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  1. Man, Animal you sure know yer $h*t. Ever read "Our Band Could Be Your Life"? I just finished it and I'm curious what other oldskool punk/hc fans think about it. For lifting and boxing/tkd workouts, I always listen to Korn's "Follow the Leader". Been listening to it for years - it's my "Rocky" soundtrack. For mtbiking I always have my mp3 player going, which has anything from a DMB Johnny Cash cover to Starsailor to Mudvayne. For some reason, whenever I'm heading into a tough rock garden or a steep hill, something like Pantera or Deftones will come on to help me rip through it.
  2. Solid analogy, but that's freakin' nasty. How did you even type that?
  3. Welcome, Brandon! I don't know about others on here, but one thing I found when I first came over to the green side, was that I had a heckuva time keeping weight on. I lost like 15 lbs in a couple months (and I was veggie b4). I had to force myself to eat a bit more than I was used to, which was actually an awesome bonus since I love eating. Also, my wife is addicted to vegan chocolate cupcakes, which means I am too. Very tasty.
  4. Who told you that, your local butcher? That's so wrong it's bizarre. I, for one, have never felt healthier this past year after going from veggie to vegan. And the 30% reduction in my cholesterol level had my doctor shaking his head (and smiling). And my high bp has become low bp, tho other factors (way more fruit, less alcohol) may have helped that. Most importantly, tho, is that I just feel "lighter" - like my body is easier to be in. Don't know why that is, but I like it. Anyway, welcome Saydie!
  5. ha ha - i'll have to keep those gazes directed at my wife tho.
  6. I hear that! It is hard, but things really worth it usually are.
  7. Yes, my husky is "unique" as well. While my shepherd can read my mind and knows what I want before I can say it, my husky couldn't care less what I'm thinking, or saying, or doing, etc...
  8. Welcome, Cactus! I work for an animal welfare org where I can get away with bringing my (rescued) dogs to work. I have a GSD and a husky. Is your partner a GSD?
  9. I'm actually not a bodybuilder at all - just can't find any mountain biking vegan web sites so here I am. Besides biking, I like trail running, soccer (played for my college), Tae kwon do, hoops, whatever. I'll do/play any sport.
  10. Happens to me all the time, including right now. At first I thought it was from lack of sleep, but I sleep plenty now and it's still happening - more often in fact. It's annoying, but if it is from excessive physical activity, then I'm going to have to get used to it as I'm not giving that up. From what I read, it'll go away eventually. Let us know if you learn anything else.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome!!!
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    Hi all- This site is great. I am going to be sapping y'all for all the info I can to make my workouts better. I am an avid mt biker and also enjoy snowboarding, trail running, swimming (though I'm not good at it), and whatever other sports are being played. Hoping to get into "adventuring" later this year. I've been vegan for just under a year (thanks to my gorgeous wife), and veggie for many many years b4 that. I wasn't prepared for how much healthier I would feel being vegan! Nor was I prepared for how easy it would be learn how to eat and cook vegan. Thanks for having me!!!
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