son really liked it too.
  2. We have an L.A. Fitness not too far from our home and I've heard they have a kids workout area. Has anyone on here used L.A. Fitness? Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  3. How many have you sold all together Robert? That DVD is so helpful.
  4. Welcome Tom. I as well used this site much when i was planning on being a Vegan. It really helped me out a lot and I still see all types of meal ideas that I never would have thought of otherwise. It helps to live by Portland too with all the veg restaurants.
  5. Welcome. I'm the father of a very active 5 year old myself.
  6. I've had some fine India cuisine with watermelon seeds in it. I thought it strange at first, but they were good with all the spices.
  7. Looks yummy. I'll take avocado as well as this:)
  8. Earth, Humyn and Animal Liberation in general. I basically believe people have the right to live there lives the way they want as long as they're not harming those 3. I support gay rights, pro-choice, and like people who are liberal minded and sarcastic(Jello Biafra). I run a small mailorder of music and zines which benefits mostly animal rights causes as well as donating from my own pocket. Bike riding, reading, playing with my son all keep me in good balance mentally and physically.
  9. do you still have walnuts from the family farm?
  10. Thanks Robert. Much appreciated. If anyone wants to be added to the monthly e-mail update drop me a line.
  11. He had a swimming class that day and was doing stuff with mom. He would have loved it though. It gives dad a good little break at least. Nice meeting you too. I'm sure i'll see you around. The Oakland AK Press online is where I got the messenger bag by the way. Take Care.
  12. It was definately an awesome event. So much free stuff! It's great to be surrounded by like minded people as well.
  13. I think there is a girl at his pre-school. At least I know her mom is vegetarian.
  14. I live on nuts and sunflower seeds. I'm not skinny and possibly may be part squirrel.
  15. This is more for those in the Portland/Vancouver as well as Seattle area. I'm a subscriber to Pioneer Organics for my produce as I live pretty far from any store that carries quality produce. If anyone plans on joining this service please use my e-mail as a referral: [email protected] I receive $21.00 in free food for every person I can get to try it for 3 deliveries. It's a great service that I've used since going vegan last August. http://www.pioneerorganics.com Thanks. Steve
  16. Aidan is actually more on the vegetarian side unless my wife interferes. I think he was hitting dad's Vega this day. I raised him on Tofu from the time he could eat and he still loves it at 5.
  17. Sorry didn't realize how big a photo it was. my first attempt at doing this here.
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