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  1. On our recent trip to New Hampshire, Kristy (yogitachiquita) was obsessed with this ropeswing into the Saco river... http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/th_kristyropeswing.jpg
  2. Awesome news. I wondered if he would be given a shot on the show - he certainly deserves it. I bet you they won't make too big a deal about his diet. Given his physique and fitness, some of the other fighters might be very interested in hearing about what he eats. Maybe he'll even convert some of them .
  3. maybe, but you forget what to wear - sandals? Awesome pic, tho. Good stuff. We need to start a thread with our best pics. Mannherz - petty big drop and gap - sweet. Where is that?
  4. Good reply, Martinvegartin. Lots of food for thought
  5. haha awesome! (of course, your cycling fitness probably had something to do with it too, but I like the vegan explanation better!)
  6. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20070830/same-sex-marriage/
  7. Yes, we should be around, and will be psyched to see you. Where can I get more info on your speaking tour?
  8. Zack: Yes, that's a Siberian (and not a Washington ) husky. She's beautiful - red with blue eyes. She was surrendered by her owner to the shelter where we got Amy (the bear-dog). Her owner didn't want her anymore because she's slightly incontinent (easily controlled with a pill). She's almost 13 and is as lively a dog as you an imagine. People think she's 3 or 4. Tasha: Kristy took the biking pic. It was at Attitash - not exactly Whistler, but very fun (and VERY technical - I should have been wearing armor).
  9. Kristy and I went up to the white mountains in New Hampshire for a week. We brought the doggies, and spent much of our time outside. Some pics... Kayak Queen: http://a568.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/76/l_ca1b5d85a2470a3cbb5bf5514b4e1cd7.jpg Downhilling at Attitash (SOOOO much fun): http://a68.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/70/l_0010443a37019f74576befa538f0b66b.jpg Amy, looking like a bear, drying by the Saco River: http://a89.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/75/l_59704471a93b59ffdb260f5a1cac4b68.jpg Kia wishing it was winter: http://a141.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/72/l_2cf730083457b97914bcbd3acded189c.jpg
  10. That looks awesome. I love how different landscapes can look like different worlds. Bend is supposed to have some mad mt biking. I'm actually just starting to plan a mt biking trip for next Spring, and Bend is one of the places I'm considering. Maybe I should wait and mix in some V.V. with my MTB!
  11. Un-cropped/docked Doberman?
  12. Interesting, and funny. I have to admit that when I first started reading, I was a bit perplexed that someone felt the need to define a "condition" for people committed to eating healthy. I guess that was the page author's intention. It's funny how he juxtaposed that with pictures of 3 very healthy-looking vegan athletes (you, Brendan, Carl L).
  13. My wife showed me some yoga stretches and exercises that helped my sore back quite a bit. I now do that as part of my pre-biking warmup. Takes like 5 minutes and really loosens things up.
  14. I need a smoke. And I don't even smoke. Seriously - awesome looking food.
  15. finbarrio


    Welcome Bodhi! CR has always been very appealing to me - any country that has no army is an A+ on my list.
  16. Congrats Flanders!!! I suspect the following had an element of trash-talking, the context for which I am not privy. However, I didn't know that's what the stars are for - that's awesome. I want that shirt now! It will nicely complement the skull-crossbones St Pauli hoodie I got in Hamburg last year.
  17. You look great, but you should be smiling with a physique like that
  18. I get this every once in a while - used to happen more often when I think I was more stressed out. I usually "snap out of it" by yelling very loudly. I think it must be the noise or vibrations or something from the yelling that allows me to awake. Singing works too, but you gotta sing as loud as an opera star to wake up. I then sit in bed for a couple minutes feeling like an idiot, my wife and dogs wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I used to dread it, but now I think it's kind of funny. Even happened to me on a plane once - that was embarrassing . My friend used to have the opposite - totally asleep ("unconscious") and he'd trash his room or run around screaming bloody murder. His doctor called it "night terrors". We lived in Boston at the time and he had several visits from the police because neighbors thought there was a huge fight going on. THAT is scary.
  19. Hi Harley- Sorry for your accident - ouch! We were up there on Sat and saw some of the disappointed racers and volunteers at breakfast in N Conway. A couple of the volunteers said they were almost blown off the top of the mt. The racers were bummed, but what can you do? Mt Washington is its own planet as far as weather goes. Hope you heal quickly!!!
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