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  1. How long do you guys usually fast for? I know that LeanGains promotes 16/8, but I'm curious to see whether anybody does pure water fasting for longer than that. I've noticed that 16 hours is amazingly easy for me to do, but while approaching the 20 hour mark, I feel like I should eat something. I usually eat something light, like fruit, when hunger kicks in. Then I slowly work my way up to the "heavier" foods.
  2. Too many grains/grain products? Try getting in more vegetables, nuts, and fruits instead of grains for the calories. Cut out processed foods like soy milk, bars, etc. Make your own mixes
  3. That's odd. I've got quite a few strainers at home that'll even strain amaranth. Granted, they're not huge or anything, but you really don't need to pour all of the grain into the strainer to get atleast most of the water out.
  4. I'm glad to see discussions about IF. I've been playing around with it for about a year now. I started out with a Warrior Diet approach but now I've been using a more Eat Stop Eat style approach. It's a lot more flexible for me. However, there are quite a few "warrior-style" days for me as well.
  5. Hey! I'm just trying to spread the knowledge around. I've got a few vegan books that I've read and were pleased with. I've had them for a while and I'd love for other vegans to get informed as well. I've already implemented them in my lifestyle and I don't feel a need for the books anymore. I'd rather other people use them than have them sitting on my shelf gathering dust. My books are all in like new condition because I really take care of my books. I'm willing to ship within the USA. Just paypal me the money for the book and I'll ship it to you via USPS. Let me know if you guys have any questions. The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier - $9 shipped The Food Revolution by John Robbins - $10 shipped The China Study by T. Colin Campbell - $9 shipped
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