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  1. Unfortunately compassion...i don't think things like that will ever change. There are too many bad/lacking people in the world (maybe for the philisophical intrinsic good requires bad thing). I don't even look at sights like that anymore. I can't control what occurs beyond my direct reaches. All I can do I suppose is insure I never exist that way. Like I said...man is the worst animal ever created. He'll always be the worst.
  2. Yeah.. a big hairy one. We're pretty much a perfect match... both big, goofy and with the ability to annoy everyone around us by never shutting up... I have a husky (and a chesapeake bay) as well. The huskies are certainly unique as I've discovered. i never had one before.
  3. lol...at least I wasn't lynched for the leather comment. But yeah it made me realize, in my mind at least- its hypocrytical. Here I was walking the dogs I love so much..attached by a piece of dead cow....hmmm. And I have been made aware of the suffering that can exist regarding the egg./milk production, I kinda see why someone hits the vegan level. But I was recently wondering if certain consumer options are available to counter/improve this problem.. ie free run eggs... some specific brand of milk producers that are nore ethical etc? i'd appreciate any ideas on that. I mean the way I see it...originally man was intended to hunt/kill animal. Use the hides, meat etc. Because in actuality that's all we really are- a slightly luckier animal....certainly not any more advanced with the way we cause suffering to eachother... infact I believe we are without question the most despicable of all the animals. Most guys I work with hunt.... I can never understand the pleasure in this, of killing. Many tell me its for the meat- but I see the meat waste away in the freezers. - thats makes me wonder if it's more ethical to go and "hunt" the animal cleanly and take responsibility for it's death... or take the cheap ay out "buying it commercially" which causes more suffering apparntly- yet doesn't force that person to commit an act of killing an animal for sport pleasure? Either way.. I see everyones point's here so far.
  4. Compassion.. I work a K9(police dog. (partner). I suppose simply put I track suspects running from the more major/serious crimes... search buildings, for drugs etc. A lot of time spent training and playing really. I love going to work with a dog. Where else can you get away with that!. Its the people I deal with that ruin the gig.
  5. Belive me compasion, I hear exactly what your saying. I love any animal...and I can honestly say I love animals more than man. I personaly can't eat lobsters crabs etc either..as they are kinda funny to watch. But I cannot compare a tuna fish to a German Shepard. I'm sorry but I have realistic limits. But it doesn't mean I dont feel the same way...I could never fish for example. The milk and cheese and eggs thing....I dunno. I'm not prepared to give that up tho. As far as animal suffering ie; deers.... do you think hunting should be allowed to control populations so that they don't encounter starvation and all the other assorted terrible suffering from over pop? I mean I could never do it (hunt- even for this intention). I hit my first deer with my car last month and felt terrible. (I actually stroked the things head till it died). But I'm curious as to your idea/perspective on it as one example. That brings me to wonder..... how many vegans here use anything leather? leather couch.... office chair...wallet...interior of the ol' Lexus? Or even running shoes or dog leashes. Obviously animals had to die for this?
  6. Yeah, trust me we are on the same page compassion. I don't eat pig. I did obviously b/c culture dictated it so (upbringing ect). Once I was able to recognize for myself... It was not an issue any longer. Actually recognizing the Pigs close relation/or behavior to dogs is what initiated my change. Next was any red meat as it seemed hypocrytical to attempt to differentiate. Cattle, horse sheep...all the same to me now. I do firmly stand by the concept that there is an issue/difference between eating a pig or a fish- based on the mental/emotional state/progression consciousness etc etc of them. I have no issue eating cheese or milk or eggs myself at this point. So I suppose Im still vegatarianistic as opposed to vegan. But there is still a unique bond that occurs between mankind/dog that I have not seen myself duplicated on a general level. (except possibly pigs)
  7. Hi everyone thanks for the welcome. So far lots of great reading for me here. Crispy, I'm a K9 Handler... for a while anyways.
  8. Not bad at all. Local universities often run classes with decent instructors from local schools. Its usually only 50 bucks a month or so. Nice thing is you can do most of the training at home, and there's no useless kata or what not to memorize. God knows I don't clasify myself as an expert to any stretch of the Imagination...but having bounced around most of the martial arts out there since 87'... I can honestly say that I feel Mauy Thai is the best standup art for practical use. I don't think it's necessary to compete either to get most of the benifits. I hate to say it but it's not a wise sport to actually compete in for any length of time. Professional MT fighters have short careers and life long injuries from mild to severe. Although I truly respect them.
  9. Ya, I know. That's why I stated Modified Vegan, and expressed that I had no other idea how to appropriately define such in the post that proceeded yours. I really don't know the various definitions verbatim. I realize the entire animal industry presents it's own problems however. I tried going fully vegan, and could barely get up most days. It was a disaster for me. I couldn't function. I realize man was intended to eat meat, but my choice for changing was love of animals purely...no other reason. i'm still trying to achieve some compromise I can tolerate. If I had the ability to run my own farmstead etc...I suppose my problem would be eliminated as I'd treat the animals in a caring manner. Vegan ...vegitarian..Morman. I really don't give a shit definition wise. I wont kill an animal, therefore I wont eat one. Really much more a moral or ethical reason than pure alleged health benifits, but to each their own. I don't know what thats defined as....
  10. Yeah actually a tree is best. I always left them out in the rain tho....then they'd rot on me.... too lazy to take it down ... I found that the house would take some abuse form the bag jumping around ..so I bought a Monster 7' Thai bag, thats 150 lbs. it's actually much better b/c it hardly moves.
  11. lol..yeah thats him. I actually would see them around the gym from time to time...he asked me a couple times, but i'm far to clumsy to ever jump of the 3rd rope. Mind you, thats quite a lot of abuse on the body....
  12. Torture is only one aspect. Its all I can do to hold my temper in regarding anyone who would eat a dog. Fuck any one's culture regarding this, and Fuck anyone who eats one. There is a special kinship between man and wolf/dog that most people cannot understand. I am a K9 handler, and my dog has risked himself for my life, as I would for his. Infact he has risked his life for many people. The intelligence or soul of a dog is beyond questioning. No bullshit arguement about culture will work here. Any culture that can't recognize the spirit of a dog isn't worth existing.
  13. I would suggest one get initial instruction from a decent boxing coach 1st (in my humble opinion) otherwise you'll create bad habits that are hard to change, or cause damage to your hands b/c your not taping them properly etc (which I did when I was younger.) Speed bags are ok, but it'll become boring fast. Heavy bag is a better workout, and they are cheap to find used. I swear by it...best workout! If you have absolutely no where to hang one you can always get the Wavemaster (the water base filled free standing ones) and simply fill it with riverstone/sand or whatever in the base (otherwise thay are useless- too light). You can also wrap the punching area in lots of duct tape so it feels more like a leather h/bag. If your in T.O. there are many great boxing or Kick boxing schools there. Mauy thai is more fun and a better workout I persoanllly think.
  14. hey go full out. you'll be rich! I remember when I was 19 (I was about 225lbs at 5'11)...these 2 big guys approached me in the mall, asking me if I wanted to train wrestling with them... really pushing it. I thought they were either a) gonna abduct and rape me.. b) mug me Turns out It was The Jackyl (now defunct) and Chris Jherico! from WWF. That Jherico is like a millionaire now, and I truthfully had bigger arms than him at the time lol. I still cry when I watch Smackdown.
  15. Yeah thanks robert, sea... it looks very helpful. I'll certainly be picking your brain regarding vegan/weightraining etc..
  16. Glad to see other MA types here. I did assorted stuff in past years, but am a Bjj/MMA guy now. I also do a lot of weights (always have), and was concerned also about losing size/strength. Im only a modified vegan to best explain it, so I still get protien from cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs,- But I still dropped from 215 to 200- can't get it back yet. I was hopin the magic formula is around the corner.....
  17. Hi, my names Brian.. obviously new to form. Im recent conversion (past 2 yrs), and am very happy to have discovered this site for advice on the aspects of nutrition/supplementation and changes in diet etc. I work with animals so I suppose its purely a moral conversion to be precise. Sports was a big issue for me, as I lost a little weight in the initial changes of diet. look forward to lots of advice, thanks in advance.
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