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  1. I know some people don't like vitamin and mineral tablets but the nutrients in many foods have fallen over the last 100 years or so, according to some estimates. I take them to be on the safe side and also because my diet is not as good as it could be.


    Some people like vitamin and mineral supplements. Leading health authorities and people who keeps up with research don't. And you're def not on any "safe side" just because you're taking a multi.

  2. Fruit is awesome.


    This! and Ducati actually has a point. When comparing satiety between a food blended or intact the intact one always wins. This has been done on apple and products of apple (fiber enriched juice, regular juice, apple slices or apple sauce) and the result is pretty conclusive. Having a smoothie is not unhealthy really but during a weight loss it's much better to chew yourself. Chewing should be a part of a healthy meal.


    Um...I have fruit smoothies fairly regularly and have succeeded in losing weight--and my metabolism is crap. I don't get the fruit-phobia, guys.


    This is sort of a strawman argument. No one is saying you can't lose weight with smoothies. Whole intact food just gives you a better satiety which is something you'd want during a diet.

  3. That's really cool to hear dude!

    I actually stopped doing IF because of work but I really appreciate what the experience taught me about hunger, meal frequency etc. Sometimes I skip breakfast when I'm not working and I'm basically only eating 3 times per day and sometimes a bedtime snack. Not worrying about food is the greatest thing after doing so for several years.

  4. Yes there is such a thing as too much "good" fats. Oxidative stress, decreased insulin sensitivity, increased expression of endothelial adhesion molecules just to name a few. And regarding what fallen_horse said, a lot of these negative effects is seen with intakes below 40E% from fat. E% isn't very fair here either because it seems to be more of an absolute, and not relative, dose dependet issue in some cases.

    I think mono fats aren't the worst thing in ones diet but I wouldn't recommend a very high consumption of it. Besides how are you gonna get 40E% from fat, mostly monos and keep a good ratio of n3:n6? It would take a lot of flax to make that work.

  5. Read some of Dr. McDougalls studies.


    You need to show me which one(s) because I can't find any that's related to this topic. I think he only published like one or two studies. I'm waiting for the new one on RA though. He also has some "comments" published but I highly doubt that's what you're talking about.

    Just to repeat myself. Please provide me with some actual studies backing up what you're saying, not just a name of a guy you think have published studies that would prove your point (when in fact the person have not done so).


    Carbs, Protein, Fat, Water, and Oxygen. No evidence? You mean B12 deficiency is a myth? Anemia? Magnesium?


    When talking about nutrition the macros are carbs, fat and protein. But sure I guess by some definitions water and oxygen can be called macros to.

    If you re-read what I posted you'll see that I agreed that minerals and vitamins are essential and needed for life. B12, iron and magnesium are all within those categories. However I think we have discovered around 89 metals (far from all are essential) and I think there's 13 vitamins. So what I was saying is that "hundreds" of micronutrients isn't correct.


    You can lose weight by dehydrating yourself, or not eating at all. Doesn't mean it is healthy and it doesn't mean they will keep weight off. People who do low carb fad diets are highly unlikely to keep the weight off.


    Why argue against something that no one is saying. I'm not claiming high fat diets to be a healthy way to lose weight and neither is anyone else. You said a person wouldn't lose weight if he/she ate high fat and that's not true. And if you would be intrested in fact you would know that several studies show similar results regarding weight loss maintenance on prudent and low carb diets. Fiction is more fun though, I know.

  6. I used to believe that "Energy in < Energy out" line for a long time. I was fat for most of my life despite tracking my calories and working out extensively. When I switched to a high carb/low fat mostly raw diet, it was the first time in my life I lost weight and kept it off. I eat more calories than I did when I was heavy, and I exercise less. Weightloss is not nearly as simple as counting calories. Yes, you can lose weight by restricting calories, but only a person who doesn't understand nutrition would recommend this. The old adage of "Diet & Exercise" is a complete and total oxymoron. How, can someone restrict their calorie intake, then, exert more energy to lose weight? You can do one or the other, but not both. Not unless you change the diet to one with more nutrition.


    Instead of actually arguing too much with you I'm just going to ask you to provide a source for this statement. Anecdotes schmanecdotes, all low-carbers claim the same bullshit you do. "I eat more calories now but because my insulin is low I lost weight anyway". BS. Please post some studies or something other than your fairytale if you want to be taken seriously.


    The 5 macro nutrients are like the gas in the car. The hundreds of micro nutrients are like the tread on the tires, the oil in the engine, the airfilter, the spark-plug gap, the engine computer, etc. etc. Sure the gas will make the car run, but to get it to run efficiently, there are hundreds of little things that need to work properly.


    I'm curious to know what the 5 macros are. Is alcohol one of them? Awesome. I think we all can agree that vitamins and minerals are needed to run efficiently but there is no proof that non-essential micronutrients play any role in this really. So "hundreds"? Not really.


    I never said you couldn't gain weight from healthy foods. I said "People who eat a healthy diet will lose weight". A healthy diet involves proper nutrition and moderation. Overeating any food is not healthy.


    You might twist your words around to not look totally crazy but your statements are not correct.


    People who eat high fat diets with low nutrition will not lose weight


    Atkins, Low carb high fat, Protein power etc are all diets that are high fat and people lose weight on them.

  7. That must be the biggest POS "journal" if they're run on a drug company's dime. Using diet/weight loss/exercise to get diabetics off their medication is not news at all, it's every doctor's ultimate goal. This is one of the reasons peer-reviewed journals are the only credible ones...despite what some conspiracy theorists might think, they're not owned by drug companies.


    Yeah. Only problem is that when you tell a T2D person to excersise they look at you as if you were retarded.

    Lot's of people can "cure" T2D with excersise and weight loss (what kind of diet is not very important) but you would never see great results in a study with such an intervention because people don't want to change. Taking pills is a lot easier.

    Fuhrman might have helped a few people but that's persons who have already decided to get healthier, eat better, excersise more etc. So his results are awesome but not very impressive in the great scheme (or whatever the expression is).

  8. Wich sprouts is absolutely necessary to get during a diet?


    Let me answer with a question. Why would any particular sprouts or other certain food item be "absoutely necessary" during a diet (or otherwise)?


    Is it benefitial to cycle the carb for enhancing fat loss and muscle gain?


    Nope, not at all.

  9. I don't know who gives the official guidelines for pregnant women in the US but in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe it's recommended to not take any vitamin A supplement above 1 mg (or to eat liver and liver products because of their high vitamin A content). Why even take the risk?

  10. You have no worries using Vega while Pregnant.


    This is simply not true and I'm really concerned that you would say so. Vega contains 100% RDI of pre-vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). High intakes of vitamin A can damage the embryo. In general the official recommendation is to not take supplements, except folic acid, unless you already have a deficiency (iron is pretty common). Zinc and magnesium might be issues for someone with a poor diet or very low energy intake but shouldn't be otherwise. There is probably no need to take a folic acid supplement if you're eating a healthy vegan diet rich in greens but that's something you should discuss with your doctor. The ingredients in Vega have not been shown to be harmful for a fetus, but not harmless either. I would not use it if I were you.

  11. cut-friendly like very low-fat recipes? (sorry I'm half asleep) That'd be interesting, is there any criteria that must be met to be considered at cut-friendly?

    Hmm, I don't know about anything scientific, I was just thinking high protein, low junk recipes. IE not too much sugar or fat. Cutting intake is usually like 40% of cals from protein, so the recipes would be working towards that goal...


    1 kg of broccoli, fresh or frozen.


    Steam for like 20 minutes or whatever.


    Done! /thread

    Nice, but you realize that provides ~20g of protein? So our thread could be:


    Broccoli Cut Recipe

    10kg steamed broccoli

    Nutrition: 300g fiber

    Note: Take with LOTS of water


    30 grams of protein and 30 grams of fiber dude. It's perfect. You even got the n-3 fatty acids.


    haha, there's something I love about you



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