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  1. Well, I never heard about something with "set weights". I have a normal, long barbell and two short ones, each around 17" long, and you can add plates to the long one as well as to the short ones. I found that using the two small, separated bars makes it by far harder to lift the same weight because you have more problems balancing two objects and you can not just use force on one side to move the other end as well. I would use the long bar for the real, nice exercises like deadlifting, benching and squatting. The short ones are for fancy isolation exercises and obscure movements with an increased range of motion unachievable with a longer bar.
  2. In my sides and my back. I did a lot of weighed dips an pull-ups this morning, and it feels great right now.
  3. Just ran 23km in 143min My legs hurt so well!
  4. Are you speaking of fat in the tummy area or are you rather speaking of the actual size of your tummy, which is defined by the size of your muscles, your innards and of the food you've been eating?
  5. Hey guys, still active! At the moment, I am doing the following exercises (2 sets each, 5 reps per set) -curling 103.5lbs -deadlifting 160lbs(combining squatting and the deadlift) -benching 140lbs -rowing 130lbs -one legged squatting with 77lbs (I will tip over if going any heavier) -able to do nearly 50 push-ups in one set -20 pull-ups Remember, I am only 5.3 feet. I guess I am starting to turn out in a nice way Almost no weight or size gains, though. But hell, who cares?
  6. I accomplished running 4 miles in 31 minutes today!
  7. And socialists would just lawl with their comrades because Americans think there's a real difference between liberals and conservatives.
  8. Hi! Thanks for the support! Today, I was rethinking my goals a little bit. I guess I won't aim for all too strong legs. I'd rather prefer being able to run for a long time than to sprint quickly. Endurance in the leg part and strength in the core and arms, that sounds the most useful to me.
  9. OK, have actually been able to kick in again! Did the usual routine, but added some squat jumping with a rucksack (with ~36lbs). That's fun! Also, I managed to add 1lb when curling By the way, I like the way I am starting to look more wellproportioned.
  10. Did not post for a while now. Caught myself the flu, haven't been able to workout in an appropriate way. So instead I just did a whole lot of walking for some time. I guess I will be fit enough to try training again tomorrow. At least, I ate a lot! 114lbs!
  11. How about: Who cares if there is a god? Just have a good time, and try to be nice. That's what He wants you to do, anyway.
  12. Hi there, my routine will change in the way that I will use the heavy weights when I will be strong enough to work with them properly. I am confident, though, that I will soon reach this point, as I am making good progress. The only problem is that I am still dependent of my buddy, as he is the only one of us with a car, and going 30km by bike (in one direction!) just isn't in there for me. If he isn't available, I have to train at home with whatever I got. This times I could use for stretching and stuff like that, I guess. You know, the kind of stuff you really don't need a gym for. Like, doing burpees with a rucksack
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