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  1. Kicked my butt!!! It has 3 diffrent work outs, combining cardio, kick boxing, lots of push ups and kicking, Not much in the line of good stretches but I did those afterwords, The work out is about 45 min....I am sooo sore!! I am usually a working hard at the gym person with good amount cardio and weights. This time I felt like doing it at home for a change....Great video..Will do it again, If I can ever walk again..lol

  2. Haha my avitar is just funny I use to be a stoner.


    Taking care of a beardie is a bit involved, but let me tell you its worth it!! Be sure when you want one to make sure you get a recomended breeder. My poor guy was born with poor bones due to bad breeding, so now he is our special needs guy!! I would not trade him in ever!! but if I could go back in time I would have gotten him a little older and met his breeder and find out who his parents were. I would like to have another one someday, so felix could have a buddy.[/url]


    The care is a bit hard at first, you have to get the lighting, and temps right..then his enviroment...I read many books and searched many web sites to get it just right. They are expensive to feed, he eats greens, fruit and live food, such as worms and crickets...but eventually it will seem like nothing

  3. Hello,


    My name is Wimmy, I live in beautiful sonoma county california. I have been vegan for a about 5 years now, I love it. I once weighted 220lbs, now am 155 and hopefully droping more, ideally I would like to weigh no more than 140. 15 more lbs to go.


    I love to cook and eat!! Which vegan or not gets me into a bit of a struggle when it comes to my weight loss.


    I do a little bit of everything in my work out and life style. I do about 45 min of cardio, after that I do weights, stretching and yoga....I fall off the wagon alot, but I have no problem getting right back on it


    I have been married 5 years, my husband and I have been together 10 years. We have an awsome releationship...he is a meat eater, which makes eating together a little hard, we manage. He even eats whatever I make


    I have 2 great cats and a Wonderful Bearded dragon. We are just one big happy family.


    Love, Light and laughter.


  4. I love to bake tofu!! all I do i cute the tofu in 1/2 long ways, then cut into triangles, then i make a sause of braggs liquid amino, juice of 1/4 lemon, few dashes of sesame oil....take the tofu first and press the water out of it, dip tofu into sause and put on cookie sheet bake @ 400 degrees for about 5-7 min then enjoy!!

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