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  1. Saw them live a few weeks ago in Toronto. Good show. They had ALF literature at their merch table, and howto info on direct action. Much respect. They dedicated songs to Sea Shepherd and ALF. I'd say they are pretty vocal about their beliefs. As for the new album. I picked it up and liked it a lot. I think its a fine return to form after their flirting with alternative influences on Slither. The production is metallic and the title track makes you want to destroy stuff and liberate animals.
  2. A friend asked me to sponsor him for his United Way stair climb in return for sponsoring me for my Farm Sanctuary walk. I was wondering, are they a safe charity for a vegan to support? From what I know their main activity has to do with poverty and such. Are they involved in animal research or any crap like that? I couldn't find much online about that.
  3. Awesome, bro! I just signed up to your forum, and I'll add a link to it on my updated links page when I upload it in the next couple of days. just waiting for the confirmation email to land. I tried not to force registration before in the first iteration of this website, but it made it easier for script kiddies to mess around with it. Now I'm trying a whole bunch of things to protect the forum. I dig many of the bands you mentioned on my forum, especially Suicidal.
  4. \m/ \m/ I'm trying to resurrect my old vegan metal and hardcore website and forum. It was AWOL for a while, after repeated hackings and lack of exposure. Now that I don't have to juggle both school and a job, I decided it's time to revamp it and try again. I know veganbodybuilding.com has a few moshers, metal maniacs and even a suspicious guitar playing ninja. So if you have tofu on your plate and metal in your veins, drop by my website - www.veggielante.com
  5. today: Into Another - Poison Fingers EP At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
  6. This news made me quite sad... sad that the sealers didn't die the way many baby seals die every year. Sealers deserve a humane slaughter too, in congruence with the Canadian government regulations for a "sustainable" and "humane" harvest. Like being clubbed with hakapics and skinned alive. As a Canadian, I am so embarrassed and angry at my government. Not only is our government subsidizing this massacre and lobbying for new markets for seal products, they have also passed undemocratic laws that prevent anyone from approaching a seal hunt and documenting it. They arrest people for videotaping the horror they finance on the ice floes. The Newfoundlanders already wiped a few species in their greedy bloodbaths. They decimated their own cod population by overfishing, while claiming they know how to "manage" their "resources". It breaks my heart to see them do it to the seals as well. I wish more sealers would die. I wish they'd get brutally raped by polar bears and get torn to pieces to feed the seals. Sorry, I just had to vent my rage. I'll have a vegan cookie and try to maintain a facade of respect for fellow humans.
  7. Kinda off topic... but I noticed this is a Toronto bit of news. Who else on this site is from Toronto or Ontario? We should set up a get together to talk AR and fitness some weekend.
  8. There are several ways you can make an impact. One way is to convince people to reduce their consumption of animal products. Some people aren't going to become vegans. But we shouldn't give up on them completely - if they don't care for animal suffering, maybe they still care about themselves. Work with the health angle and try to suggest that even reducing meat consumption is an investment in their long term health. Every dead meal replaced with a vegetarian meal adds up to a few less slaughters. I know it's hard for us to advocate a compromise, but its better to have people go flexitarian than remain carnies. From my experience, the best crowd to appreciate the vegan message is the younger crowd. Teenagers are open minded and tend to be less set in their ways. It's a good idea to hit the iron while it is hot and malleable. I became vegan when I was 15 or so, and so did many of my friends. If you have a vegan outreach society or printed materials you can always table at youth events. The other group that yields potential vegans is pet lovers. If you can get them to consider the connection between their pets and other furry little fellows we condemned to the food category, many of them would be willing to consider your view. Joining a local animal rights group helps. Donating to animal rights charities helps too. Following the demise of my precious little doggy last month I pledged to donate each month to an animal cause in his name. Organizations such as Sea Shepherd and no-kill shelters need our help. Sitting at home with my soy ice cream and vegan cook books isn't enough. I gotta get back in the game and push for change.
  9. I hope this doesn't constitute spamming, but it seems fitting to this thread because of the amount of metal/hc fans out here. I wanted to plug my vegan metal/hc site and forum. veggielante.com I will add this site to the my links page to compensate for this plug. There seems to be a lot of metalheads and hc kids here. How can I drag you guys over to get the veggielante forum going? Post pics of Earth Crisis dudes working out? Make a video of Robert flexing to the tune of death metal classics? The things I'm willing to do to get the vegan aggressive rock forum to happen...
  10. Interesting... I may go as a spectator. Definitely not as a competitor. I'm a total beginner. But it can be inspiring to see people who are at the top of their game. Robert, if you make it to Toronto, we should get the local crowd together and go out to one of our infamous veg restaurants. We'll make you flex repeatedly until the food is served.
  11. I don't mind their first two LPs. Later albums became too poppy and commercial for me. The only two glam bands I like are Nitro and Sweet. The sweet mixed their glam with some deep purple like hard rock and had some scary falsetto vocal harmonies. Nitro wrote horrible music, but they could play like nobodies business. Their guitar player, Michael Batio Angelo, is a guitar monster. He used to play a 'quad' guitar, with four necks, and play two necks in synch each time. Freaky. Best attempt at glam by an extreme metal band is the Cold Lake album by Celtic Frost. Its hilarious to see death metal legends trying to be sexy and foxy, but still sounding like a lizard grunting over a sledgehammer. Brilliant.
  12. This woman rocks. What an awsome advocate for the anti-seal campaign.
  13. I love classic hardcore, but if you looked at my record collection you'd notice that I am first and foremost an oldschool metalhead. I love the complexity and heaviness metal can achieve. Hardcore appeals to me too because of the energy and the mentality. Most metal nowadays and most hardcore are influenced to varying degrees by both genres, directly and indirectly. Most of the younger metal kids who slag hardcore don't realize that the early extreme metal bands that influenced the bands they are listening to were influenced by both metal and punk. I like the political edge of hardcore and the velocities when its fused with death metal. Bands like Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror really get me adrenalized. Actually, we should have one of those HC/Deathgrind fests here in Toronto next month. Disfear, Misery index, Mesrine and others. Blast beat mania. Excellent book. I forgot to mention it. For a metal guy still getting to know the genre, this is a great resource. I can't stomach hip hop, so I'll skip these. But your HC list has some solid choices, and a lot of bands I've never heard about. Do you like the Underdog vocalist's second band, Into Another?
  14. Thanx for the detailed response, James. I'm following a similar regime, although I often skip the leg workouts due to lack of time (I have naturally strong legs, so I am more concerned about upper body strength). One thing that annoys me is that I can lift heavier weights than some guys I know who look bigger. Maybe its a byproduct of veganism, but I get more strength increases than visible muscle size.
  15. Yes. The front is the cover of the Necroticism LP. How can one not worship a band with songs about using humans as pet food
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