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  1. If you want to visit Cape Cod, we'll be here and would love to host you.
  2. That's awesome, have a blast. Of course, you could always just drive the extra 8 or so hours and come all the way to the coast. Can't beat Cape Cod in the summer, and you'd have a place to stay and 2 personal tour guides in me and Kristy
  3. Welcome! You looked really ripped.
  4. I agree that it's completely unnecessary. I think they do it to make us look like freaks. Why? Because it makes them feel more normal. Why would they want to feel more normal? Because they think we might actually have a point, but they aren't willing to make that big an ethical commitment in their own lives - and they feel guilty about that. But rather than admit it, they attack in this passive fashion. Sad for them. Everyday, people decide who to date and who to not date based on ethical compatibility, and that's all that study proves.
  5. Soooo cool. I would SOOOO be there if I could. I'm gonna have to think hard for an excuse to be in London that day. Good luck FL!!!!!!!!!
  6. Kristy and I don't have kids to raise yet, but talking to Lotus and LL about how they do it, and hanging with their kids, was definitely one of the highlights of VV 06.
  7. That food looks tasty. Hope that's a big bowl! Special tea in special mugs (which he gave us at last year's V.V.): http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/Vegan%20Potluck/IMG_1912.jpg
  8. I'm becoming more like my dogs every day. I don't care about what happened 2 minutes ago. I enjoy the enjoyable immensely. I'm always excited to see the people I care about, and will defend them ferociously. I can sense when things don't seem right. I love naps. There's no place I'd rather be than zooming through the woods. And I crapped on my neighbor's lawn. (Ohhhh, ok, I didn't really do the last one. I almost did - but they came outside and I got stagefright. ) (oh, ok, that didn't happen either )
  9. Welcome. Just curious - where did you get the idea to lift 10 times a week?
  10. Aww, thanks Robert! We would love to see y'all again as well. Maybe next V.V. I had a friend the other day start talking how he hears that Portland Ore is THE place to be. And he's not even vegan!!! I had to agree with him of course.
  11. I agree with Potter -- it took me a while to filter out my non-vegan clothes, health products etc. Welcome tommybricks!!!
  12. Yeah, the trek would be too big. Good luck with your search.
  13. I'd lean towards the Iron Horse as well. I have a 58cm Trek Pilot 2.1 that's about 1.5 years old, very nice condition. I'm thinking of selling it since I hardly ride it anymore (I'm more into mt biking). Would that be too big for you?
  14. Way to go, SS! You look fantastic.
  15. You do a better job of hanging there than I do Thanks for sharing guys! Puhleez! I couldn't even come close to "hanging" with you on a real rock. I'll stick to the ones where I can put my feet down at any time.
  16. Have an awesome vegan vacation everyone!!! I expect lots of updates and photos! Scratch that, I DEMAND lots of updates and photos!
  17. LEVI! In the zone. That was awesome. Of course, he will be accused of doping, and maybe he is, but I still enjoyed it - and will until I hear otherwise.
  18. Hello beautiful people! Kristy and I just got back from Sydney. Great trip - Sydney is an awesome, easy city. We explored it quite a bit, and also got outside the city to check out the local fauna and flora. From the pylon of the Sydney Harbour bridge: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/IMG_2488.jpg In the Blue Mountains, Katoomba Falls: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/IMG_2505.jpg More falls: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/IMG_2508.jpg Local residents: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/IMG_2649.jpg Pretending to be Crystal : http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/IMG_2499.jpg Ever the yogi: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/IMG_2551.jpg Lebanese food, YUM! http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h34/finbarrio/IMG_2615.jpg
  19. Thanks LL . The funny thing is - I'm the happiest I've ever been. I think it's because I'm seeing how so much of what we are bombarded with are really just distractions from the truth in the world. I think many people are generally aware of that, but they don't know what the truth really is, and neither do I. I just know it ain't what the media, politicians, religions, schools, etc say it is. Knowing that, though, makes me feel closer to the truth. I don't know why I'm so intent on finding the truth. But I do know that once I decided to not buy into the distractions, it has been very zenifying. So...I'm in Sydney right now. Couple quick observations: It's more American-ized (ish?) than I expected. Yet I sense they don't like America very much (can't imagine why...ehem). The Sydney Vegan Expo is this Sunday - is that lucky or what? My wife is with me. We couldn't sleep last night because our internal clocks are all off from the travel. We found a way to pass those hours
  20. Liberals Conservatives Liberatives Conserverals Libservatives Conerals They're all the same; without the other, each would cease to exist. They need each other to survive. They need each other's pet issues to thrive. They need the media to keep them alive. They need religion to choose a side. They don't care about you - they care about their own power. It's our Coliseum - we yell when our side loses, yell when our side wins, we yell no matter what, because what we're yelling is "MORE!" And so the issues persist with no progress. And the sides dig in deeper, thankful for our enabling. How much longer will we let this go on? When will we un-pause this program and resume our evolution?
  21. yogita chiquita and I are heading to Sydney tomorrow. anyone in the area, give a holla.
  22. Bombing ABBA would be a tough sell. Not for me it wouldn't.
  23. SS - glad you found some answers. I hope you see/feel how much everyone cares for you here. That's why I have to agree that "switching off" is probably not the healthiest option, and I fear we'll be back here wishing you well again some time in the future. I agree that negative emotions have to be understood and dealt with - even if dealing with them means that I understand that, in the big picture perspective, the emotion I'm feeling is either pointless, or a projection of my own insecurities. Then I can turn it off - usually after laughing at myself first.
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