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  1. So I ended up eating 1 and a 1/2 Chocolate Mint Builder's Bars yesterday. You know what they say about Builder's Bars, "Once you pop you can't stop." (Okay, so that might have been Pringles, but let's not get technical) This morning I did: Triceps: Superset: 5 sets bench dips 5 sets Triceps Extensions DumbBell Kickbacks 3 Sets Lying One-Arm Triceps Extensions 2 sets It's sort of my lighter Wednesday Morning workout sandwiched between a heavier Tuesday and Thursday workout. Tomorrow is Chest and Legs.
  2. Today: Abs: (I try to take as little rest between these as possible and sometimes "package" two of them together as a superset) 3 sets Bicycle Crunches 3 sets Raised Leg Crunches 3 sets Arms-Overhead Crunches 2 sets Weighted Crunches 3 sets of DumbBell Side Bends (for my Obliques) Shoulders (The first two sets of these are done as a superset) 3 sets Arnold Presses 2 sets Standing Lat Raises (I only do 2 sets of these right now because I hurt my shoulder a few weeks ago -- can't tell if it's posterior or anterior delt, kind of feels like both -- and am taking it easy on it until it heals) 3 sets DumbBell Front Raises 3 sets Upright Rows 2 sets DumbBell Raises Food (so far): Bowl of Heritage Bites cereal with Light Soymilk Clif Z Bar Should be having a salad for lunch soon and a Builder's Bar for my afternoon snack/meal
  3. Yeah, you look like you've added a lot of bulk in those two pictures. Your arms look bigger than before. Yikes! Well, if you get hungry again, I've got a whole yard full of grass you could come over and chew on. It would certainly save me the pain of mowing.
  4. No reason to be ashamed of that. I'm totally pumped that it's back. Let's just hope it delivers after a month and a half break. They really hype that show up. Oh, and sorry about that abdomen.
  5. So, you know how they say, "I wouldn't want to meet that guy in a dark alley?" Well, I wouldn't want to meet ^^that guy in a dark alley. Seriously, Rob, that second picture is some scary sh**. Lookin' pretty bulked-up though.
  6. Hello all. My routine tends to stay pretty much the same from week to week (I switched to a routine that was more reflective of the one here about a month ago). I realize that muscle confusion is important and I'll have to mix it up a bit at some point. Basically it is Monday - Biceps, Tuesday - Shoulders and Abs, Wednesday - Triceps, Thursday - Chest and Legs, and Friday - Abs & Back. On the weekend I usually do a couple hours of biking (+ a long walk/run with the dogs -- I have 3 Goldens -- but, to be truthful it is more of the walking, no so much of the running). Today I did 1 superset (3 sets each) of Dumbbell Curls/Concentration Curls (1X12, 1X10, 1X8 for both), and 3 sets of Hammer Curls. I wanted to do 2 -3 sets of Gorilla Curls, but I ran out of time. So there ya have it. Oh yeah, and this is not a picture of me posing (I don't have one of those), but it is a picture of me (to be truthful, I don't always wear a suit, this was at my company's holiday party last December). http://img1.putfile.com/thumb/4/11217125871.jpg ETA: Oh yeah, and at some point I'd like to have arms like this guy (Chicago Bulls' Ben Gordon): http://img1.putfile.com/thumb/4/11217240878.jpg
  7. I figured I'd post a follow up to this. I'm not really experiencing this anymore. It seems to have gone away. I think you were right, Mark, that it was a strength issue. Also, the NewGrips have helped a lot (I love them).
  8. I echo the previous sentiments, that's damn impressive right there.
  9. Thanks Robert. I'm really glad to have found your site. For some reason I get giddy about the idea of Vegan Bodybuilding. Such a contrast to the stereotypical skinny vegan. Thank you for having a meeting place for Vegan Bodybuilding. It's great learning from those of you have been at this for some time. I'm really amazed by some of the brilliant physiques I've seen around here. Thanks also SeaSiren, JW, lelle, and odidnetne for the welcomes.
  10. I've been having a problem when I do concentration curls. It seems like I'm feeling way too much in my wrist and forearm, but not enough in my bicep. Kind of hurts the tendon right at my elbow, also. I've tried altering my technique, but can't quite "fix it". Has anyone had this?
  11. Hello everybody. I was a Ovo-Lacto Veg for 10 years (in truth, I was about 95% vegan for the last 3 or 4 years, but it would sound weird if I went around saying that) and I've been vegan for a bit less than a year. Around the time I went vegan, I also started getting into exercise, mostly biking. However, I started adding some push-ups, crunches, and some other stuff to morning routine. This led me to start adding dumbbell exercises and the like, which is particularly good because I live in the midwest where you can't really do much outside exercise from November to March. Long story short, I've started getting more and more interested in lifting and bodybuilding and finding this site has been awesome. Finding people who are interested in this stuff and who I can learn from is great, but everyone being Vegan just makes it outstanding. Anyway, just wanted to say hello to everyone.
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