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  1. Dear portland vegans and animal lovers--


    As a social worker at a nursing home, i occasionally get stories about animals needing homes. this forum has helped me home animals in the past, so im hoping for more good karma!! a co-worker of mine did not give me much notice on this, but she desperately needs a home for her doggie, as the place where she is moving will not accept the dog.


    She is an 7 old schipperke named Shadow, all black, 11 pounds, no tail. Kennel trained and housebroken, no behaviors, good with kids and other pets, both cats and dogs. She is microchipped, up to date on shots, spayed.



    let me know if you have space in your home and heart for her, or know someone who does!

    amy 503-957-7874

  2. i had tentatively signed up for VV, but didnt make it because my life became subsumed by work problems and marriage problems. work has resolved itself for now....marriage is still being worked on. i have also gained weight from all the stress (i constantly have to fight a tendency to overeat) and i was also embarassed to come to a bodybuilding fitness gathering. i wont give up though...hopefully the requirement only is to be vegan and to strive for greater fitness.

    thanks for listening and will try to come to a portland meetup soon--since i am in the area.

  3. this is an awesome thread, and on-target for where i am spiritually!!

    i want to write a novel and become a sign-language interpreter.

    i want to live according to MY values (not some of society's sickening ones) and do as much as i can to bring more love and healing to the world.

    i want to have relationships that are spiritually enriching. and to let go of those that arent.

  4. attached is a letter to the editor i submitted to the oregonian today. i wrote in response to a farily negative article on the Bodyworks exhibits at OMSI. http://www.oregonlive.com/living/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/living/118376431941080.xml&coll=7


    i was supposed to do 150 words or less, so i wish i could have said more, but at least i included something on animal experimentation.




    The 7/7/07 article entitled "Exhibit or Exhibitionism” portrayed the Bodyworks exhibit as unethical & scandalous.

    The first comment I question refers to the "packaging & sale" of bodies. Concern was raised that the exhibit is advertised as educational, yet money is charged for entry. Do they question why OMSI, an educational institution, charges for exhibits? Some of the critics in this article are professors, who charge students large sums for education.

    I agree with the comment that the body should be treated as sacred after death; yet this exhibit doesn’t fail to do so. I attended the exhibit and saw the figures portrayed with emphasis on the complexity and beauty of creation. These aren’t the gruesome scenes we often see on TV which promote violence and "morbid fantasies." In addition, humans should be treated as sacred before death--yet we allow homelessness, hunger, and war to continue.

    Lastly, the only way we’ll continue to advance science & health is by studying humans. The people in the exhibit gave consent; they weren’t harmed. Yet many still promote the testing of animals in the name of science. Animals don’t consent and are tortured. Unfortunately, animal experiments don’t always correspond to humans. Some drugs that were found fatal in animals were life-saving in humans, and vice-versa.

    No wonder visitors’ opinions have been mixed--we’re dissociative on the topics of life, death, violence, and our own bodies.

  5. i work as a social worker at a nursing home. one of our newer residents cannot care for his 8 year old dog (schipperke/chihuahua mix; 8 years old; black female named buffy). he may be able to return to the community in 2 months and care for his dog, but this cant be promised, so this may turn into a long term committment. there were friends caring for Buffy, but they are no longer able to do this, and his daughter states in a couple days she will take Buffy to the pound if no caregiver is found. the resident is devastated, and so am i. Buffy doesnt do well with kids--can snap at kids that try to "play" with her. she is housetrained. very active, loving, excitable.

    i am considering her myself, but i live in a third floor apt with no yard and i work long hours--that doesnt seem fair to her. i told the daughter that if she is taken to the pound she will likely be killed--and im sad to learn the humane society is full. if anyone is interested in fostering that could lead to adopting, please PM me.

  6. okay...i am a woman, and i dislike peta's tactics on portraying women as sex objects. i of course do not mean that women dont have or shouldnt have free will. but ive burt hurt by porn. i have been sexually abused and raped and child porn was taken of me. sorry to be so graphic, but im trying to get my point across. there are still women who feel, in the US at least, that they are still treated as second-class citizens. we still in general get paid less than men in the US; one in 4 are abused. many female sex or porn workers do openly choose to do so--but many come from abuse backgrounds, homelessness, and/or financial desperation. and whether or not the woman intends it that way, her image will be used. there's not even a catchy phrase to justify the nakedness--like "dont wear fur--wear your own damn skin." its just in hopes that men will listen because she is stripping. but frankly they are only going to watch the strip and not listen. the woman's body again becomes meat--a "piece of top grade ass." which is interesting that animals can be viewed in exactly the same way.

  7. for portlanders--i have been reading up on the ohsu primate center--and reading very horrible stories of the treatment of the animals. but these articles are dated 2001/2002. what is happening now? are there any active movements still boycotting OHSU?



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