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  1. as i live in the area, i will plan on coming! do we stay in a hotel? camp?
  2. vegan girl, i also need to lose weight! im willing to be your buddy!
  3. yes, i may live in gresham, but my heart lives in portland. i would be interested in local get-togethers and events.
  4. so how many here are from germany? its so cool that we are international! gluckliches neues jahr!
  5. you are all so welcoming! i feel like ive joined an awesome family!
  6. my name is amy catherine. i am a vegan, but have not always eaten healthy and i need to lose weight. i am so inpired by the video and brendan's thrive book. i have been involved in walking marathons (see my website www..nfteam.com/amy/ ) but i want to become more fit and nourished. nice to meet you
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