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  1. I agree about that pea protein powder. I've had the chocolate version and it was awful. The best tasting protein powder I've ever had was the Whole Foods Chocolate Soy Protein Powder, but I'm not using it any more because it's got a good amount of sugar and I wanted to find a non-soy powder (I already eat a fair amount of soy products). Now I take the Nutribiotic Vegan Vanilla Rice Protein Powder. I don't love it, but I throw in some vanilla hempmilk and a banana and it's not bad.
  2. Not a Francione fan. To accept his argument, I would need to accept that the woman is being treated (as he put it) "as an object, as something rather than as someone." Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. I'd like that expressed, not merely assumed. He's also making a logically shaky statement by saying: "Third, these campaigns have everything to do with promoting PETA and nothing to do with the exploitation of nonhuman animals. PETA started its naked fur campaign in the early 1990s. The fur industry is stronger than ever." That first statement is pure speculation; he's injecting his opinion. The second and third statements look to establish lack of efficacy based on minimal evidence. There could be any number of factors involved in the "strength of the fur industry." Perhaps one is simply population growth (not making that argument, just showing that he is oversimplifying). And referring to PeTA as a "welfarist" organization is an ad hominem (It's one of his favorite tactics). Again, I'm not a fan. Just because he says something with conviction doesn't mean his logic is strong.
  3. I found the Lettuce Wrap Filling at Wild Oats. I've lost about 30 pounds in the last year while adding muscle. Most of it has been from weightlifting and cardio.
  4. I've actually been looking for similar things myself. I eat a lot more salads than I used to (have to be careful with the dressings) and I'm starting to do a lot more protein shakes (though it's tought to find one that tastes good that doesn't have a lot of sugar). Also, I found the Yves Lettuce Wrap filling and had it last night. It was pretty good and nicely meets the criteria.
  5. Yeah, this is a terribly sad story. Why wouldn't they have actually done some research on what would be the best thing to feed the baby? If I were going to be a parent, I'd probably spend hours upon hours researching.
  6. Oy. I can't believe I haven't updated this for a week. No new changes to the routine. Monday was biceps, Tuesday Abs and Shoulders, yesterday Tri's, and today Chest and Legs. Maybe next month I'll switch days and mix it up a little. As far as food, I'm still doing my plan of less carbs as the day goes on. I'll eat cereal and a z bar in the morning (sometimes with a post-workout protein shake) and do more salads and proteins as the day goes on. Tangential to that, I have found a recent appreciation for my grill. Particularly for the Tofurky Kielbasa! Which is quite tasty grilled and with some Giardinera on top.
  7. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on Zottman Curls? I'm looking to add something else to my bicep routine and I was thinking about it, due to the fact that it works forearms also.
  8. It's great that the "Vitamin D Council" could afford a blogger page.......
  9. Weston Price Foundation: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/holisticdent.html Mercola: http://www.quackwatch.org/11Ind/mercola.html http://www.ratbags.com/rsoles/comment/mercola.htm
  10. Great job Robert! In the 7th picture in the "2nd set" of pictures (blue shirt with an arm pose -- or "showing off the guns" as Ron Burgundy would say), your forearm looks huge.
  11. JW, Did you see this league as well? Looks like a good one. I'm wondering how it compares to your Yahoo league.
  12. Only 2 hours away from Liverpool v Chelsea in the second leg of the Champions League. I'm pumped. I'm heading home so I can catch the first half on ESPN Deux. Chelsea have some good players out as Ballack and Shevchenko are injured. But we still have Drogba! A guy in my office is a huge Liverpool fan, so we're having some fun at each other's expense today. If the 'Pool wins, I'll wear red for the next week (which wouldn't be so bad -- I'm a closet Liverpool fan).
  13. Well, I had to get in to work early on Friday so I only had time to get my ab routine in. It was better than nothing, though. This past weekend was the NFL Draft, so I sat around a lot. I still can't quite figure out why I enjoy watching people's names get called for two days, but why ask why? The good part is that I got to lounge around and relax with the dogs chilling out around me. Saturday: Only had time for a quick 1 hour bike ride. Don't remember what I ate, I think I had a salad for lunch, sushi for dinner, and maybe a Builder's Bar for my afternoon snack. Sunday: Started the day with a 2-hour bike ride, then took the dogs on a 45 minute walk/jog. The rest of the day was Day 2 of the draft. It was a good weekend. Monday: Pretty much the same as usual. Biceps. Superset of DumbBell Curls and Concentration Curls, but I bumped up the weight another 5 pounds on my CC's. Also, Hammer Curls. Wanted to do Zottman Curls, but didn't have time. It'd be nice to find more Biceps exercises....... Today: Ab Routine Shoulders: Superset: Arnold Presses - 4 sets of 12 Upright Rows - 3 sets of 12 (okay, so I only technically did 3 supersets, with an added set of Arnolds) Superset: Side Raises 2 sets of 12 One Arm Lateral Raises 2 sets of 12 Front Raises 2 sets of 12 (I wanted to do more, particularly of my second superset, but I ran out of time)
  14. That's a good point. Just as I was shaking my head at the lack of developments, that was kind of a cool bombshell.
  15. Ugh. Today was my Thursday Chest and Legs extravaganza at the company health club. Chest: 3 sets - 10 plyometric "clap" push-ups Superset: Machine Incline Bench Press - 3 Sets Cable Crossovers - 3 Sets DumbBell Bench Press - 5 Sets Incline DumbBell Bench Press - 3 Sets Legs: DumbBell Squats - 2 Sets DumbBell Lunges - 2 Sets Machine Leg Presses - 3 sets I was pretty wiped out after my chest stuff, so I didn't do as much with the legs. And I have to admit, Lunges always kick my ass. But it was particularly the case today.
  16. I love the show, but my interest is waning. With the first half of the season, I thought the "Others" stuff was really interesting, but am I the only one who is getting tired of the "Ben knows everything and is capable of masterminding elaborate manipulations for no perceptible reason" storyline? I'll keep watching, but the last 2 months have been kind of disappointing.
  17. I don't know why anyone hasn't mentioned Number 2? That's the one.
  18. You're absolutely right about that. Jose is an ass. There's no bigger fan of Jose Mourinho than Jose Mourinho. He's a heck of a manager; it would be nice if he just kept his mouth shut and worried about his team. Schevchenko might be losing it a bit. He used to be brilliant, but maybe age is catching up with him. His only contribution in the match yesterday was two offsides. And Drogba is the man!! It would be nice if he didn't flop so much (especially considering that he's usually the biggest guy out there), but he was brilliant this year. Your boy Ronaldo is terrific. It's scary to think how good he can be considering he's so young. Thierry Henry is my guy though. When he's healthy, there might not be a more brilliant shotmaker in the world right now. Oh, and Ronaldinho isn't bad either.
  19. Rob, do you have any more of the black ones? I'd like to get one of those. ETA: I meant black men's shirts that I've seen in some of the photos.
  20. Alex Dargatz has to be up there at the top, but Gabe looks great. His arms look terrific.
  21. It was a good move to bring him in, as it's generating a lot of interest. You just wonder if it will matter and people will move on after the initial spike in interest. It is true that he is a bit washed up, but I agree with JW that the talent level in the MLS is not very good, so he should be one of the best players in the league the moment he steps on the field. To me, the problem the MLS has is that they will never be the destination for the best footballers. The level of play is so much higher in Europe, why would the best players come over to the States just to be the big fish in a small pond? It's understandable in Football (US), Basketball, and Baseball because the best leagues for those sports are here. Plus Soccer players make a lot of money in Europe (especially if you play for Chelsea and can get some of Abramovich's Russian Oil Money), so they won't come over for economic reasons.
  22. I appreciate your being uderstanding. I'll have to get in on that. Do you think Ronaldo ever winks at Rooney during Man U matches? (I hope you get that reference)
  23. I wish I had known about this. Maybe next season? Either way, I'll probably end up spending all my money on Drogba and Thierry Henry and have to fill the rest of my club with the players from Watford or something.
  24. I'm actually both a Chelsea fan and a Liverpool fan (if you can imagine that), so the next week is not easy for me. Your boys did well yesterday against Milan. We'll see what happens next week. Oh, and thanks (re: the workouts).
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