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  1. Quads. I havent posted on here in 2.5 years?! Jeesh. How lame. RC on FB got me back. And I want to win that Vega.
  2. uhhh, seriously? Nice bike, tho. Hope you get to break it in soon.
  3. Thanks you, Robert. I will wear my members only jacket with pride. I like what you've done with the VIP lounge. no kidding, eh? that's what I get for staying out of arguments on here (well, mostly)
  4. Hmmm, that Groucho Marx saying comes to mind..."I would not join any club that would have someone like me as a member" I agree. I think it's a lifestyle choice, plain and simple. I no longer drink, but I don't consider non-drinkers a cult. Or non-church goers. Or Mountain Bikers. (Ok, well maybe mountain bikers, but only the "obsessive devotion" part. )
  5. For the animals, zoos are prisons. Period. IMO, they're sickening and sad. The tiger had to be shot because it was loose and was attacking people. I don't believe there was any humane solution to the problem at that moment.
  6. That's the important thing for you, and a commendable thing it is. For me, it's not important to me if I reach anybody else with a vegan message. If they ask, sure I'll tell, and I'm happy to live as an example, but otherwise I just keep on keepin' on doing my own thing. Being vegan does not automatically make one an activist, though many vegans and omnis often think it does (not accusing you of this, just making the point).
  7. Robert, you are a role model, and have had a big part in creating your community, both here online, and in Portland. Yet those that would follow your example are bickering over the very thing your modeling. That must be very frustrating, but it's nothing you can control, so don't let it get you down. Do what you're gonna do, let the chips fall where they may, and stay above the fray. And maybe consider doing some yoga
  8. nice pics - what a bunch of healthy and good looking people!
  9. When my wife and I first met - our relationship progressed very quickly. We were both aware of this, but we let it happen because it wasn't so much that we were PUSHING our relationship forward quickly, but rather, it was as if we were being PULLED towards some destination. I guess that destination was us getting married (more specifically, committing to each other for life). I think the reason we felt that pull is because it was right, it was meant to be. Our lives had put us on a path to meet, and when we did, we seized the opportunity and let the natural flow of it happen as quickly as it was supposed to. I feel the same way about many things in this world. For example, I think there is an ethical progression going on in the world, but it is not so much that it is being PUSHED by people, but rather we are being PULLED in a particular direction because it is the right thing to do, and it is meant to be. Veganism and vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, the desire for peace, etc. are all part of that evolution towards a more ethical world. It is much bigger than any one of us, than any group of us, than any "movement", so internal bickering between people and groups only serves to put the brakes on it (though it keeps moving regardless, albeit perhaps a bit slower). And most often, that bickering has more to do with people defending and satisfying their own egos than anything else. IMO, we should accept that there are differences between our views on things, and not let those differences hold us back individually. We can debate our diffferences, change each others' minds, or agree to disagree. We're all a part of a progression that we have much less control over than we'd like to believe - and that's a beautiful thing.
  10. I can't wait to snowboard this year. We have a few inches of snow on the ground but no mountains nearby, so it's a total tease. Gotta get up north soon!
  11. Great stuff. I admire the work PETA's undercover investigators do. They are hardcore.
  12. You shoulda seen me while I was writing it. I don't think I ever really dealt with the grief over losing her - and bottling that up hasn't been healthy, so I'm trying to deal with it now. Guys can be so dumb.
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