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  1. I was at home for lunch and the networks had unending coverage of Ahmanedijan's ("A") visit to NY. How controversial he is, how Iran sponsors terrorists, etc. They showed the NY Daily News cover with his photo and the headline "The Evil has Landed". They showed people protesting, all up in arms. Then I was on CNN.com and 99% of the people on there were all whipped up about his visit, why would Columbia invite him, etc... Then it dawned on me that the US gov't could have very easliy denied him entrance into the US - terrorist supporter that he is and all. But they didn't. Why? Seeing all the hub-bub made the answer very easy to come by - they WANT him here. They want the HATE machine to go into full speed ahead. He is the warhawk's dream-come-true. And here he is again - giving them the mallet with which they can beat the war-drum. He is either a patsy fool, or he's in cahoots with them. Whatever, his visit is serving its purpose to perfection as the US draws ever closer to bombing Iran. It leaves us all with a very easy choice to make: Buy into the hate, or don't. Easy as that.
  2. Excellent link. The blog for epsiode 1 was very interesting. I like his explanation of "P.F.S." Thanks!
  3. Well.....For a little more background on why we did this: A couple years ago, Kristy and I decided that we probably wanted to move out of our town. Though a very nice town, and on the beach, it isn't very "hip", definitely doesn't have a lot of people our age, and isn't that close to the mountains (4 hrs to NH) . So we made a list of places we might want to live, and then we visited some, Portland included. And although we loved some of the things about some of the places, none of them had everything we wanted. So, we decided that instead of trying to find the perfect place to live, we'd try to make the place we live the perfect place to live. We decided that we'd try to create a bit more community in our community, and also try to raise awareness about veganism and organics. And thus was born the farmer's market idea. We're also on, or are planning to be on, some local civic groups. So, while we didn't necessarily have a huge turnout, it was a good turnout, and more importantly, all the right people were there. And we definitely reached our goal of trying to create a little community in our community. Thanks for asking
  4. Kristy and I helped organize an organic farmer's market in our little Cape Cod town. Kristy made blueberry muffins and choc cip cookies - bothe vegan of course. And 3 farmers from the town sold their organic veggies, berries, and herbs. It was very fun. Here are a few (silly) pics. Towards the end, when a lot of our stuff had sold out. Our homage to Grant Wood's American Gothic painting. And I'm rocking the Food Fight t-shirt... http://www.artic.edu/artaccess/AA_Modern/images/wood_med.jpg http://a779.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/66/l_79491035ed9b964f3a1e096593a7c5ba.jpg Me harrassing the customers... http://a344.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/96/l_c27df36794aee133c79c8d38677bf5b7.jpg Kristy's wares (note the "V" for Vegan): http://a613.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/66/l_c91fce415a582e912f0077415bb33bbc.jpg Our (vegan) farmer friends and their table... http://a157.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/66/l_c389787aceb776800d414816a93d1d5c.jpg
  5. I like him too. I think it's 'cuz he has common sense and ethics, 2 things that are so widely missing in political circles.
  6. beat me to it. I have a couch belt on right now! www.couchguitarstraps.com
  7. I agree 100%. It took me about half the round realize I wasn't being distracted by them - I said to my wife - "where's Goldie?" and she said "oh yeah!". I don't mind Goldie and Rogan, but I found it much more enjoyable without them. I might turn down the volume from now on. And put some Tool on.
  8. Ron Paul gives it to Fed chief Bernanke. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeHWW5gbc0w It's hard to tell if the US is heading for serious economic meltdown or not. It's clearly not all Bernanke's "fault" per se, but lowering the interest rate again seems like putting another bandaid on a dam that's about to burst (for the lower and middle class that is).
  9. Thanks - whatever he said, he rocks. He's a badass, and he's vegan. RESPECT!
  10. On Colbert last night, he was making a point (in his way) about how that kid at UFlorida got manhandled away from the microphone and everyone in the crowd just sat there and let it happen (then they courageously went home and blogged about it ). He said it was like they were watching a video game, and not reality - a real situation happening right there in front of them. Granted, many of them probably didn't care about the kid's question, but still - NOBODY in that crowd stood up for his rights. Kinda shocking, but kinda not. But that's ok. At some point, the collective will say - wait - that's wrong. We are being lied to. And we need to do something about it.
  11. Who else is going to be heckling Robert in Boston? It'd be nice to meet some other forum members up there!
  12. Whaddya mean "just kidding" - you're absolutely right! (you're in your late 30's? your avatar photo certainly doesn't look like it)
  13. Yeah - he was funny when he was talking about eating - about how the other guys can eat chicken and beef but he wouldn't eat that "gross" stuff. *Spoiler Warning* He looks like he's in good shape, only to get in better shape with Hughes. He manhandled that kid - getting a BJJ blackbelt on a triangle is pretty impressive, even if the kid did appear to fall into it rather easily (one might say suspiciously easily). Danzig's experience came through in the way he carried himself - poised and confident. It felt good seeing a vegan badass like that on tv. When he was talking about getting angry about his food and his sleep - that was pretty funny. I'm the same way!
  14. I'm down with some of those - I'd add Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure, New Order, Joy Divison, the Clash , Police, James, U2, The Call, The Alarm, The Fall. Good thread!
  15. Oh hell yeah, Kristy and I will be there for sure. My sister is definitely going too. I'm sure we can get some of our Cape Cod vegan friends to come. So we might have a nice-sized group there to heckle you
  16. You look like you're holding 2 tablets, a la Moses holding the 10 commandments up on the mount. Except Moses was like "thanks, God, I am your servant and will humbly do your bidding"...while you're all like "I'm a bad-a$$ ninja and smashed this block of ice myself b-tches, so you better recanize". Or something like that.
  17. Ego? What ego? I wouldn't care about falling on the pavement. I mean, I would, but I'm more afraid of the clueless and a-hole drivers running me off the road or smashing into me. And the people who come up and sit on your 7 o'clock waiting to get around and then beep at you. Grrrrr! I'll take an endo in a rockgarden over that any day of the week.
  18. Haha that's exactly what I was thinking. Ninja moses. Good pics!
  19. ...no matter what kind of gnarly crap I propel myself through in the woods, I'll always feel like it's 10X safer than riding on the road.
  20. I'll see if my wife (yogitachiquita on here) can find some pics of the ones she showed me.
  21. I snack almost all day. My days are mostly spent at a desk, in front of a computer. So I have lots of time to sit around and stuff my face. It's mostly healthy snacking - trail mix, fruit, carrots. But it's a lot. It doesn't appear to be having any effect on my wasteline or anything, but I wonder if it is unhealthy metabolism-wise or energy-wise. Any thoughts?
  22. That's my favorite part of your post (even though it's not the part that helped me). I first went vegan because of a) the animal welfare concerns; and b) the health concerns. What I didn't realize is that both of those reasons played into the actual, over-arching reason why I went vegan: because it is who I am. It's me "living true" (my personal motto).
  23. Yep, I read it. It was awesome. Helped me with something I'm going through right now. So thanks.
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