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  1. Hmmm, that Groucho Marx saying comes to mind..."I would not join any club that would have someone like me as a member"


    I don't think veganism (at least, the way i'm trying to describe it) could be considered a cult by any common definition....nice try tho. =P


    I agree. I think it's a lifestyle choice, plain and simple. I no longer drink, but I don't consider non-drinkers a cult. Or non-church goers. Or Mountain Bikers. (Ok, well maybe mountain bikers, but only the "obsessive devotion" part. )

  2. For the animals, zoos are prisons. Period. IMO, they're sickening and sad.


    The tiger had to be shot because it was loose and was attacking people. I don't believe there was any humane solution to the problem at that moment.

  3. The most important thing is to reach people with a positive vegan message, and to try and create a more vegan world. I know that's what I'd rather spend my time on.


    That's the important thing for you, and a commendable thing it is. For me, it's not important to me if I reach anybody else with a vegan message. If they ask, sure I'll tell, and I'm happy to live as an example, but otherwise I just keep on keepin' on doing my own thing.


    Being vegan does not automatically make one an activist, though many vegans and omnis often think it does (not accusing you of this, just making the point).

  4. Just act in a positive way and be a role model that inspires others to want to live your type of lifestyle and we'll be alright.


    Robert, you are a role model, and have had a big part in creating your community, both here online, and in Portland. Yet those that would follow your example are bickering over the very thing your modeling. That must be very frustrating, but it's nothing you can control, so don't let it get you down. Do what you're gonna do, let the chips fall where they may, and stay above the fray.

    And maybe consider doing some yoga

  5. When my wife and I first met - our relationship progressed very quickly. We were both aware of this, but we let it happen because it wasn't so much that we were PUSHING our relationship forward quickly, but rather, it was as if we were being PULLED towards some destination. I guess that destination was us getting married (more specifically, committing to each other for life). I think the reason we felt that pull is because it was right, it was meant to be. Our lives had put us on a path to meet, and when we did, we seized the opportunity and let the natural flow of it happen as quickly as it was supposed to.


    I feel the same way about many things in this world. For example, I think there is an ethical progression going on in the world, but it is not so much that it is being PUSHED by people, but rather we are being PULLED in a particular direction because it is the right thing to do, and it is meant to be. Veganism and vegetarianism, animal welfare, humanitarianism, the desire for peace, etc. are all part of that evolution towards a more ethical world. It is much bigger than any one of us, than any group of us, than any "movement", so internal bickering between people and groups only serves to put the brakes on it (though it keeps moving regardless, albeit perhaps a bit slower). And most often, that bickering has more to do with people defending and satisfying their own egos than anything else.


    IMO, we should accept that there are differences between our views on things, and not let those differences hold us back individually. We can debate our diffferences, change each others' minds, or agree to disagree. We're all a part of a progression that we have much less control over than we'd like to believe - and that's a beautiful thing.

  6. http://a196.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/00759/59/14/759124195_s.jpg


    Your Favorite Places On Earth


    The second-to-last time we laid down together - you were too sick to greet me at the door when I came home from work. So I skipped my bike ride and laid down with you on your bed and we cried for a while for what we knew was coming. And even though you were the reason we were crying, and even though you were in pain -- you were still there to console me, your big paws reaching out to me to pull me closer, lowering your head gently into my lap.


    Your breathing slowed, your body slumped, and I said my goodbyes...but then the rain came crashing onto the roof as if spilled from a giant bucket, like God was splashing water on you to wake you back up so you could enjoy one last day. It startled you awake, pulled you from the soft embrace of death, and there you were again - alert and strong, still protecting, and still comforting.


    You greeted mommy when she came home from work, laid next to us as we ate, and as always, you perked up and hobbled down the hallway when the tv was shut off for the night, knowing that your cushion in the bedroom was warm and inviting - it was one of your favorite places on earth.


    When I woke up the next morning, you were flat on your back, your head and neck arched to brace the weight of your powerful body, your gangly legs sticking up and folded over like a reindeer in mid flight. You must have seen me stirring before I awoke, and now you feigned sleeping in that awkward position - knowing that I couldn't resist but to jump down on top of you, wrestle with your legs, bury my head into your neck, and coerce you into battle. You didn't have much battle left, but you never could resist a row, so out came the teeth and that rumbling Rottie growl. You could use your aggression in such destructive ways, ways that I secretly admired for you showed no fear in the fight, full blast in, teeth blaring - and I wish I could approach the fights in my life with such abandon. We humans so civilized, and thoughtful, and fearful of outcomes. You could swallow my body parts whole, but you only gripped down enough so that I'd know that you could never cause me that kind of pain. That playful restraint stirs a different kind of pain in me now - one of my teeth clenching and tears held back.


    We brought you to Chapin on your final full day. We had to help you out of the jeep and you didn't get too far down the beach. You laid there as the tide came in - I tried to build a dam of sand to protect you from the water, but the dam washed away, though you didn't mind the cool water lapping up against you. The sand cushioned your aching joints and you were just happy to be at one of your favorite places on earth. We took pictures to remind us of the day. Your head looks slightly droopy in them, like it pained you to hold it up. But you're still smiling, ears back, that wild and playful look in your eyes.


    And on your final day, we helped you into the back of the jeep, probably your favorite place on earth. You started the ride with your head out the window, your gums flapping in the breeze and spinning drool down the side of the truck. But then you limped to the back, circled, and laid down - facing forward, watching us, just happy to be there even if you weren't smelling the parade of scents that rushed by the open window.


    I helped you out of the jeep and we made our way towards the vet office - probably your least favorite place on earth - not the place you wanted to be on your final day, or any other day. So you found a comfortable spot in the grass, a boulder on one side, a tree on the other, and you laid down. I couldn't coax you further with chocolate chip cookies, so we laid there as mommy went to get the vet. Once again, you comforted me through my tears, and laid your head in my lap.


    The vet's needle pinch didn't phase you, but once the poison started to take hold, you seized up for a second and looked at mommy - I can't fault you for being a little afraid. And I'm so, so, so sorry. We take on the role of God when we adopt animals, and sometimes it feels like all the happy times barely add up enough to offset the sadness we feel when cancer devastates our best friend and forces us to make the hardest of decisions.


    You laid your head back down on my lap for the final time. We sat with you for a little while. I held your big head and when I smelled those puppy ears of yours, I remember thinking "I hope I don't ever forget what your ears smell like." And I haven't. Haven't forgotten the puppy ear smell, the wet and coarse lick upside my head, the way you would lean into me for hugs and pats, or roll on your back for belly rubs.


    When we walked away from you for the final time, you looked so at peace. Fast asleep on the green grass between a rock and a tree, the Cape Cod breeze shook the grass and lifted strands of your fur upwards. You were finally at peace, no longer struggling to hold your head up proudly through the pain. I walked away and took a mental picture and thought "I hope I don't ever forget what you looked like when you were finally at peace." And I haven't.


    It's been a few months now, and I miss you at the oddest times. Like I'll be driving on Union St under the Rt 6 overpass, and I'll wait for your wet lick on the side of my ear, thanking me for the ride, and anxious to get back home to see if mommy's there. I miss you when I watch the Patriots, you getting up from your bed beside the couch and tip-toeing down to the bedroom to avoid the hoots and hollers. I miss seeing you stir when the morning alarm sounds, flipping onto your back to invite the belly rubs. Moments when we could predict each other's movements, when our intentions became one. Those are my favorite memories of you. Those are some of my favorite places on earth.

  7. I had a feeling Huerta would pull it out, even though he was behind. He weathered the storm, made adjustments (switching guards back and forth), and then went of the offensive. I like Guida, he's an exciting fighter, but I still think Huerta is a notch above.


    The J-Rod/War Machine battle - I don't know why more fighters don't use the 'elbow to the top of the head' strike. Those were BRUTAL, even though War Machine eventually won. His head must have been hurting the next day.


    Mac has to be considered the most dominant TUF champion yet. He WAY outclassed everyone else on his show. Great stuff!!!

  8. If I remember correctly, oregonisaac and tofutod both had fairly understated poses - natural, relaxed, sorta innocent looking (though clearly neither are ).


    I think they pulled off that "I'd take that guy home to meet mom" kind of look (not my mom, but you know what I mean).


    Sexiness is obviously very subjective, but if I were you, I'd lean towards the natural, big smile, "she would look great in a gown but probably prefers a t-shirt and jeans" kind of look. I definitely would not go for the 1% bodyfat pose - not for this contest anyway.

  9. Hi everyone-

    How are you all doing?

    Cold day here on Cape Cod.

    Oh, yeah, and YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL!!!!!!



    I actually feel really bad for the Dolphins - I'm a big fan of Taylor and Thomas. I don't know what they did to deserve the ass-reaming they're getting this year.


    The Pats got caught cheating with videogate, no doubt. But did you notice that there was a noticeable lack of finger-pointing by many of the coaches around the league - makes me think that the Pats weren't the only ones doing it, they were just the only ones that got caught.


    The Pats have been in a bit of a slump the last couple games - which I attribute to one or more of the following:

    1. Their linebackers are a bit old - that's what I think did them in against the Colts in the AFC Championship game, and I worry that it'll do them in again this year.

    2. Their are some freak athletes in the league, but many of the rest of the athletes are very close in skill and physical attributes. So that evens the playing field quite a bit. Besides coaching, one thing that CAN vary, from week to week, is EMOTION. Teams are REALLY gunning for the Pats right now, while I think the Pats are just playing the games. However, the Steelers might have re-awoken the beast with their comments this week, and if they did, then watch out!


    One more thing - even Pats fans are sick of the endless undefeated season talk on sportstv and radio. GIVE IT A FRICKIN REST! I had to watch MNF with the mute on. Focus on some of the other great stories in the NFL this year (like Favre, Peterson, etc).


    Go Pats!!!

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