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  1. hey portlanders: there are three black rescue kittens in need of a home. spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and good with other companion animals. there are starting to grow and getting out of the "cute" stage where everyone wants them. contact me if you can help them, and i will email you pics [email protected]
  2. jessi, im so sorry to hear about your cat's needs. my cat has been having urinary probs. and i have spent 1200.00 at least. wish i could help but as you see i am strapped, too. i am sending good vibes your way. Dove Lewis has a "velvet assistance fund" that I would ask about; also Animal Aid loans about 100.00 to emergency vet needs. p#503-292-6628
  3. Dear portland vegans and animal lovers-- As a social worker at a nursing home, i occasionally get stories about animals needing homes. this forum has helped me home animals in the past, so im hoping for more good karma!! a co-worker of mine did not give me much notice on this, but she desperately needs a home for her doggie, as the place where she is moving will not accept the dog. She is an 7 old schipperke named Shadow, all black, 11 pounds, no tail. Kennel trained and housebroken, no behaviors, good with kids and other pets, both cats and dogs. She is microchipped, up to date on shots, spayed. let me know if you have space in your home and heart for her, or know someone who does! amy 503-957-7874
  4. i am so proud of you! i brought it into work and getting a lot of responses. do you know how i could obtain extra copies for more awareness??
  5. did you hear this men? vasectomies are sexy! do we really need to bring more children in the world when there are so many to adopt?
  6. HARRY POTTER ROCKS! what did you think of the last book?
  7. i had tentatively signed up for VV, but didnt make it because my life became subsumed by work problems and marriage problems. work has resolved itself for now....marriage is still being worked on. i have also gained weight from all the stress (i constantly have to fight a tendency to overeat) and i was also embarassed to come to a bodybuilding fitness gathering. i wont give up though...hopefully the requirement only is to be vegan and to strive for greater fitness. thanks for listening and will try to come to a portland meetup soon--since i am in the area.
  8. i get bored with just drinking water. i used to be addicted to crystal lite type drinks, but are they vegan? i still get confused by ingredients. what are some other options, other than juice or soymilk? (i like lo-cal...)
  9. this is an awesome thread, and on-target for where i am spiritually!! i want to write a novel and become a sign-language interpreter. i want to live according to MY values (not some of society's sickening ones) and do as much as i can to bring more love and healing to the world. i want to have relationships that are spiritually enriching. and to let go of those that arent.
  10. i like "piece of cake" bakery in sellwood. not all their cakes are vegan....here is a link to their vegan cakes. they are good! http://www.pieceofcakebakery.net/vegan/vegan_home.php
  11. i am catching up---i have seen season 2 but not season three! and i cant buy it until december. how sickening is that!!!! grrrr!
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