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  1. Hi, Is it possible to do deadlifts and squats with dumbells? The gym I go to has few barbells and people are often using it, so I was wondering if I could use dumbells, as there are so many lying around. Also, any videos of people doing these exercises with dumbells? Thanks!
  2. Hello, When do I take protein shakes? Right now I work out in the mornings. I don't take any food before I go to the gym. Once I return, I have my protein shake and then eat my usual food. On non-gym days, I have it before breakfast. So protein shakes are the first thing in my stomach daily. Is it ok to take them on an empty stomach? I eat after drinking them. Thanks.
  3. I guess I can find heavier ones in the rack, lol. But deadlifts, yeah... For squats there's the machine where I hold the sides and squat, so that's covered.
  4. Hummus and garbanzo are exotic in Malaysia, haha. Not as cheap as peanuts.
  5. Hello, Some of the exercises I have to do require a barbell. In my gym, the barbells are on the smith bench presses and the space to manoeuvre for military press or uptight rows is not much, considering that the barbells are long-ish. So, I thought of using the barbells they have on the rack. But these barbells are standard weights- 10kg, 12.5kg, etc and they are curly, like the space in between the plates look like two camel humps. Can I use this type of barbell for mitilary press or uptight rows or even deadlifts? Thanks
  6. Are there any alternatives to deadlifts and powercleans? The other exercises I can do. I don't think my back can take the strain. (I have lower back pain)
  7. Hey xphilx, Didn't notice your link earlier, sorry. Are those exercises enough? I think I'll need around 30 mins, unless the weights get real heavy. But since it's 5x, I can prolly lift heavier now. Is there a time period to follow, e.g. a month or more? I have my doubts but I'll give it a try since a few ppl. here have recommended it. I'm doing yoga and ABT (abs-butt-thighs) aerobics classes 2x a week. I can still do them right?
  8. Eeek, what do I do now? I'm dumb with designing my own program. And I got this from a men's fitness magazine. *Cough*
  9. Here it is Maximus- Mon- Pec deck, machine press, lat raise, bicep curl, row Wed- Bench press, hammer curl, tricep curl, lunges Fri- Bench press, concentrated curl, seated curl, leg curl, (the other one, opposite of leg curl- I forgot the name ) Of course, I'm not doing 6kg on all these exercises. Only the dumbell ones. My bench press is at a sad 10kg now. I'm 170cm, 56kg. Underweight trying to gain some more.
  10. I do follow a program but the weights it suggests is too heavy for me to begin with, so I started with what I could. I do compound exercises, I just mentioned dumbell curls as an example as I like the variety, lol.
  11. I've been going to the gym for a month now and it's been ok so far. Right now, I'd like to know how do I increase the weights for most exercises. For example, I can do dumbell curls with 6kg dumbells for 3x8 now. I tried increasing it to 8kg with 3x8 but after 5 times, I lost form and had to take a break before continuing. I want to bulk but if I don't lift heavy, I can't bulk, right? I'm thinking of maybe doing 8kg with 3x6, until I'm stronger, whenever that comes, lol. This is pretty much what I face with other exercises also. I'm ok and not tired with the weights I use now but when I increase the weight, I can't do the reps I'm doing now. It's either same weight same reps or more weight less reps. What do I do? Do advice. I'm eating well, by the way. Thanks.
  12. I take store bought bread. Not much choice there. Also, tahini looks like a good spread. Any thoughts?
  13. I have peanut butter. Almond butter is too pricey in Malaysia, so I can't use it daily. How do you make a spread from avocado and hummus? Ground them into a paste? I saw some vegetarian yeast spread in the supermarket, low in protein though.
  14. I love bread, wholemeal bread. The thing is- what can I spread on it? I've been using jam and honey for ages but I need healthier alternatives. Are there? I need something cheap, easy to make and can last a month. Suggestions now open.
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