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  1. Freeweights, most definitely.

    And I don't see the point in comparing human strength to that of a Gorilla. We are similar species, but are built differently. Gorillas naturally have proportionately more upper body strength than humans.


    Yes you are right we are built differently i wasnt trying to say get the same amount of strengh but something that will be the most effective at gaining strengh. The reason their strengh is so different is like i said before they have different lifestyles and their strength comes in thier genetics and lifestyles.


    BRONCO you are correct they also dont go to the gym and squat and press barbells so im wondering what the best mimic might be.

  2. What type of training is the most effective? Band Training, Free Weight Traing, Tube Training such as (Bowflex) are the only the im aware of. I have been thinking lately that Free Weight training might not be the most effective way to train as most say because if you were to take a gorilla for example they would be able to bench press 4000lbs or a monkey which is 4 times strong than a human the type of our human training is not even close to their strength. Yes i know they have different lifestyles but if anyone knows which is most effective please reply.

  3. Hi Senseless, here's an article that my explain the swollen thingy better than I did!


    "I went raw but I got so skinny that I went back to eating cooked", I

    hear again and again. I can only reply that most people are skinny,

    they just hide that fact under a substantial layer of fat. We have

    become used to seeing fat people, they are the norm. So used to it,

    in fact, that people who are not fat look abnormal to us. They look

    too skinny. Though for my height I am absolutely a normal weight

    (5'10", 150 pounds) I have been told that I am "thin, skinny, too

    trim" and once even, "emaciated". (This last by a man 5'10", 300



    We know the shape that we think humans should be, what appears to us

    as "normal". The undiscerning eye usually does not differentiate

    between a person with a low degree of musculature whose body fat

    levels are double or triple normal from one with adequate muscular

    development whose body fat level is healthy. They look basically

    similar, especially when they are inactive and even more so in street

    clothing. The telltale indicators of low fat with muscular

    development; well defined vascularity and the shredded or ripped look

    to the musculature, are simply not noticed or even visible until

    bodies go into action.


    very true. You can relate that to the saying right below

  4. hey my name is corey, im not a vegan yet but just searching through allot of the threads im really considering converting. My problem is being able to consume enough vegan foods to fulfill my hunger. But searching through some threads is really helping me to understand food i havnt known about.

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