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  1. Lucky! So, are they just constantly growing or do they have a season? Today's: 1/3 cup pomegranate concentrate 6 brzil nuts 2 really ripe bananas flax oil about 3 cups of collard greens this combination really worked, flavor-wise.
  2. Who you calling syrupy? To be honest, I haven't tried the recipes (and I'm sure I'm better off not opening that door, with my sweet-tooth) but it's well written with good tips and the flavor combinations look good.
  3. papaya! been craving that quite a bit lately. they must be good where you are!
  4. Don't know if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but this book is all vegan ice cream recipes, including some raw ones as well: Vice Cream, by Jeff Rogers -- www.tenspeed.com
  5. Lastly: 1/2 cup pomegranate concentrate 1 banana 10 macadamia nuts and the 1/4 c. water they soaked in flax oil 5 oz "mixed baby greens" ah.
  6. thx, beevis. maybe just "coconut", neither "flesh" nor "meat"... well. now that I really am in dry dock -- or beached, or run aground -- gotta conserve that coconut cuz who knows when I'll nxt have the where-with-all to open another one, eh? today's: about 1.5 cups frozen dark sweet cherries about 1.5 cups, packed, parsley 8 soaked brzil nuts (and the water they soaked in, plus another half-cup or so of water). the texture-nazis will not care for the texture, but the flavor is awesome.
  7. Glass of salsa, anyone? Two chopped up sweet red peppers One small zucchini, grated Handful of mint Juice of 1/4 lime Handful of coconut meat Well, what's the worst that can happen? Nutrition? Interesting how the zucchni completely disappeared (texture, flavor). The watery-pulpiness of the red pepper was dominant. Hints of mint & coconut were nice. Anyway, time to quit messing around and get methodical!
  8. This one's pretty good... 4 oz blueberries 1 banana 6 leaves of basil fill blender/food processor to top with "mixed baby greens" & gradually add about a cup of water. Needs to be more basily. Take 2 tomorrah.
  9. 4 oz raspberries, juice of 1/4 lemon 2 tb ginger grated one banana mint leaves (4 inch stem w/6 leaves or so) this revolting smelling/looking concoction will remind most people of pepto bismol, but of course it's way better/more interesting/delicious/nutritious than that. Must restore proper meaning/association of colors and smells!
  10. Whoah, yesterday's was waaaay too desserty, but I imagine it would be most folks' cup of tea: 20 dark sweet cherries frozen 1 banana 1/2 cup of coconut water fresh coconut meat, maybe 3 Tbs Back to my preferred type (with a bite) today: 20 dark sweet cherries 1 banana juice of 1/4 lemon 3 tbs raw grated ginger big leaf of kale
  11. Merci beaucoup, _raVen_, re: coconut processing links. Today's drink was f-i-n-e: 3 TB raw grated ginger 4 oranges 1 cup chopped/packed mustard greens (2 large leaves) 1 banana
  12. Regarding fresh coconut, _raVen_, what's your recommendation on "rendering it for its parts"? I bought one, and was surpised to see it begin to decay a few days later. How dare it?! I have a feeling I'll be blundering into overwhelming or underwhelming combinations for a while. But what's the worst that can happen?
  13. Wow! Mustard greens have never tasted so ... mustardy. Didn't quite expect that, and will have to dilute 1:1 with romaine or something next time ... 5 oz raspberries juice of 1/4 lemon 2 tb ginger I guess two cups of mustard greens. Still, I preferred the dark red raspberry-mustard green concoction to the following somewhat bland dark-purple ones ... 3 oz rehydrated dragonfruit, and the water they soaked in 1 banana parsley, lemon, ginger. Somewhat bland, preferred it without the parsley and banana, I think. (this digested fine, just kind of ... the flavors seemed to cancel one another out) *** 5 oz blackberries half an avocado maybe two cups of purple-veined kale lemon ginger (this digested fine, I just don't think I need the fat of the avocado at this point in the day).
  14. Today's was somewhat bland -- not unlike Odwalla's Strawb-Ban, but still got a very nice lift from it! 1/2# strawb 1 tb shredded ginger quarter lime 1/4 c. parsley 2 bananas 1/2 c. water
  15. I guess the possibilities are endless. Here's another: 3 oranges 1 banana 2 tb raw ginger handful of flat parsley Maybe I should post only the horrible combinations -- but so far, there haven't been any!
  16. Here's another: blackberries and raspberries grated ginger, juice from a quarter of a lime (not sure of the role of the lime this time but the ginger was important) a ripe banana and a half 1/2 c water.
  17. Didn't see any smoothie recipe thread on page 1... Here's a nice one with some zip! - pound of strawberries with their leafy tops - two tb grated ginger - juice from quarter of a lime - 1 c. water
  18. Hey now. About the Hapkido, I just wanted to say a couple things. "Don't let what you can't do keep you from doing what you can do." I mean, unless you are paired with the same person every session or your classmates are homogeneously superfolk, why feel half-assed or guilty about doing modifications? There's always some area for each student to grow, and everyone is compromised in some way -- even blackbelts -- cardiovascularly, biomechanically, strengthwise, confidence-wise (too little, too much). If you do decide to pursue a different (martial) art, I'd make a list of the things you love about Hapkido and find something similar that doesn't involve throws. Remember, personal standards of excellence should not be impersonal!
  19. Many many thanks, raVen! So many suggestions! One can't help but be inspired. Pistachio salad dressing hadn't even occurred to me!
  20. I'm imagining making these involves a food processor and soaked nuts/seeds, perhaps some salt or other spices. Anything else? Anyone (raVen)?
  21. That is the funniest thing you have ever said! I think that when one is full of self-importance the blog content is tainted, but there are blogs out there where what is offered is simply important to the blogger, with no feedback sought. That's different.
  22. ... on a lark I had an abstract manta ray hennaed onto the top of my foot. Many folks looked at it, but the only person who said anything was a nurse who thought it was magic marker delineating the perimeter of a possible infection. The fading ink was replaced by a scaly welt / chemical burn looking thing that slowly subsided in the following weeks. Now the manta is gone ... I miss it.
  23. Good one, offense74! That's certainly how I try to live!
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