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  1. Hi, Is it possible to do deadlifts and squats with dumbells? The gym I go to has few barbells and people are often using it, so I was wondering if I could use dumbells, as there are so many lying around. Also, any videos of people doing these exercises with dumbells? Thanks!
  2. Hello, When do I take protein shakes? Right now I work out in the mornings. I don't take any food before I go to the gym. Once I return, I have my protein shake and then eat my usual food. On non-gym days, I have it before breakfast. So protein shakes are the first thing in my stomach daily. Is it ok to take them on an empty stomach? I eat after drinking them. Thanks.
  3. I guess I can find heavier ones in the rack, lol. But deadlifts, yeah... For squats there's the machine where I hold the sides and squat, so that's covered.
  4. Hummus and garbanzo are exotic in Malaysia, haha. Not as cheap as peanuts.
  5. Hello, Some of the exercises I have to do require a barbell. In my gym, the barbells are on the smith bench presses and the space to manoeuvre for military press or uptight rows is not much, considering that the barbells are long-ish. So, I thought of using the barbells they have on the rack. But these barbells are standard weights- 10kg, 12.5kg, etc and they are curly, like the space in between the plates look like two camel humps. Can I use this type of barbell for mitilary press or uptight rows or even deadlifts? Thanks
  6. Are there any alternatives to deadlifts and powercleans? The other exercises I can do. I don't think my back can take the strain. (I have lower back pain)
  7. Hey xphilx, Didn't notice your link earlier, sorry. Are those exercises enough? I think I'll need around 30 mins, unless the weights get real heavy. But since it's 5x, I can prolly lift heavier now. Is there a time period to follow, e.g. a month or more? I have my doubts but I'll give it a try since a few ppl. here have recommended it. I'm doing yoga and ABT (abs-butt-thighs) aerobics classes 2x a week. I can still do them right?
  8. Eeek, what do I do now? I'm dumb with designing my own program. And I got this from a men's fitness magazine. *Cough*
  9. Here it is Maximus- Mon- Pec deck, machine press, lat raise, bicep curl, row Wed- Bench press, hammer curl, tricep curl, lunges Fri- Bench press, concentrated curl, seated curl, leg curl, (the other one, opposite of leg curl- I forgot the name ) Of course, I'm not doing 6kg on all these exercises. Only the dumbell ones. My bench press is at a sad 10kg now. I'm 170cm, 56kg. Underweight trying to gain some more.
  10. I do follow a program but the weights it suggests is too heavy for me to begin with, so I started with what I could. I do compound exercises, I just mentioned dumbell curls as an example as I like the variety, lol.
  11. I've been going to the gym for a month now and it's been ok so far. Right now, I'd like to know how do I increase the weights for most exercises. For example, I can do dumbell curls with 6kg dumbells for 3x8 now. I tried increasing it to 8kg with 3x8 but after 5 times, I lost form and had to take a break before continuing. I want to bulk but if I don't lift heavy, I can't bulk, right? I'm thinking of maybe doing 8kg with 3x6, until I'm stronger, whenever that comes, lol. This is pretty much what I face with other exercises also. I'm ok and not tired with the weights I use now but when I increase the weight, I can't do the reps I'm doing now. It's either same weight same reps or more weight less reps. What do I do? Do advice. I'm eating well, by the way. Thanks.
  12. I take store bought bread. Not much choice there. Also, tahini looks like a good spread. Any thoughts?
  13. I have peanut butter. Almond butter is too pricey in Malaysia, so I can't use it daily. How do you make a spread from avocado and hummus? Ground them into a paste? I saw some vegetarian yeast spread in the supermarket, low in protein though.
  14. I love bread, wholemeal bread. The thing is- what can I spread on it? I've been using jam and honey for ages but I need healthier alternatives. Are there? I need something cheap, easy to make and can last a month. Suggestions now open.
  15. The inch couldn't be from eating, as I measured my waist when I woke up, before eating in 3 different weeks. I'm guessing it must be fat. Going to do some light cardio. Must it be HIIT though when I jog or can I just jog casually?
  16. Marcina, lol, I never thought anyone would say I'm eating too much, as I've been undereating pretty much my whole adult life. Can't wait to jog again, really. I miss the wind and the pounding of feet on the roads.
  17. Hi, So I've been gaining weight, as I planned, for the past 3-4 months but I've also gained an inch on my stomach. It looks the same visually but the measuring tape and my pants are not lying. I'm trying to bulk so I've stopped my weekly jogging. I go to the gym 3x a week and do yoga 2x a week. I'm thinking of jogging again, just once a week to keep my gut in place. Also of cleaning my diet. Any advice?
  18. Thanks ruz. I'm using a wider grip now, will try closer grips tomorrow.
  19. So far, working out empty is ok. No probs in doing exercises, no fatigue. After work out, I immediately take my protein power, come home to bathe and then have my bread and biscuits.
  20. What I do now for chin ups is hang from the holders on top, put knees on the seat, then it goes down, then I pull myself up. For dips, my hands are next to my mid-section, on the holders there. So far, I can do 5 but will do 6 tomorrow. I find I perform them better if I do them first, before I do other exercises. What are negatives?
  21. I am fascinated and feel challenged by chin ups and dips. I can't do them much or properly for the life of me as my arms aren't that strong yet. But in my gym there's an assisted chin up and dip machine. I've used it twice with light weights and oh God, after 5 I feel warm in my arms. How do I improve my chin ups and dips? I plan to go at them everytime I hit the gym, which is 3x per week and go up to 6,7,8. I got to start somewhere, right? Do they have any benifits? I heard they help give the V shape.
  22. Hi, I'll try the empty stomach next week. This week was fine with soya milk and almonds, my lifting was ok.
  23. Thanks sydneyvegan. I minimally do 8 now, haha.
  24. The magazine helps me decide what to do as I'm blur on which exercises hit which muscles. But I add and mix as I go along. The food, yeah, I am increasing but I'm gaining a bit of a belly. Is this normal?
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